Pavitra Rishta 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Teju telling Savita that there are so many similarities between Ashi and Ankita. Rushaali gets irked and tells that they don’t have any similarities and asks them not to relate them. Naren confirms her that there are so many similarities. Rushaali gets angry and goes. Naren says sorry to Ankita and says mom is possessive about Ashi. Naren thinks Ankita is very good person and sacrifices for her loved ones. He thinks I can’t forget your favour. He waits for Pari and thinks it is 12 now. He tries calling Pari’s number and bumps into Ankita.

Ankita shouts as she gets scared. Naren asks her to keep quiet. Ankita slips and falls on him, they have an eye lock. Ankita holds him. Pari comes and sees them in each other arms. She starts clapping and says you guys look good together. She asks them to continue. Naren tells her that Ankita has fallen down because of the water on the floor. Pari asks Ankita, so this is your plan. I must say that you are brilliant. You wants to be so close to Naren and wants me to leave him. Naren asks are you drunk.

Pari asks him to speak in low tone else family will think she is bad. Naren asks her to come inside. Pari says, do you think I will use only second hand things all my life. You left Naren and I used second hand husband. If you leave MD post then it will become second hand post. She says, if she would have died then all my problems have been solved. Naren tries to shut her mouth. Pari continues to speak against her. She says, if you send me to Jail then Naren will get angry and you won’t do that. Naren says you are too much drunk.

Pari says, people used to tell that I am perfect but don’t say it now because of you. You left him and did a big sacrifice. She tells that they had a fight and then they lost their child. She tried to keep her occupied with work but then you came and snatched everything. She asks her to leave Naren for her.

Pari says, I am sorry that I am talking much and says we will talk about Ankita. she says, don’t know with how many guys you will keep relations with. First you had relation with Shashank and then Naren. Then you carried someone else child and then Ranvijay. Ankita asks her to shut up. She asks, what kind of guy do you need? Naren gets angry and slaps her. Ankita calms Naren. PAri says, I am speaking to your first time and asks didn’t you love him when you both was married. Ankita is speechless. Pari then asks Naren. Naren asks her to go inside. Pari says, oh you were not in your senses then. You might have forgot about it. Naren reminds her that she is drunk and asks her to go inside. Pari says, enjoy both of you and goes inside.

Naren says sorry to Ankita. Ankita gets tears in her eyes. Ashi comes and asks Naren why mumma is crying. Ankita takes Ashi with her to make her sleep. Ankita recalls Pari’s words. Naren also recalls her words and thinks he don’t know. Ankita thinks Pari has a right on Naren and she don’t want to come between them. Naren thinks he loves Pari then why he is thinking about Ankita.

Ankita wakes up in the morning. Naren makes tea for Pari. Pari says, it is not needed. She continues that he is making her feel guilty. Naren tells her how can you do this. Pari says, I didn’t drink for thr first time and asks him not to act as husband. She says I am frustated as everyone is praising Ankita. I didn’t do the accident intentionally. We lied to save each other. We lost everything because of it. Ankita came back and snatched everything. I can’t tolerate her and asks him to send Ankita somewhere. Naren tells her that Ankita did so mcuh for them. Pari says, you are defending Ankita. Naren says, I will as she is right.

Pari tells that Ankita snatched everything from me, but I won’t stay quiet if she tries to snatch you from me. NAren tells her that Ankita isn’t bad, she cares for others’ happiness too. She stayed quiet when you was accusing and shouting at her. Even Ashi woke up hearing your shouts. he asks her to be an ideal mother. Pari says, I don’t care about her. Naren tells her that Ashi is their daughter. Ashi and Vaishnavi ask for sandwich. Teju says, she is bringing. Naren asks for Ankita. Teju says, she went to office and was upset. Naren thinks to talk to Ankita and seems worried. Ashi and Vaishnavi discuss that Ankita and Naren are worried and say we will do something. Ashi asks Naren to come along with her. Naren asks, is Ankita aunty also coming? Ashi says no. Naren thinks to go with Ashi and goes to get ready.

Ankita is in office and thinks she can’t go infront of Naren. She thinks what to reply if Naren questions her if she loved him ever. She thinks she can’t face Naren. She thinks to keep herself far from Naren and Pari’s life.

Pari takes out a file and sees a slip on the name of Dr. Subhash Singh. She wonders who is he?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. When will Ankita get justice from Pari. She’s such a witch (and has the nose and mouth to go with the look lmao) Can’t it be anytime soon?????????????????

    1. I thought I was the only one that noticed that…….LOL


    1. If I may ask … Are you from Trinidad?

  3. Yes Meera deep down south ,

  4. These things are so dumb an stupid. This does not happen in North America – Writers get to reality and add so sense to life and make it worthwhile than having a loser like Pari. She needed a couple slap more imagine her living in N.America what she would have ended up with………………..

  5. Why Ankita please don’t feel shy face the music you LOVE Karen please let him know how you feel, you both have a princess already you love him and that that’s what are waiting for XMAS, If you afraid of parie I will come and give her a few more SLAPS.LAUGH,

  6. good for that b*t*h pari ,ankita will get her love naren back ,but pari will never mend her ways

  7. That holloween ugly b*t*h……. Pari…..

  8. news is out that they will show all the major actors in pavitra on the last episode which includes old manav, purvi and arjun, why is nothing mentioned about soham and pia and ovi who have also played important roles in this series? and also archanas sister, sohams “supposed” mother. how do you plan to end this with so much detil missing, I don’t think this show should end, just maybe change the storyline a bit, it should end when the entire family is happy together including narens brother changing for the better and pari…… you can’t end this show like this please. we love pavitra rishta

  9. sal-south africa

    y can’t Naren or Ankita find the file, so they can see that their love was true that faith has brought them back together.
    why can’t they show archana or manav even finding out the truth…….
    they could also bring back tejus love so she can also find happiness before the show ends…..

  10. sal-south africa

    please just don’t end the show then…… there is so many changes that can be made, as I said in the first message, this show can be so wonderful, show some happy moments after naren and ankita get married, maybe them having a 2nd child out of their known happy love marriage

  11. sal-south africa

    arrange a poll and see who would like pavitra rishta to continue or end, this is rubbish, the other shows are crap, this is one show that is good, after 5 years and people are still hooked, that’s got to be something, don’t you guys think?
    or bring back some real stories to reshow….like banoo mein tere dulhann, that was awesome,,,, would love to see sindoora on telly again. Rab se sona ishq was also nice

    1. I agree. I’ve been watching it for 5 years. They can’t end it within a few episodes. It takes time. Also banoo mein tere dulhann was soo good!! Sindoora was better than Pari and Rushali

  12. sal-south africa

    definitely Nisha

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