Sadda Haq 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

YoYo tries to make the basket, but fails. The opposition team boys laugh. Sahil also misses the basket. Vidushi is running behind Parth and trying to stop him. She reminds him FITE status is on stake, if they don’t win today, then they will struggle to make money tomorrow. He shouts and says he doesn’t put price tag in everything. She says yes because she thinks about her future and says if they lose today, then it will be because of his ego and personal issues. She leaves. Parth gets into thoughts.

Vidushi comes to Sanyu and says he didn’t listen. Sanyu goes to Randhir and tells him that they didn’t even make a point after 5 shots. He tells her to blame the person whom she trusted. She says fine, if you don’t want to come, then don’t. I will have a shot and at least I won’t run away like you.

Sanyu comes and takes the ball from YoYo. She’s about to throw it to the basket, but Parth comes and takes the ball away. Sanyu provokes/encourages him to make the basket. Randhir too comes back saying she was right. Parth remembers Arpita and now he puts blindfold on his eyes. Everyone is shocked. He makes the basket with blindfold and everyone cheers him. PK says that basket saved FITE from losing. LITS team continues making the baskets and now FITE, Parth, also keeps making the baskets. Sanyu and Vidushi are trying to come up with something. Sanyu tells Parth only one more basket, she has come up with a shortcut. LITS boys are confused. FITE team wins. YoYo tells Parth he was brilliant. Parth leaves. Vardhan looks produly at the opposition mentor. She says, it’s not over yet.

LITS captain congrats Sanyu, but says what’s the point. Had she won on her own, then it would mean something. The captain leaves. One boy tells her to make him his boyfriend and he will join their team. Randhir doesn’t like it.

Later, Randhir grabs his collar and pulls him on a side. He warns him to stop misbehaving with Sanyu.

LITS boys are planning to compete even harder when Sanyu comes there. They again misbehave and Sanyu says she’s just quiet because they are their guests. LITS boys inform how she saying this to them and then sending FITE boys to beat LITS boys. Sanyu says she didn’t send anyone. They go closer to her and says she’s taking home advantage. She asks them to move back. They say whatever they will do now will be for their self defense and even cops won’t do anything. They keep going forward to her. Sanyu kicks one of the boys on his private part. She manages to run away. LITS team mentor comes and scolds them for doing such thing to a girl. She tells them that Sanyu is very smart, and they can cheat or do whatever to win, she wants them to win. The boys tell her not to worry.

In night, Sanyu recalls the recent events and says Vardhan was right, without struggle, you can’t achieve anything. Her life is already a struggles and now she has to fight with all these boys. Parth joined the team, and now she will have to do something to bring Randhir back.

Parth comes to the room. Randhir watches him and taunts him for first putting team into trouble, and then came on last minute to become hero. Parth says, he at least came and didn’t run away. They get into verbal argument. Randhir says in his mind, losers are all of them and he will have to make a comeback in team anyhow.

In morning, PK announces that in 2nd level, they will create robots and there will be a robot-fight. He asks them to pick up their toolkit. Sanyu is going, but is stopped by some of LITS boys. They keep her busy, and other hand their captain intends to do something with FITE’s toolkit. The boys get message and they let Sanyu go. Sanyu is relieved to see FITE’s toolkit box, but she finds nothing inside. LITS boys come and smile. She asks them for the toolkit. The boys laugh and say if they didn’t want to hide it, then why would they stop her. Sanyu says, she will disqualify them using CCTV recording as proof. They show her CCTV camera and tell her to prove if she can that they took away toolkits. They leave.

Sanyu comes to Vardhan and complains to him that this is unethical, but in vain. He tells her that they will keep playing dirty games as winning is the most important for them, and the whole world is like this. If she can’t handle it, then she better quit captaincy. Sanyu leaves.

She sees Parth and thanks him. He tells her, she is captain, she should think about the competition. He leaves.

Sanyu joins FITE team and tells them that LITS boys stole their toolkit and didn’t leave any proof. Sanyu says what they will do without parts. Parth says, they have to focus on the task, they will have to think a way out. YoYo says what they can do without parts. Sanyu says they will have to think something. She thinks of Randhir and says she will go crazy handling both the team and him. She says no way she will go to him.

Randhir is thinking that Sanyu was giving more priority to Parth. He asks himself why he’s thinking about her, to hell with her. He tries not to think about her, but can’t. He says, damn it, she just doesn’t go away from mind. He starts punching the boxing bag.

FITE team is trying to think of a solution. Vidushi says they are 6, they can try to make parts themselves instead wasting time. Sanyu says that will take too much time and there is no guarantee that they will succeed. Vidushi says then they can steal their parts or just waste their time here. Sanyu says they can’t play dirty like them. Some boys come and say they are not getting breakfast and LITS team is also complaining. Sanyu thinks of something. She says she will get it to them in few mins. She asks Vidushi to go with her, but Vidushi refuses to do waitress job. Sanyu says she will explain, but Vidushi keeps saying no. Parth gets mad and tells Vidushi to listen to the captain, she must be saying after thinking something. Kastuki tells Sanyu she will go with her.

They are going back with the breakfast. Sanyu tells Kastuki to go to FITE boys and she will go to LITS boys. LITS boys are working on their robot. Sanyu watches them and says in her mind, first move they made, now it’s her turn. She will see how they win the second round.

Precap: Randhir tells Sanyu, no matter how much she tries, he won’t leave the team. He says his robot will take part in the competition. Sanyu says first there will be a fight between her robot and his robot. Whoever’s robot wins will take part in the competition. Robot-fight starts between theirs robots.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. i want randhir’s robot to win……!! i think this is a trick of sanyu to bring him back in the team….. she even says in her mind…that they cannot reach the next level without randhir…………..
    .sanyukta knows it and accepts it.. that…they cannot win without randhir..!!

    1. wish it is true……

  2. give more importance to randhir than parth and sanyukta, and we want that proudy,egoist,intelligent and topper randhir back in his old character instead of this bechara character, and we don’t want this crying and dull randhir…

  3. WTH are those LITS boys?…annoying pieces of shit they are..!i just loved sanyukta’s self defence…what an attackk!!!!
    RANDHIR SINGH SHEKHAWAT……..naam hi kaafi h!!!!! where are u ? comeback!!!!
    parth kashyap ko vidhushi hi sudharegi!!!

  4. waiting for sadda haq to start!!!!

  5. 2 more mins to go

  6. sorry 1 more min

  7. Wow u sound like me!

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