Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu looking at Sammy’s pic. Juhi comes there and asks if she disturbed her. Pari says it is okay and asks her if she needs anything. Juhi gives her papers and asks her to sign them after reading. Pihu says okay.

Juhi asks Sid to understand wants she wants to say and asks him to wait for sometime until she handles the situation and gets him everything. Pihu brings signed documents and gives it to Juhi. Juhi asks if she read it. Pihu say she trusts her, so did not read it. She says she has some work and goes from there. Sid asks if these are the same papers which he gave her. Juhi says yes and asks what will he give her for that. Sid slaps her and says this is what he will give her. Pihu sees that and get happy.

Pihu informs Priya about Sid slapping Juhi and says something is wrong there and she would have heard their conversation. Priya asks her not to risk her life as she had already risked her life many times. Pihu say nothing will happen to her, she is fight fir right and she has taught her to fight for right. She says she is fighting it for papa who never did wrong to anyone.

Priya says Pihu that they have to concentrate on getting Ram out of jail. Priya gets a call from inspector who asks her to meet in the morning. Priya informs Pihu that inspector got some proof to prove Ram innocent. Pihu says it is a good news for them.

Pihu goes to Vikram’s house. Kady and Rahul see her and asks her to come in and sees a suitcase with her. Pihu says it is Sammy’s lugguage. She says she lost everything, her husband, boyfriend, everything. Whenever she sees Sammy’s goods, she gets emotional. Kady says this house is hers like Kapoor mansion. Pihu says she knows and says she would have let Sammy go back to Suhani, but she held him forcefully and lost him.

Rahul brings Pihu to Sammy room and says we should change the way we remember Sammy now. He says Sammy was right, lover was never meant for him. Pihu says you should never fall in love with your bestfriend, when love fails, friendship also fails. She says she will find out Sammy’s murderer as his bestfriend.

Inspector informs Priya and Pihu that Sammy must have been killed due to drugs racket. He shows drugs and says he got it with Sammy.

Juhi finds tablets/drugs in her cupboard and asks Sid if these were his. He says no and goes out. Juhi thinks something is wrong. She researches about the drug and finds its overdose can kill a person. She thinks what is Sid doing with these drugs. She adds drugs in water and goes from there.

Sid comes back and drinks water. Priya comes and asks Sid why did he killed Sammy with drug overdose and trapped Ram. Sid says he did not kill Sammy. He says Juhi manipulated him to give Sammy overdose. Priya asks if he is a kid to get manipulated and asks why was the gloves, etc in his cupboard and why did he stole those evidences.

Precap: Sid says he stole evidence so that they should not find culprit and says he did not kill Sammy. Priya asks him why is he trying to protect Sammy’s murderer and asks him to reveal his/her name.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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