Million Dollar Girl 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells the person that pain is over,,He goes..Avanti tells Virat how much time he took??Virat sends message to all candidates that interview time is changed..All candidates goes home..Avanti asks how she did all??Virat tells he is a software engineer and knows everything…Avanti tells its superb..Avanti and Virat goes inside zubair’s office..Zubair is sitting solving jigsaw puzzle,,Avanti tells she she has listen alot about him,,Avanti tells at age of 18 he did buisness,,Zubair tells he known all history of Avanti and Virat,,She solded 40 sarees and only 60% profit…And Virat from FITE college a graduate,,tried to introduce powerloom but failed..Zubair calls Virat a loser,,Virat tells he is not a loser Virat tells he have a deal for him..Virat gives the file to Zubair..Zubair reads it and asks for a lighter..Virat gives the lighter to Zubair,,Zubair burns it and tells he dont want…
zubair tells that dreams of stars and sun but they knows nothing..Zubair tells that this is a job interview not buisness deal,,He will decide who win the job and become his PA..Zubair tells to start with something good,,Zubair tells who thorow balls first in glass will win,But simultaneosly have to drink alchol..Avanti throws the ball but it falls..Virat throws it goes in,,,Avanti drinks Alchol,,
Vicky tells his worker that he want dhaaba to become restaurant,,He tells worker to increase the work,,Vicky tells he will asks his father..Tea person tells that he will give him a best idea??But on one condition..Vicky asks what??He tells If near restaurat he will open tea stall..Vicky agrees..Tea person tells Vicky to take loan instead of asking and crying infront of his father..Vicky tells thats a best idea..Vicky tells he is genius.. Again VIrat and Avanti is about to throw ball,,Zubair tells not to hide emotion and frustation..Avanti shouts Virat throws the ball otherside,,Zubair tells thats nice,,AVanti throws the ball..Virat tells Avanti to be beware as before only she drank and did kissed,,Zubair listens and tells Kiss??tells that its very intresting..Avanti throws the balls but it does fall on glass,..zubair smiles..Avanti tells Virat that he remember the selfies she took and posted on friendsbook When Virat was sleeping..Virat tells he doesnt care about that,,Avanti and Virat throws ball and drinks simultaneoulsy,,Avanti gets drunk and laughs…Avanti tells that she should get the best Award as she solded underwears,,Sarees..Avanti tells tht she want to go paris and want to change the house and become rich,,Avanti drinks alchohol..Avanti falls..Virat tells that Avanti lost the game..Avanti tells how come???Zubair tells Avanti lost it..Virat goes Avanti also goes…
DJ sits near ghat,,DJ tells that its time to trap bhuwan in her Love,,DJ text bhuwan that she is feeling alone,,Bhuwan text to see backside,,DJ sees Bhuwan acts and sits sadly..Bhuwan tells DJ that he didnt thought that she was very emotional..Dj acts to cry..Anotherside Zubair drinks…His secretery comes tells what is the need of game??Zubair tells when a person drinks real face will come out…Zubair tells it was important…As he wanted to see FIRE that is there inside one person..

Precap:Precap::Avanti and Virat both rolls the paper and shows to Zubair,,Zubair tells it was not a task…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. When wil virat start loving avanti?

  2. Zubair luks mad to me,bt i hope he may help avanti n virat to realise d luv!

  3. Bhuwan n dj luks nyc!

  4. Ansari plz 20th ka written update jaldi kar dena as i wont be able to watch the show today!
    Plz plz

  5. Hey natasha u dnt worry!ansari is quick at this!
    Btw i wil b watchng d epi today!

  6. Wow!
    U r lucky to watch d epi today!

  7. Yup! 😀
    btw y r u misng it today?

  8. I wil tel u d reason in todays writen update!
    Til thn wait!

  9. Ohk! I wil wait
    meet u soon thre!
    Bye 🙂

  10. guyz see ansari’s awesome update

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