Sadda Haq 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 1st May 2014 Written Update

Vardhan gives Dream Team competition form back to Parth as he didn’t fill out it full. Parth says he just didn’t fill out his dad’s occupation because he only saw his mum working. He has no complaints from his dad, he appreciates what he did. Vardhan interrupts him and says, he didn’t call him to hear his stories. He asks him to fill it out and leaves from there.

Vardhan tries to go in Prof. Rao’s room, but peon doesn’t open the door saying Dean has strictly said no.

Sanyukta is working in the lab. Randhir comes to her and says, waste of time, seems like you’re trying to top in the exams which is not going to happen. And even if she manages to, what she will do with it? She has only few days left, she should stand in front of mirror, not engine. There should be mehendi in her hand, not oil. Sanyukta doesn’t respond. He tells her that it’s her habit to try her best before losing. He walks off and bumps into Kastuki. He shouts at her. YoYo comes forward to defend Kastuki. Randhir asks what she is to him. He says, it’s not about that, there is a manner to talk with girls. Randhir asks him what he will do and pushes him. Parth comes and stops YoYo from falling. YoYo asks Randhir he pushed him? Randhir apologizes to him and asks what was need to take Kastuki’s side. YoYo says, even if it was someone else who was misbehaving like that with Kastuki, then he would have defended her. Parth asks YoYo to forget it. Randhir leaves.

In night, Vidushi is studying. She decides to study from a senior’s notes and leaves the room. Sanyukta sees Kastuki upset and goes to her. She says when someone does something special to you, you also feel like doing special for them. Kastuki asks how do you know? Sanyukta remembers what Parth did for her, and says, she is also feeling the same.

Jiggy is tensed as Kastuki is not picking up his call. He goes outside. Parth tells Randhir that he shouldn’t have behaved like this with YoYo. Randhir asks him why he has to interfere in every single matter. YoYo was interfering in his matter and that is why he did that. He hates people like that. Parth says, you alone can’t decide which matter belongs to who. Randhir tells him when he has any problem directly with him, then he can talk to him, and that day he may not talk. Jiggy comes back and asks if they argued again. Randhir tells him to turn off the lights as he is not in mood to hear any philosophy. He has to wake up early as someone will have to look after Dream Team’s work.

It’s 5 in the morning and Sanyukta wakes up. She hears Kastuki saying “thanks YoYo” in her sleep. Sanyukta smiles and says, you will end up saying thank you 100 times. She then tells herself to get ready fast, if she gets late, then that personality development teacher won’t spare her. She’s leaving and hears some noises. She goes to check and it’s Parth doing Tai Chi. She smiles. She looks at the time and runs.

She arrives at the class and different girls are doing different things such as ironing, putting mehendi. The teacher comes to her and looks at her dressing style. She says even if you call and come late, you’re still late. And that too you called yesterday. She asks where is dupatta. Sanyukta says she forgot it in hurry. The teacher says, you can’t forget your phone, but can forget dupatta. She lets her go as it’s her first day. She introduces her to other girls and says she will also learn housework from today along with them. She gives Sanyukta to do stitches on 10 sarees. If she can’t complete, then she will have to clean all the dishes. Sanyukta whispers, someone needs to stitch her mouth first, she speaks so much early in the morning. The teacher asks her if she said anything. Sanyukta says no. She tells her to start working then or she will call her mum and get blessings. Sanyukta starts working with other girl.

In college, Randhir is going crazy searching Sanyukta. He wonders if she stopped coming to college in engagement shock. He takes out his phone, but then says he won’t call. The girl asks Sanyukta to start working. Sanyukta thinks she was handling big machines alone in the college, and here she can’t even handle small machine. The teacher is looking at her and writing something. Sanyukta thinks she must be writing bad about her. The other girl tells her to get used to that as her mother in law will also bother her like this after marriage. Sanyukta thinks the teacher should be Dean at her college.

Other hand, Randhir says at most that dumbo will think that I am following her. At least, I will know where she is. He calls her, she disconnects. He keeps calling. Sanyukta says if there is any award for world’s worst timing, then he will get that. What does he want now? He keeps calling and she finally picks it up and asks what’s his problem now. He says his problem is that Dream Team member is doing personal work leaving Dream Team work behind and he will have to hear lecture for that. He asks, anyway, where the hell are you? Sanyukta asks, why do you care? Who are you? Listen, I can’t talk right now, so stop calling me again and again. She puts the phone down. Randhir continues talking that she’s good for nothing. Don’t know why she’s in Dream Team. She can at least come for the meeting now. He finally realizes that she put the phone down. The teacher comes to Sanyukta and asks if she has an affair going on with someone. Sanyukta says, there is nothing like that, it was wrong number. The teacher says, and you talk for this long on a wrong number? I am not a fool. Tell me who is calling you again and again. Sanyukta says, for real, I don’t have any affair. The teacher says, she has seen college life too. She asks if she shall tell to her dad. Sanyukta gets worried. She lies to her that a bald, khadus librarian is calling her. The teacher gets convinced. Time is up and Sanyukta still hasn’t finished her work. The teacher lets her go as this is her first day, but gives that to Sanyukta as her homework. She asks her to do the stitches properly. Sanyukta says, she is gone. Vardhan has already seen her once, now how will she work on the sarees in college? How she will do Dream Team’s task?

Precap: Sanyukta is sleeping in her window. Randhir is hiding and looking there. Vardhan notices it. Later, in classroom, Randhir is feeling Sanyukta’s absence as he keeps looking at her seat. Vardhan again notices this. Later, Sanyukta is going somewhere. Randhir grabs her hand and stops her. She asks him to leave her hand, she is getting late. He says no, you’re not getting late.

Update Credit to: Tina

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