Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st May 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Madhu asking Sumitra to tie taweez on his shoulder. Sumitra happily ties taweez and says she feels helpless when she sees Shivani around him. Raghu holds her hand and says Shivani is his boss and not his wife, he promises that Sumitra will become his wife soon. She gets happy and says she knew about this and asks if she can hug him. He agrees. She hugs him. Shivani sees him and goes angrily from there. Raghu says Sumitra that he did a drama as Shivani was standing there. He wanted to show Shivani that he does not love her. Sumitra says for babyji’s and this house’s happiness, she can do anything. Raghu thanks her and goes from there. Sumitra says to make babyji jealous, she can do anything. Raghu gave her a good opportunity.

Shivani goes to terrace and starts crying. Bela comes there and sees her crying. She asks why is she crying. Shivani says she came to know that Raghu does not love her. She says she feels that she is withholding Raghu and he wants to marry Sumitra. She heard him saying this to Sumitra. Bela says she is thinking wrong, she knows her brother, he can be happy with with Shivani. He is getting her away thinking Shivani would be happy, but he is thinking wrong. She says she should make him realize his mistake. Shivani says how can I do that. Bela asks her to prepare Raghu’s favourite dishes and take them to his office for lunch. Shivani thanks him and goes there. Sumitra hears their conversation and thinks she will ruin Shivani’s plan.

Shivani goes to Raghu’s office with tiffin box. She gets into his cabin and is shocked to see Sumitra already feeding him with her hands. She drops tiffin box. Raghu hears sound and sees Shivani standing there. Shivani goes from there sadly. Raghu thanks Sumitra for bringing him food and asks her to go now. Sumitra asks him to eat. He says he is not hungry and cannot eat after troubling babyji. Sumitra says he is doing it for babyji’s happiness. He asks her to go home now. She asks him not to worry and says she will help him always.

Raghu goes out to check Shivani and finds her on the terrace. She asks him not to come there, else she will jump. Raghu asks her to come down. She says he does not care if she is alive or dead and says she will die. Raghu says he cares for her and she is his boss. Shivani says she is her husband and not her boss and asks him to stop his drama with Sumitra. She says she is hurt because of his drama and if he does not accept her as his wife, she will jump from there and die. She loses her balance and falls, but Karan saves her and pulls her up. Karan scolds Shivani and Raghu and asks Raghu what is happening. Shivani says Karan that she was showing Raghu that she is not afraid and was about to fall when he came and saved her.

Karan asks Raghu what is he hiding from him. He is worried about Shivani. Raghu says Shivani is his babyji and boss, he used to work in her house. She is not his wife, their marriage is fake. He says Abhimanyu betrayed babyji and tells Karan the whole story, maliksaa asking him to promise that he will be with Shivani till her last breath. He says he did all this to save Shivani, but she thought him as her husband.

Karan says Raghu that Shivani has changed a lot from her childhood and it is because of him. Raghu says he is Shivani’s need and is dependent on him, but he cannot think her as his wife. He cannot give her happiness, so he is searching a groom for Shivani. Karan asks what does he mean. He says if he would have loved her, then why would he find a groom for her. He says he found a groom for her and it is Karan.

Precap: Raghu says Shivani that he wants to start a new relationship with her..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Poor shivani,raghu is soooo stupid

  2. i understood raghu in the beginning but oh god come on what more can a woman do to prove her love oh give me a break

  3. Never seen a stupid person like Raghu….. Come on Mr. Rana said to take 100% full care of Babyji but at least show some love for Shivani’ …… She loves you Raghu…..

  4. seriously

  5. If this were a real couple I know, I would be worried for both of them, especially Shivani. Raghu and Shivani are no longer an attractive couple. One is emotionally immature while the other is stuck on a point of principle. I can live with Raghu, but not Shivani.

    If Raghu was my brother I would advise him to stay from Shivani. She is too quick to make some very scary statements. She behaves like a woman possessed. Suicide threats are emotional blackmail and immature. She has made Raghu her entire world. Not good. She is now obsessing over Raghu.

    Enough of Do Dil De…

  6. Raghu is showing love for Shivani, just not in a way that will lead to their life partnership and Sumitra’s exit.

  7. I agree with meeina and merva raghu is very foolish and stupid

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