Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi shows Pari’s pooja thali to Kokila and says it is Urmila’s thali and she did not see it in her home before. Kokila says if she is so doubtful, she will find out the truth. Urmila hears their conversation and enters from door as if she is coming just now. She says she came to meet tolu/molu. She then sees her thali in Gopi’s hand and asks how did she get it. Gopi says Pari had taken it to temple. urmila calls Pari and asks why did she take Rashi’s thali which she gave it to her on last Dussehra. Pari says she had to go to temple, so she took it, what is a big issue in it. Urmila scolds Pari for taking Rashi’s thali and asks her not to touch Rashi’s things again. She then goes to meet tolu/molu. Kokila asks Pari to be careful and not to touch Rashi’s things as Urmila lost her only daughter Rashi and she cannot see anyone else in her place.

Kokila prays tulsi plant in the morning. A cat breaks down the pot. Savita comes and says it is her cat. Kokila says her cat broke her tulsi pot. Savita says it happens usually and says it is precious Persian cat and starts bragging. Kokila asks her to stop her lecture and says she prays tulsi religiously, says Savita she brought precious cat but does not know to take care of it, says she will forgive her cat today, if it continues, she will hand over cat to someone else. Kids say that cat is very cute.

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Kinjal thinks she will not go to Urmila’s house and if she needs her help, she has to come here.

Urmila calls Pari and asks what is she doing. Pari says she is reading magazine. Urmila says if she has to get into Modi family’s good books, she has to serve Jigar and tells his favourite things. Pari notes them down. Gopi hears her conversation and thinks someone who knows Jigar well is helping Pari.

Kinjal prepares Rashi’s favourite laddoos and thinks Urmila will come down smelling it.

Jigar sees his clothes ironed and on the bed. He thinks Pari must have done it and asks Pari why did she take out his clothes. She says she is her wife and it is her duty to take care of his needs. He asks her to give back his cupboard locker. She does not. He sees Kokila walking from there and calls her. Kokila says she wants to plant tulsi in another pot and says she cannot come. Jigar says he will get other dress. Tolu/molu come and request Jigar to let them play with Savita’s cat. Pari says she does not want cat in her home as she is allergic to cats. She comes down to the garden and starts sneezing as tolu and Vidya leave cat next to her and leave. Cat starts following her, and Pari hides. She gets relaxed seeing cat going from there. Tolu/molu laugh at her. She asks why are they laughing. They point at cat who is following her as they have tied br*ast toast behind her dress. Pari gets irked seeing that and says kids are troubling her a lot.

Urmila gets tempted smelling Kinjal’s laddoos, comes down to check and smells it from Kinjal’s house. She sees Kinjal peeping outside the door waiting for her and thinks of teaching Kinjal a lesson.

Pari sees her courier box empty and asks Meethi about her dress in it. Meethi says she does not know. She then sees cat tearing her dress.

Precap: Savita alleges Kokila for kidnapping her cat and says she will send her to jail.

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  1. Bullshit…how can a mother let somebody take her daughters place….

  2. Nice, now the story is going ti the cats

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