Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj coming to Suhani’s house with everyone. Anuj asks Suhani to switch on the AC. Menka says they don’t have AC, I felt hot when I came in mahendi. Rags signs her. Lata asks when did you come. Menka changes the topic. Pankaj and Lata welcome Dadi. Dadi insults them. Pratima thanks Pankaj for calling them. Rags says but clear the way for Dadi’s sake. Yuvraaj asks Pankaj to use his contacts and clear the road matter. Lata says she made some snacks. Saurabh says he will have good food. Bhavna says Rishi went in puja at his office. Rags asks Bhavma why is she here, its her first Navratri, so she should be at her inlaws. Bhavna says there is no one at my in laws house now, so I came here.

She asks Rags to have water. Rags says we got water from home. Saurabh and Anuj take the water and drinks from Bhavna. Pankaj talks to Yuvraaj and says I hope all misunderstandings are gone. Yuvraaj says its hard as it started with threatening. Soumya apologizes to Krishna’s mum. She forgives Soumya. Krishna asks his mum to let Soumya do the Navratri aarti this time, as she is new bahu, she will be glad. She says fine. Krishna is glad and asks Soumya to do everything well, else people will say Krishna’s wife does not know anything.

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Suhani and everyone do the aarti. Dadi notices her chunri and says it aloud. Menka and Rags see this and say yes, its really ours. Dadi says so you both have stolen this. Pratima says no, why will they do this. Dadi says you both have seen it and got it from us. Suhani says my parents can’t do this. Lata says you are mistaken. Pankaj says why will you do this, maybe it came by mistake. Lata says we can’t buy gold chunri, how did it come here if its yours. A man comes and tells Pankaj that he got the pure gold 10 tola gold anklet. Pankaj says when did I buy it. Dadi says great, tell me the truth, whats this drama. Dadi sees the gold anklet.

Pankaj says he did not order this gold chain, he ordered silver chain. Lata says yes, Pankaj does not lie and I was with him. The man says he is not fraud, he got what he said. Dadi says yes, why will anyone bring gold chain when given silver chain price. Suhani says we regard gold as Laxmi and don’t wear it in foot. Dadi says did you have status to wear gold anklet, you have stolen it. Suhani says no, they did not steal, if they knew our chunri is here, they would have come to return it. She says if they have stolen it, they would have not shown it. Dadi says everyone says the same. She says enough Dadi.

Yuvraaj takes the man out. Pankaj thinks Yuvraaj did this. Pratima says why will Pankaj and Lata do this. Menka says the truth is out. Dadi says Pratima shut your mouth. She scolds Rags and Menka for not taking care of the expensive chunri. Lata says she did not steal it, Pankaj’s 30 years of service, no one pointed finger on him. Lata cries. Bhavna says if you think its your chunri, please take it, but don’t blame us. Dadi says no, once its on Mata, its hers, we would have given such chunris if you asked, be careful next time, if you like anything, ask me, don’t steal.

Suhani cries seeing her parents insult. Pankaj looks at Yuvraaj with doubt. Krishna’s mum thinks how to give my rights to Soumya. Krishna asks her to give aarti plate to Soumya. Rakhi faints and acts like she got Mata in her. Everyone bow to her. Soumya says we should take Rakhi to hospital. Rakhi says why did Soumya give gold to anyone. Krishna asks Soumya to take the chain from Suhani. She asks Soumya to touch Mata’s feet. Rakhi takes her feet back. Soumya thinks about Rakhi’s acting. His mum also starts acting.

Sharad comes late and see everyone crying. He asks Yuvraaj what happened. Pankaj asks Yuvraaj did he see him stealing the chunri. Yuvraaj says I don’t know. Dadi says don’t drag Yuvraaj in between this. Pankaj thinks Yuvraaj did this, so he is quiet. Pratima says lets go Yuvraaj. Few guests come and Rags asks them to save their gold ornaments as Suhani’s family are thieves. The lady asks Lata is everything fine. Menka says nothing is fine. They all leave. The ladies also leave. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to come. She says she won’t come, in the house where her parents are called thieves. She cries.

Suhani says she knows Pankaj is right, and will prove to everyone. She says this is my promise. She goes to the same shop and sees CCTV camera.

Update Credit to: Amena

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