Sadda Haq 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arjun says to sanyu I won’t let you win. Both teams start working. Sanyu says we should test the water. Randhir says I don’t wanna waste time on stupid tests. Arjun says your partner is right. Randhir says I know what is right and wrong. Just start working as I say. Sanyu does as he directs. Arjun comes and says good going Randhir but you can’t beat me one on one. You are nothing without that girl. Vishal drinks the water and leaves. Arjun says where will you get a better chance to prove yourself. Randhir takes the water and makes sanyu drink forcefully. sanyu says what are you doing? he says you were about to faint. Go out and rest. Randhir says you forced me you will go out. Judges say you have drank the water you are disqualified sanyu. You have to leave. sanyu goes to the monitoring team. Sanyu gets a text from kaustuki good luck for task. I am leaving for home mom isn’t well. The time is up/ judges come in the lab. judges take water sample from both of them. he says both are 100% pure. Arjun says its a tie? Judge says not its not. According to rule no one can force anyone out. Since Randhir disqualified sanyu forcefully, they will lose 10 points. Randhir says vishal went out too. Vishal says I went deliberately. Sanyu says to Randhuis is your ego satisfied? maya says this is not your ego competition. This is your best students vardhan who can’t work as a team for two hours. Next task is your must win. If you don’t anything like this I will not leave you. Randhir goes out and sanyu follows him. Sanyu says are you happy now/ We have lost because of you.

Arjun says to vardhan I was your best student and will always be. I hate it when you call them both the best. I can only use half of my mind and beat them. vardhan says best student isn’t the one who knows all the answers its the one who never stops querying. I wish your theories could help them both. I will beat them both. They will lose, don’t come there. Its going to be interesting, very interesting.

randhir says Arjun manipulated me. Sanyu says and you got ? don’t you have your own mind. He says he will have to suffer. Sanyu says I will lead the next task.

The next task starts, they have to make a robotic arm in 60 minutes. sanyu says do as I say. Randhir says I know what to do. you are a girl who will doesn’t know what to do. randhir says why have you left the gap/ it

    won’t work on full power. Randhir checks the arm. parth says randhir sanyu the wires are colliding. The time is up. Judge says testing can be done them both. Sanyu says I will control it with remote. Yoyo comes in and says I will wear the hand. yoyo and vishal wear the arm. They both start forcing each others down. Sanyu controls it with remote. Parth says guys lower down the voltage I asked you before. Yoyo is worried due to sparks. Parth says lower the voltage randhitr. Yoyo falls on the ground due to shock. he has fainted. Parth says I asked you both to lower the voltage. The judges are done. Arjun says we just came here to see if FITE deserve the top spot or not. Its depends on all the three rounds. The last round risked life of a student. FITE has lost the round. We expected so much from the college. here is your certificate. See you next time. Arjun says to vardhan you were right a good student never stops leaning. I learned that I don’t wanna be under you. They leave. maya says is there any excuse? I would have selected some better student. I selected because you asked me vardhan. what should I do to them? vardhan says I leave it up to you. Do what you think is right. he leaves. maya claps and says well done both of you. I never trusted you and vardhan has lost because of you. sanyu says randhir is responsible for everything. Randhir says you are equally responsible. maya says you both are rusticated.

    Precap-Vidushi says I could have perforemed rather than you sanyu. sanyu says you can never take my place, sanyu says we have 1 day and we have to impress community members. Randhir calls Saniyal and asks for money. He steals a car.

    Update Credit to: Atiba

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