Sadda Haq 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Brief update 20 -05

-epi starts with randhir asking Sameer’s
– parth pulls randhir away. Paran tashan.
– sameer tells sanyu that the wedding shud be done by nov- dec.
– sameer leaves. Sanyu and parth talk. Sanyu decides to complete her engineering anyhow.
– yoyo and kaustuki talk about sanyu.
– sanyu is studying in room. Vidushi asks her to switch off lights.
-sanyu goes to the classroom.
– randhir is studying there. Sanyu comes quietly and starts studying. She is playing with some marbles while studying.
-randhir sends her their selfie and goes near her and irritate her. Sanyu fights with him. Randhir calls sameer. Sanyu asks him not to do any such thing.
-randgir asks her to bend on her knees ad tell him sorry. Firat she denies.. then does it.
– randhir calls her but he falls on her legs due to marbles. Sanyu taunts him and goes on. Randhir looks on.
-sanyu is studying with the torch in the room. She remembers randhir’s words .
-vidushi wakes her up and says someone has cone to meet her.
-she goes there and randhir calls out to her. She gets angry and leaves. Randhir calls sameer.
– sameer walks in . Sanyu is shocked. He asks her whats all this.

Precap- same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: nidhikotak

  1. Male chauvnist PIG……exactly wat randhir acts like

  2. what is MCP..?? :/

  3. update yar…its already time

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