Sadda Haq 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir leaves Maya’s cabin. She says this is revenge Randhir. I told her she has made a mistake going against me. Randhir goes to medical room. Doctor asks him to let her rest. Yoyo says to Randhir, its okay brother. Relax she will be fine. Don’t take stress. I won’t be good for you. You always hated sanyu. Why are you so worried for her then. Randhir says I wanna beat her. She is my commpetator. I don’t care ven if she is in ICU. Yoyo says in heart I know why are you worried for her.

Randhir says there must be some way. Randhir says we should all talk to maya. Randhir says we have to protest for her. Pupils say we can’t ruin our exams for her. Randhir says what will be your competition. They says it still matters to us. Randhir leaves. He hears some people saying Vardhan is coming after 2008 at exams time. Lets pray what happened back the shouldn’t happen again. Randhir reads that in 2008 exams were conducted again. Randhir goes to vardhan and says please do something ask maya to postpone the exams. He says I have no concern with exams. Randhir says do you to what happened in 2008? Vardhan says that was just an incident I never cared for these theories. Randhir says what are you doing here in college at exams time? He leaves. Maya comes to vardhan and asks when you came back.

Scene 2
SAmir says to ankit sanyu never picks my phone. She is always busy with her machines. He asks where is Agarwal? Ankit says he has went to bank. Agarwal comes and says bank has denied the loan. They think this business won’t work. SAmir says they know nothing about business. Agarwal says you are right I believe in you. When I started I had nothing. Samir says why don’t you sell your factory. Its not that profitable. Ankit and I will start our manufacturer unit. Maa comes and says we should ask sanyu once. Samir says she doesn’t even have time to pick my phone.

Scene 3
Randhir is sitting on stairs and she recalls sanyu saying my engineering matters the most to me. He recalls when she was begging for time when he ate her paper. He says she shouldn’t muss exams.

Vardhan prints out something.

Scene 4
Next morning, everyone is giving the exam. All the student say this all is out of course. There is nothing from our course in this paper. PKC says you know more than college? Randhir leaves the paper as well. PKC wonders how the questions got changed when he set the paper. Yoyo returns the paper. Maya comes in, none of the students is working on the paper. Maya says what are yoy doing? Randhir says we know nothing to write. PKC says its difficult than normal but you should try.

Maya calls someone, she says I am really sorry. exams are on going. I didn’t see my phone. PKC submits the papers. Maya says they are all empty. What is going on here? Vardhan comes in. Maya says why you printed those questions. Vardhan says what to do now? PKC says re exams what else. Maya says wait for my instruction. Vardhan says very interesting. Maya says yeah you in exams at this time and your favorite student in sick room and this difficult paper.

Yoyo asks his friend what are you praying? He says I prayed exams should never happen again. Re-exams notice is placed on the notice board. Yoyo says I am very happy.

Randhir is studying. Jiggy says wow you are so intelligent. Randhir says stop teasing me and focus on exams. Re-exams are near. Randhir gets call from lawyer. He says we have extended the date. Harsh will get his right. He says but its difficult because of sanyu. Randhr says don’t involve sanyu in all this. He says okay I will alter the case. Randhir says please get my dad out off all this mess. I will manage the money. Vidushi puts on lipstick and says I am the best. all the guys are after me just not parth. Let me send him a photo. she take a selfie and says I love you baby. She says you will get mad once you see me. He phone isn’t working well.

There Agarwal signs the paper. Maa says how can you sell the factory that is our livelihood. Agarwal says we are not selling this anju. we are just giving it as a guarantee for loan. Agarwal signs the papers. He says we have to do this for the future of our kids. Anju is calling sanyu again and again. Randhir sees the call and wonders what should I do.
He picks the call, anju tells everything. Randhir disconnects the call. He says what if she come here. randhir texts her I am in text hall maa. Papa will do the best. Anju says strange why she isn’t bothered. Randhir wonders why was anju crying and why is it related to Samir.

Precap-Vidushi says to parth all the guys are taunting on me. Parth says look at this video. How could you share this kind of video on net. Vidushi says I never shared it. Parth is hitting the punching bag Randhir says what are you angry on? He says on my wrong judgements.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  7. Hi Frnds, if i m nt wrong I thing we should better discus more about our Favrt Episod.

    My 2ds Expectation – at least Sanyu should know how Randhir still caring her ,& getting very upst since she got unwell.

  8. i really hope randhir does not mess every ting

  9. correction : everything

  10. what happened in 2008………?

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  13. @akshara 2008 ko FITE me re exam hua tha, or sayad vardhan sir ne karbaya tha re exam.or as u know sanyu bimar hai to rd chahta hai ki 2008 ki tarha 2014 me bhi re exam ho .or rd ko pata hai ki vardhan sir re exam karbane hi aye hai 2008 ki tarha because sanyu got unwell. or agar bo exam miss kar deti hai to bo fail ho jayegi.uske liye hi vardhan re exam kabana chahte hai. or rd ko ye sab samajh jata hai or khush hota hai.yesterday ke episod me yahi sab dikhaya gaya hai,kya tumne nahi dekha?

  14. i think for the re exam randhir and vardhaan were togeather

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