Pavitra Rishta 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita explaining her reason to Manav for not giving salary cheques to Pari. Manav thanks her for proving him wrong and says he is proud of her.

Kinnari brings tea for Pari. Pari smiles and thinks Azoba must have scolded Ankita and removed her from MD’s position. Neena informs her Manav is calling her. She happily goes out. Manav says Ankita did not issue Pari’s cheque and we think she did wrong, but the truth is she did right by not favouring family to professional life. Pari says she cut my salary and everyone knows Ankita hates me as Naren divorced her and married me, she is misusing her power. Manav gets annoyed hearing her allegations and asks her to sop, says she sacrificed her life for you and even left Mumbai, she would not have come back if you would not have ruined her life. He says Ankita showed me company allowance book and it shows you have taken more than required and rules are same for everyone, says he is proud of Ankita. He says Naren that she was issuing cheque to you, and if she has grudge on you, she would not have issued it. He says Ankita transparently showed every book as a responsible boss and says if anyone misuses company’s funds, she has right to use her powers and rules.

Pari comes back to her room and angrily starts bad mouthing about Ankita that she is taking revenge, etc. Naren hears her conversation and says Ankita is right, she has to look after company’s profit and loss, etc., and says even if it is, you provoked her by calling police inspector for party.

Sachin also gets irked about Ankita controlling finances and says Neena that he has invested lakhs in his business, but not getting any profit. Neena says if he needs money, she has a plan and tell him about Pari and Naren’s coversation and Pari making Ranvijay’s accident, says she can blackmail Pari and extract money.

Ashi plays with her dolls and model house and says dolls are dada, mama, she and Ankita mamma. Pari gets irked hearing Ankita’s name and asks how can Ankita stay with us, asks Kinnari to take her out. Neena calls her as a blackmailer and says she knows that she made Ranvijay’s accident and demands her money to safeguard her secret.

Ankita sees Ashi sitting sadly and asks Vaishnavi what happened to her. Vaishnavi says her mother scolded her. Ankita tries to cheer her up by playing hide and seek game with Vaishnavi and Teju. Ashi also joins them and enjoys the game forgetting her sadness. Ankita blindfolded clashes with Naren and touches his face. She thinks she can identify him even with her eyes closed.

Pari hires a goon to kill Ankita, informs that Ankita goes to office daily asks him to make sure it is her last journey. Goon says okay and leaves. Goon then fixes bomb in Ankita’s car and informs Pari that he did his work and tomorrow is Ankita’s last day.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. i hear that pvrvi and arjune marry in real life

    1. yeah that’s true purvi is in another indian soap ek moti asma

    2. that show was cancelled

  2. It is so sad how Ekta has twisted this story! She has changed Pari’s character so dramatically… is disgusting! Remember .at first…Pari had refused to marry Naren when she found out that Ankita was married to him…..then Ankita stopped her marriage to that lawyer guy by saying that she never had any relations with Naren …she was not in love with him. Over and Over Pari had said that no…Ankita is in love with Naren and even when she heard that Ankita was pregnant…she had confronted Naren about it. Even Ankita said that she child was not Naren’s. So now I want to know why EKTA had twisted up the story? In real life….Ankita always wanted to be at the top…that was the reason Purvi and Arjun had to leave the show. Even though, I never liked Pari ……I hate how the writer has twisted her character! In the show…Pari was the one actually helping her grandfather to keep the company going and then suddenly he made Ankita MD…how twisted can that get? making Pari out to be a materialistic person! God! I hate how this story has changed course!

  3. Ek muthi asmaan is now done. Purvi doesn’t have a serial now so she should come back to pavitra rishta and knock some sense into Pari!!
    Also whatever happened to teju’s boyfriend??

  4. Omg this bitch pari .why da hell she after ankita so much ,and where is ovi’s daughter she used to put sense in pari .ashi is so cute and yet pari hate her it good she couldnt become a mother .she dont deserve to be a mother she should go behind the bars

  5. They should of never let the character of pari changed she is Arjun and purvi ‘s daughter

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