Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem asks Mansi what should he do to prove that he does not love Gopi. She asks him to marry her and says she spent 10 years with him as a friend and cannot continue anymore. She asks at least to accept now that he loves only his wife Gopi and not her. He says he does not love Gopi. She asks him again to marry her then. He angrily leaves.

Ahem is at his bakery. He throws flour by mistake and it falls on Gopi. He sees he, gives tissue to clean and asks why did she come here. She says she did not come to take but to give and shows mangalsutra.

She says she wants to return her mangalsutra as their relationsip is broken. He says her words will not deter his decision. She says she wants him and Mansi lead a ife ahead. She keeps mangasultra on table and leaves. Ahem picks it.

Kokila prays idol that her son Ahem cannot betray Gopi and asks to do some miracle and get Gopi back in his life. Gopi gets down from shop crying and sees her hand-made idol gifted to Ahem years ago and reminisces it. Servant says this idol is very special to Ahem and his daughters told it is very dearer to him and was gifted by his wife, so he prays it daily. Gopi gets happy realizing that Ahem still loves her.

Kokila says idol just like she put garland on it, she wants it to help her guide into a right path.

Gopi prays idol happily and says Ahem still loves her, but then gets sad thinking ahem married Mansi, so it is better to get out of his life. She hears postman coming and meeting Ahem and hides. Postman says he brought Mansi Ranwal’s passport and will give it only to her. Ahem asks to give it to him. Postman asks if he is her husband. He says he is her good friend. Postman says he cannot give it to him then. Ahem asks him to come at 2 p.m. then. Once postman leaves, Gopi comes out and asks Ahem why did he lie that he does not love her. He says he does not. She asks then why did not he marry Mansi yet and says she knows he loves her a lot and needs answer. He says he will answer her, drags her to his jeep and leaves. Jigar sees them and gets into taxi to follow them. Gopi continues asking Ahem why did he play with her emotions and says her doubt was right that he loves her a lot. She repeatedly asks why did he do that. He stops jeep, takes her inside home and calls Meera, Vidya, Mansi. Once they come, he tells them that Gopi thinks he still loves her, but she is wrong. He has moved out of the phase long back and says he will prove it. He holds Mansi’s hand and asks if she will marry him. Meera gets happy and Vidya sad. Ahem says he will get engaged to Mansi tomorrow. Mansi says she will marry him.

Precap: Ahem tells Gopi if she loves him, then she should attend his and Mansi’s engagement party.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera is full spoiled.gopi when will u meet an accident

    1. ai u happy singh! how dare u? i m nt a spoilt one, im fresh one ……….u r rotten……….u r jealous of my beauty n my dancing skills

    2. aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ladki i will pull ur ear

  2. I think Ahem gone mad.Is it the way to prove that he don’t love Gopi?

    1. yeah i have bcome mad maintaining 3 churels in dalhousie n i acept d truth dat i m super duper mad

  3. How mansi will marry ahem? Gopi is still alive and not divorced with ahem.why the lady characters in the serials are ready to marry second hand husbands?

    1. lakshmi ji dhanyabad kya aap marriage lawyer hain???
      Kya aap mumbai se hain?
      Aapka ghar kaun sa elaka mein hain?
      Mein jald hi aap se milne aa rahi hoon
      Mujhe aapki sahayata chahiye
      Mein beechari bholi bhali rajkot ki mahila mumbai me bhatakti aatma ki tarah bhatak rahi hoon

  4. bcoz second hand things are cheaper n dat is how i become richy rich

  5. When will gopi get accident r suicide then ahem want to realise his mistake meera and vidhya also want to realise his mom s love

    1. aiii ladki tum kya suicide ke bare mein bol rahe ho?
      Lost ur senses ladki

  6. kyu new scriptwriter? Do u want to send me to my rashi ben so soon?

  7. Mansi how you will become rich,ahem is running only small bakery shop and he don’t have any relation with modi family.So,pls leave ahem for Gopi and marry another person.

    1. No need to give me lecture lakshmi madam, i love bakers n i love my ahem baker, so i wil marry ahem baker, i love to eat bakery food items in breakfast lunch n dinner. so i m so fat, b4 giving me useless lectures , c my fat figure n den think whether to speak or not :p

  8. Ahem barks like a dog, such a stupid fellow, last time when he met gopi he did same thing, mom I want to marry radha. Now I want to marry mansi. Stupid fellow how many times will you marry.

    1. chal hatt!!!! Veer tumne bhi toh uttaran me 3-4 bar shaadi ki hain
      ab mere se jalte ho hatt!!!

  9. don’t insult dogs by comparing dem wid me, dog is a faithful animal. I hope u hav read it in ur class 1 curriculum

  10. bharti kumari

    I pray to god that ahem meets gopi quickly……

    1. how dare u pray to stop my engagement wid mansi? hatt!

  11. dhanyabad kumariji, aap mere liye prasad bhi charhana, sirf prayer se kuch nahi hota aaj kal

  12. pura drama…

    1. nikita ben adha drama kaise karte hain?
      Aap ke paas aadhe drama ka class join karna hoga 😛

  13. Pata nahi kyun,In dino jab v bechare Ahem ko dekhti hun,Baankelal ki yaad aa jati hai…Serial mein jab v Gopi mata Ahem k paas aati hai,Ahem ka muh bilkul comics wala paresan Baankelal k jaisa ban jata hai…

    1. yaar ye baankelal kaun hain? Chal hatt! Mein to ek cute sa robot doraemon hoon

  14. ahem gopi ko accept kario nhi toh vo jeete ji mar jayegi

  15. chal hatt!! Roni agar tumhe gopi k liye itna taras aaraha hai, to tum usse shadi kar lo, mujhe to frock wali mansi pasand hai. Tum latko gopi k pallu mein

  16. Our opinion doesn’t matter, that’s the scriptwriter’s duty.. Nice show, can’t miss a single episode..
    Gopi, ahem, hats off

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