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Veera 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Veera on her laptop, when she notices Ratan going to get medicines. Veera offers to go get the medicines instead. Ratan blesses Veera then.
When Veera is getting medicines, she finds Baldev coming out from the medical store, and she looks suspicious. Baldev looks worried when he sees Veera. Baldev talks to the medical store person about medicines then and leaves. Veera doesn’t seem convinced. She follows him and finds Baldev in one of the villagers houses, giving the man a package. Veera takes a picture on her phone, assuming that Baldev is bribing the villagers to vote for him, and vows to bring out his truth.

Sarpanch Meeting-Later, Veera lets Ranvi and Ratan know that she has asked Balwant to have a sarpanch meeting right away. There is something important that needs to be discussed. The next morning, everyone is gathered at the meeting, wondering what the issue is. Balwant asks Veera the reason for this urgent meeting. Veera looks at Baldev then and tells them that there are certain sarpanch candidates who are using wrong methods to win the post of sarpanch, and she reveals it to be Baldev. She tells everyone that Baldev has been bribing the villagers. Baldev looks on angrily, but stays quiet. Bansuri gets upset at Veera, letting her know that Baldev would never do such a thing. Veera then reveals the photo of Baldev to everyone, when Bansuri questions Veera for proof. Villagers start to say that what Baldev did is wrong, and he has brought shame to the village. Balwant is angry when he takes a look at the picture, and insults Baldev in front of everyone. Baldev stays quiet, and Balwant asks him to say something. Baldev denies bribing anyone, and accuses Veera of falsely blaming him of bribing villagers, which he would never do.

Baldev questions Veera, how can she question him based on the photo. Baldev tells her that there is only an envelope in the picture. She can’t prove that there was any money in there. Veera doesn’t back down, and says that she has more proof. She had sent Dalbeer to get the envelope that Baldev had given the villager. Dalbeer arrives with the envelope then, and tries to tell her something, but Veera opens the envelope by then. She is shocked to find medicines in the envelope. Baldev then explains that he had given medicines to the poor villager. Veera still refuses to believe that Baldev is innocent. The pharmacist confirms that Baldev is telling the truth, he had given him medicines to give to the poor villager, whose son is sick. Veera still refuses to believe Baldev. Baldev tells everyone that Veera is plotting to turn everyone against him, that’s why she is doing all this.

Veera continues to argue that Baldev has threatened the villagers to say something else. Baldev lets everyone know that he cares about his village, and about his father’s honor. Finally, Ratan speaks up, asking Veera to keep quiet. She apologizes on Veera’s behalf, saying that there was a misunderstanding. Bansuri gets angry at Ratan and Veera, for causing all these problems for Baldev. The villagers now start turning against Veera and Ratan. Ranvi finally speaks up, defending Veera. Ranvi also apologizes on Veera’s behalf.
Gunjan and Veera-Gunjan speaks to Veera while everyone else leaves. She warns her not to take such actions against Baldev unless she has enough proof. She reminds Veera, that Baldev is Gunjan’s brother, and she can’t stand anything being said against her brother. She reminds Veera not to cause any problems for their families.

VeeBa-Veera gets a call from Baldev later in her room. Baldev taunts Veera, pretending to be upset for her work going in vain. Baldev applauds Veera of having a great plan, but she made a mistake. She had not hidden her bike well, and Baldev noticed it, and knew then what she was upto. He then took out the money, and replaced it with medicines instead. Baldev admits to bribing the villagers, but thanks to her, everyone is now turning against her, and this will help Baldev in his sarpanch campaign. Baldev stands in front of the mirror, vowing not to be the nice guy he used to be.

Precap-Bansuri gives Gunjan a gift. It’s some farmland, and Ranvi’s signature is required. Gunjan says she will get Ranvi to read it. Bansuri quickly asks Gunjan not to get Ranvi to read it, but just get his signature.

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