Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Kokiala asks Rashi where are the kids. Rashi says they have to get their results. Kids come with their marks cards. She asks them about the resuts. Samar says he got 45 marks. Kokila says he gets very good marks always, then how can he get less marks this time. He asks Meethi to bring their school books and asks kids to study. Ahem comes down and sees Kokila teaching kids. He remembers his childhood days when Kokila used to teach him and his siblings. He strikes with Gopi by mistake and the water glass falls. Ahem scolds Gopi for dropping glass. Kokila scolds him for scolding his wife Gopi and interrupting kid’s studies. She punishes him with scale. Ahem remembers his childhood days when kokila used to punish him.

Ahem gets emotional and goes back

to his room. Gopi asks Kokila if she can take Kinjal/Vidya to trial the frock she has made for her. Kokila says she thinks about Kinjal a lot and asks Viday/Kinjal to go with Gopi. They both go to Gauri and Gopi asks her to go and console Ahem. Gauri/Meera and Viday go and apply ointment on Ahem’s hand. Ahem gets happy and kisses Vidya. Vidya asks Gauri kiss Ahem on his hand. Gauri kisses his hand. Ahem asks Gauri if she is alright. Gauri says she will get alright when the necklace thief will be caught. Gopi sees Ahem hugging the kids and gets happy. Ahem sees Gopi standing near the door, comes out and asks why is she behind him always by holding her hand tightly. She asks him to leave her hand. He says even he wants to leave her and goes from there. Gauri comes and asks Gopi not to cry as Ahem’s hand is fine and says she will pray god to help them catch the thief.

Radha comes to Baa’s room and sees Hetal cleaning her room. Hetal asks why is she here. Radha says she came to speak to Baa. Hetal asks her to apply oil on her scalp. Meethi says that Gauri has taken an oath not to eat or drink anything until the thief is caught. Radha hides necklace in Gauri’s bag. Kokila comes to Gopi’s room and checks the stool, she thinks Gauri cant climb the stool, then it means she is not a thief. Gopi and Gauri pray god to help Gauri. Necklace sticks on Radha’s veil while trying to keep it. Kokila sees the neklace on Mani/Radha’s and calls the whole family. She asks Radha how did she get the necklace. Radha asks which necklace. Kokila shows the necklace on her veil. Radha gets tensed. Samar/Sahir say they knew Radha stole the necklace, but she alleged their friend Gauri. Radha says it is Gauri’s mischief. Kokila takes necklace from her and asks again how did she get the necklace. Radha says she does not know, if she would have stolen it, why would she have roamed with it, she again alleges Gauri. Kokila asks her not to say anything against Gauri as she knows Gauri did not steal. She saw the stool and it was unused, so it is clear Gauri did not steal the necklace. Radha asks if she means she stole the necklace. Kokila says she needs some more proof to prove who stole the necklace.

Precap: Ahem asks Gauri who was following her on accident day. Gauri says an woman with white saree was following them. Ahem says he will find her out. Radha listens them and gets tensed.

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  1. Bloddy hell y drag sooo much sooo slow

  2. Why don’t u just get to the point already. This is becoming meaningless. Thanks for the update

  3. 2 weeks of dragging this kokilas memory loss, why has meera/gauri to suffer so much. bring radhas truth out. there is nothing interesting in this track of the story. enough of talking in circles.

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