Sadda Haq 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
randhir says you have a misunderstanding, I didn’t lose it deliberately. Vivek says you want to tell me that your friend vidushi being in danger zone and then you lost and vidushi didn’t get out of the competition. If she had lost she would have been out, but you can recover in next task. Vidushi says in heart this means he did this to save me? Vivek says i wont let any undeserving candidate to be in my team. He leaves. Vidushi sas thanks to randhir. Randhir says don’t thank me, my team mates were stupid as well. Parth says you knew still you didn’t tell me. Vidushi is about to hug him but she sits down. randhir says would you all drink juice now? Randhir team mate overhears it.

The phd students come to randhir who is exercising. raandhir says task is over. one says because of you my friend was kicked out of task. randhir says it was because of their own stupidity. one says you knew method was faulty. They start hitting randhir, two grasp him. azan comes in and says what are you doing leave him.azan hits them both. the phd students run out. azan says are you okay randhir? He says i can take care of myself.

scene 2
Ankit is talking to agarwal about business. agarwal says this is about time that you should get married. Ankit says i wanna focus on work right now. Agarwal says what wrong in marring meanwhile. He leaves the table.

Randhir is dressing his own bruises. sanyu comes in and says what happened to you? He says i am fine, sanyu says what happened to you. He says i don’t need your help i am fine. sanyu still takes the badge form him and dresses his bruise. sanyu says whom did you messed with? Randhir says the phd students came to my room. They ran after a while. sanyu says you sacrificed your ego for vidushi can’t you stay like this forever. He takes the cotton from her. she says you started again She leaves.

sanyu i calling avanti. Yoyo comes and says lets go all. We have to go and watch the movie. Don’t say no to it. he says it will freshen up our mind. sanyu says yes there should be no problem. randhir says yeah lets not waste money.

Scene 2
At night they all come back after movie. Vidushi says it was such a boring movie. Yoyo says i am really sorry. Sany says i still enjoyed. sahil says randhir was watching with so much interest. Randhir says it was torture, girl and met and fell in love. Sanyu says if there was not evolution in love there would have been no interest. Sanyu sees chohan in his room. she says says there is someone with him. Vidushi says yeah i saw shadow. They peek in. vivek give azan papers and says i will be giving this task tomorrow do prepare for it. randhir says he is foretelling him the task. they go to stairs in anger. vidushi says he is our mentor? he is a fraud. randhir says we can’t stay quite. sanyu says i mean we should stay calm, we can’t expose him right now. parth says and we will lose the opportunity as well. yoyo says lets hit azan. sanyu says i agree that we need to stop vivek. He wont win because we will beat him with out hardwork. let him misuse his powers and we will beat them. parth says and will decide dream team. They vow for dream team. parth says see you all tomorrow.

Randhir says to sanyu you give good speeches why don’t you become politician? SAnyu says you sacrificed for vidushi shouldn’t you be one? thanks anyway. He says good night. They both go to rooms.
Vidushi says to sanyu dean has sent companies that will come here for placements. sanyu says but there is some time left. vidushi says they will come, look at the list. sanyu says the package is so good. Vidushi says if i get a job my life will be settled. sanyu says we need to work hard. SAnyu sees that agarwal’s company is not in the list. She wonders why? Vidushi aren’t you excited. sanyu says save you energy for tomorrow. sanyu goes to her bed.

Agarwal says to someone on call, sanyu will be done with engineering, she will get married. everything i have is for ankit, your daughter will stay happy here. agarwal tells anju that khurana is scared, he thinks his daughter will become like sanyu if she gets married to ankit. I will have to get sanyu married.

Scene 3
PKC says to eklaviya you should have got confirmation from companies about placement. Eklaviya says i have to motivate the students. the list will give them a reason to perform. we need to make them gain confident. We have to be prepared for all kind of situations.

Vidushi says to sanyu why are you not getting ready? sanyu gets a call from anju. Sanyu says how you get to know its my big day. its dream team selection. Anju says but you were already in it. sanyu says the team was dissolved. vidushi says we need to get in and get a good job. sanyu says i thought papa will recruit as well. anju says just work hard, God will fulfill all your dreams. anju says in heart how should i tell you that this dream will never be fulfilled. after ankit’s wedding everything will be on his name. sanyu wonders if anju wanted to tell her something.

Precap-vivek says task is simple you have to hack a software, you will have a wrist band on your hand. its temperature will increase with every wrong move, sanyu recalls the wrist bombs rana came with.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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