Dil Dosti Dance 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 1st May 2014 Written Update

Rey’s dad asks that if he wants money he will have to leave this dance. Rey says I will do whatever you want, because my friends career also depend on me, I ll join you business to make up their career. His dad says he is proud of him as he has turned into a man from a boy. They were having dinner together, dad asks why he wasn’t eating, and he says he has no appetite. His dad says that he should not mix his profession with his passion. He must dance but as a hobby. He asks him not to make him a villain. Rey promises he will join His business and leaves. His dad thinks he knows how upset you are but I love my son more than you do your dance.

Kriya was in her bed watching their old pictures at laptop. She thinks they know each other since three years from the fight with each other to fighting the college authority together, it is the dance that has bring them together. She prays they never get to leave dance. The glass of a photo frame breaks, she hopes nothing bad happens.

Rey thinks he has always thought about dance and now fulfilling his dad’s dream means leaving his own dream. He gets a call, Swayam was there. He asks if his dad agreed. Rey says his dad is ready to help. Swayam says he is relived and asks if he told anyone about it. Rey was lost. Swayam notices but Rey says he will meet him tomorrow in college.

Sharon is thinking about the day Ruhi poisoned her, she hopes she forget the day like a bad dream and goes to sleep. Someone comes in her room and holds her from her neck. She wakes up, sees the stranger and shouts. Swayam keeps hand on her mouth and tells her it was he. He tells her to relax and not spoil herself this way. She says she feels as if Ruhi is following her. Swayam tells her to give herself some time. She asks what he was doing here. Swayam says he wanted accounts notes. Sharon asks is he sure, at this time of night? He says he was missing her so came to see her, they come closer, he kisses her forehead and leaves. She smiles.

Rey tells everyone about his promise with his dad.
In morning they were all in the dancing hall playing, rey comes and they all hug him and thanks him to release their tension. Kriya also thanks him. Rey was about to go, but Swayam stops him and asks his father kept a condition and assures him they will fulfill it. Rey tells them his father said this musical would be his last professional performance. They all argues him but he says he has already promised his dad. Kriya suggests she will talk to her massi, they all say they are together in this problem. Simmi says they will not return Annas money, they will think about something else, but Rey says he has already returned his money, moreover he cant break his dad’s promise.

Kriya was arguing Rey at the terrace. Rey says he had taken the decision, Kriya says why is he pretending to be alone now. He says this is his personal matter, she says this is not his personal matter, this effects her because.. he comes closer to him and asks why? Why does this effect her? she stammers because I care for you. He goes away saying this is enough for him and smiles.

Rey was boxing, thinking the conversation between him and Kriya. He says please say this Kriya. Kaka comes to tell him he had a visitor. It was Kriya. They were all there. He asks what they come for, they say they came to talk to his dad, and goes to sit down. Rey is making coffee for them in kitchen, Kriya comes to ask for help. They hold the tray together, Kriya apologizes for her behavior. She says she has faced the same decision, Rey says you are my inspiration, but she says her mother could never be happy seeing her worried. Kriya says look at his friends, who are so worried.

PRECAP: they come to see their costumes were burnt. Rey calls Anna to scold him that he had returned all his money, he says had it only be money, he would have burnt them too with the costumes. Kriya says she doesn’t think its Anna.

Update Credit to: Niki

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