Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st April 2014 Written Update

Karan takes his pillow and is about to head to the couch when Sakshi offers to sleep there. He is feeling suffocated in sharing a room with her so is about to go out when she stops him wanting to talk to him but he tells her that there is nothing left to talk. He walks out of the room after bidding her good night. Sakshi stands there sadly.

Sharda comes to where Karan is. She looks towards their room and sees Sakshi’s shadow (wiping her tears). She tells him to go back to his room but he is not in a mood to do so. She explains that it is ok if the love of a husband and wife comes out of the room in open but it isn’t so in case of anger. It should be kept within the four walls of your room only. It might be that what you are thinking isn’t as big as you are making it or it

can be. but things can only work out through words. He says it isn’t that simple. Anyways, I am going in the room because you are saying so but I wont forget Sakshi ever. He leaves. Sharda wishes that tomorrow on Akshay tritiya day everything gets well in her kids’ lives.

Next morning, Dadi and Sharda are busy doing preps for some puja. Sharda prays that the storm in her kids’ lives can be taken care of Him only. Diya comes to her. Sharda notices that her smile is missing. Diya shares that one of her friends is getting her doll married. This isn’t a good news. I have my favorite puppet doll and I am not getting her married. Sharda suggests arranging her marriage then. DIya gets excited. Anyone will marry my doll as she is MBA. They wonder as to who can be the groom for Diya’s doll. Sharda gets an idea. We will ask your dad to get a male puppet and we will get them both married after which they will leave together. Diya runs off to call her dad.

Diya calls her dad and asks him to get a male puppet so that she can get him married to her doll. He agrees to bring one. Latika asks for her phone. Diya ends the call after telling her dad to come fast. Diya tells her mom about her doll’s wedding. Suresh is taken aback. He is not happy with Sharda that she is still making her granddaughter play such games when the world has advanced so much. He leaves without waiting for an answer. Latika knows that her mom is doing it for Diya but you don’t have to fulfill all her stupid requests. Sharda replies that when I have done that for my daughter then why can I not do it for her daughter? It is the happiness of childhood. She studies in her books that moon revolves around earth but if for some time she considers him to be her uncle then its fun too. This is childhood. Agree that we aren’t that innocent now but we have no right to snatch their innocence. You too have done the same things in your childhood. Latika nods in agreement. She too will join them in the wedding. Saying so, she leaves.

Sakshi too is excited to see the wedding of dolls. Sharda says this is not just a doll’s wedding. If you look at it otherwise too then it teaches the significance of a wedding. This is how they become mad(e) for each other. Sakshi corrects her and they smile over the confusion. Karan comes at the breakfast table. Sharda insists Sakshi to take breakfast for Karan. Karan is busy in his newspaper and Sakshi serves him breakfast without him noticing it. He notices her in the end but she leaves for the kitchen after picking bread butter.

Diya is all ready to attend her doll’s wedding. Latika comes home in time. She thanks Sakshi for making Diya look so beautiful. They are sure Nani would have gotten her doll ready by now.

Sharda and Dadi have indeed done all the preps. Diya, Latika and Sakshi come downstairs dressed for the wedding. They all love the decorations. The bride is looking beautiful too. DIya thanks her for everything. Door bell rings. Diya runs off to open the door as it would be her dad. Pratik has got the male puppet and has brought Diya’s friends too. Sharda and Diya do the proper aarti of the puppet after which they are allowed to enter. LAtika is holding the doll in her dad. Both the bride and groom are here now. Latika asks Pratik if he doesn’t find all this a little stupid. He too feels the same but they both are ready to do anything for their daughter’s sake.

The celebrations begin. Sakshi dances on Nagade sang dhol baaje. Karan too comes home and keeps looking at her all the while she dances. Latika and everyone else too joins her in the process.

Sharda suggests letting Latika and Pratik handle the pheras of the puppets. Diya should supervise the work. Diya readily agrees. Sharda says we too are puppets whose thread is in God’s hands. At times one thread joins with another and we get into a relation for life which we address as marriage. Latika, Pratik, Karan and Sakshi listen intently. Today these puppets are going to make a new relation too. The rituals begin. Karan-Sakshi recall their own wedding. Latika-Pratik are making the puppets take pheras as everyone else showers flower petals on them. Karan-Sakshi are lost in the memories of their own wedding. Meanwhile, Latika Pratik keep looking at each other. Sharda is observing both the couples side by side. The wedding is complete. Sharda tells the significance of the chants. A wife should be with her husband in good and bad times; give advises when husband is trouble; feed him when he is hungry; should make him happy always; should be beautiful and take care of the whole house life a good housewife. These are the 6 important points to be taken care of by a wife. Latika and Sakshi nod emotionally. Sharda announces the vidai for doll. Diya wants to keep both of them here only. This is their home too. Sharda denies. A wife’s home is her husband’s home after her wedding. Diya points out that her mom stays in this house even after her wedding. Everyone is taken aback. Sharda declines. Your mom has come to meet your Nani otherwise she lives with your dad only. Diya nods. Papa brought the male puppet so we should take both the puppets to papa’s house only. Sharda smiles in agreement. Latika is in thoughts. She turns to Pratik and says, shall we? Everyone is pleasantly surprised. They all head to the dinner table to have food.

They all sit down to eat. Sakshi too serves Karan and they both look at each other awkwardly. Latika takes her mom aside to talk to her. Latika knows what her mom was trying to make her realise through this puppet wedding. Sharda gets happy. Your home, Pratik, Diya needs you. Latika smiles. You are very smart mom.Sharda jokes that she has after all gone on her. Latika too remembered her own wedding through this. Sharda knows this. At times these kiddish things tell us a lot more than what we know, see or realise. Today is Akshay Tritiya which is a very good day to make a new start. Latika is ready for it though she gets emotional as it will be her vidai today. They both hug.

They meet Suresh as they come out of the room. Latika tells her dad about her decision. He deduces that it is all Sharda’s work but Latika says she herself has made chosen to go. I have understood that it is good for me, my fmaily. Suresh is not happy but agrees if that’s what she wants. But you both are very different. Latika answers that we are like north and south poles but there is a whole world between us – Diya. I am going back for DIya. She touches his feet and he gives his blessings to her. I have only wanted your happiness. She hugs her dad. He excuses himself to go to check a file but leaves only after glaring at Sharda. Sharda makes Latika believe that she has taken the right decision. Come we will pack your bags.

Sakshi, Sharda, Latika and Diya are packing all their stuff. Latika bids a tearful adieu to everyone. She finally leaves with Pratik and Diya. Sharda is crying which Sakshi observes. You are our strength, our rock star. You are the best in everything. Sharda only explains but the choice is all yours’s. Hope she and Pratik stay together happily. Latika has gone on her own. Sakshi calls her a magician. You do some thing or the other to explain it so well to all. Sharda says it isn’t about magic. There are some rules to keep your marriage alive. If one follows them then it prospers and husband wife stays happy always. Sakshi wants to know the rules but Sharda agrees to tell them to her when its the right time.

Sharda is in the temple when Sakshi comes to her with holy threads. I want to be your disciple. Sharda calls her much more educated. Sakshi says that I am but you know about life more than me. No one can teach me things like you. Give me some ideas about marriage. I have made a very big mistake. I have hurt Karan a lot. Please help me to sort things. Sharda agrees to be her guru. I don’t know much but I will tell you whatever I know. Sakshi hugs her happily. Sharda ties the holy thread around Sakshi’s wrist while Gurur Brahma plays in the background. Sharda tells her small things. Living a relation and cooking is equivalent. If you want 56-bhog meal then it will obviously take time. Good food and great relation are to be cooked at medium gas. The spices, sweetness is to be balanced well. Sakshi smiles.

Karan calls out for Sakshi to come asap. She turns to ma. Can he not wait for 2 minutes? Sharda explains her about the importance of patience. This thread will keep reminding you of all the things. Karan calls out for her again. Sakshi is irked but controls and smiles.

Sakshi comes to her room and the whole room is in a mess. He cannot find his pendrive because of her cleaning. It has some very important files. She agrees to check. She finds wet towel on the bed and is angry but looks at the thread in her hand. First mantra is patience. She finds the pen drive under his laptop and gives it to him. He calls it her obsessive cleaning. I would have easily found it at its place. He doesn’t want her to do anything else for him and she leaves in a huff.

Sakshi comes downstairs and is muttering to herself when Sharda comes there. Sakshi calls it as tough as fighting on the border. It is impossible to deal with Karan. Sharda laughs. If you do anything for the first time then you find it difficult. Remember I too had run away from my class when I had gone there for the first time. Just keep trying. Sakshi nods.

Suresh is on a call. He and Latika have to go to some party tonight. He ends the call and calls out for Sharda. I will have to attend all the morning meetings as Latika have gone to Pratik’s home. Just then Lata gets a courier for him and he takes it leaving his phone behind. His phone rings and Latika asks Sharda to give it to Pratik. She wants to talk to her dad. She cannot come for the party. Take mom with you. He decides to go all by himself. He goes after giving the phone to Sharda. Latika asks her mom to go with dad as it is a couple’s party. It is a very big party so be ready on time. Latika is in a hurry she ends the call. Sharda finds the invitation card and tries to read it but is unable to. Sakshi comes and tells her it is a party invitation. It is clearly written here that spouses should go. Sharda is reluctant to go as Suresh hasn’t asked her to come along. Sakshi encourages her to go but Chirag tells her not to. Papa will get embarrassed because of you. People there talk in proper english. You might not be even able to understand anything they say. Sakshi is against him. Ma knows this much english to reply them. He leaves after giving up. Sharda sides with Chirag. It is better if I don’t go there. Sakshi makes her understand that Latika didi knows all these parties. If she would have thought otherwise then she would have definitely not asked you to go. I will get you ready. Even dad will be surprised.

Precap: People want to meet Sharda and ask Suresh about it. He tells them that she doesn’t get free from her domestic life. Just then he notices a nervous Sharda making an entry in the party.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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