Pavitra Rishta 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita leaving for the hospital. Mansi insists her to come. Ankita refuses to take her and tells her that she knows that she is worried for her. She says, she doesn’t want anyone to interfere in her life as her baby is her responsibility. She leaves. Mansi says sorry and thinks she will make Ankita get her love Naren as she helped her and got her married to her love Shashank. She decides to inform Naren about Ankita’s pregnancy.

Mansi comes to meet Naren, Pari comes and stops her. Mansi says, I will meet Jiju as my tai’s life is related to him. Pari says, your tai is Naren’s unwanted past. She asks her to go. Mansi says, my sister is going to become Naren’s child mother. She says, her right is on Naren. She asks her to let her meet Naren. Pari says, she doesn’t accept it. And asks for the proofs. Mansi says, they were married, lived for 6-7 months and loved each other very much. Pari says, I don’t accept it. Naren loves me. Ankita had a contract marriage with him. Mansi says, I knows that Ankita and Naren love each other. Pari asks, how will you prove that Ankita’s baby is Naren’s. Mansi asks her not to ruin her reputation. She asks her to accompany her to the hospital. Pari refuses. Mansi tells her that she will tell Naren about it and leaves.

Pari comes inside. Rushaali tells her that Naren went to office. She gives something to Rushaali and says it is for Naren. Rushaali asks her to keep it in his room and leaves. Pari goes to Naren’s room and thinks of Mansi’s words that Ankita is pregnant with Naren’s child. Pari thinks, she is doubting Naren and thinks to checks in the cupboard. She gets an photo album on the cupboard. She gets shocked to see their closeness in the pics. She cries and throws the album. She recalls Naren’s words that he doesn’t accept his marriage. Kinnari comes to that room. Pari asks her, if Naren and Ankita stayed in the same room. Kinnari says, they were so close and shares the bed. Doctor suggested that Ankita should be with him.

She tells her that one day they came late for Puja. She makes Pari suspicious. Kinnari asks, are you disturbed. Pari says no and leaves. Kinnari smirks and thinks there is something hidden in her heart. She thinks there is a twist in the love triangle.

Soham is at the tea stall. A thief comes and collides with Soham. Sachin comes there and sees Soham. They look at each other with hatred. Sachin says, you didn’t become good until now. Another person says, thief escaped. Soham saved your wallet. Sachin says, actor. Soham says, you should thank me. Sachin says, you might be involved with the thief. Soham asks him to change his perception. They have a heated argument. Soham leaves.

Pari thinks of Mansi’s words and drives the car while crying. She thinks Naren proposing her. Naren is dictating business letter to Ankita. Ankita gets vomiting sensation and goes inside. Naren asks, are you okay. Ankita drinks water and says she is fine. Naren asks her to take care. He says, I know you take care of your siblings too. He says, I feel you should get married soon. Ankita says, I don’t want to love again. I loved once. It is not necessary that the one we love should be near us. Naren says sorry for being too personal.

Sachin angrily informs about meeting Soham. Neena asks him to forget that he met Soham and not to inform it to anyone as they will lose their property share to him. Sachin says she is right, he does not want to give even a bit of property share to him. Neena asks him to do something now that they go back to Canada and let Manav and Archana stay here. Sachin says he needs some time for that. Neena asks till when, till Soham comes back asking property share?

Naren is busy in a meeting. Pari angrily storms into the meeting room. Naren asks his employees to excuse them. Once they leave, Pari slaps and asks him how can he sleep with Ankita, he was not that mad and says he slept with Ankita even with contract marriage. Naren says he cannot think of sleeping with Ankita. Pari asks then how did Ankita become pregnant.

Precap: Pari meets Mansi and warns her to stay out of Ankita and her life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I just hate that pari.i thought after knowing that ankita is pregnent she will backoff.but i guess i was wrong.she is just like her mother who always wants to come between the lovebirds..!! >_< :[email protected]

  2. areebah hafsa

    What dumb pari. …but i her mother purvi was sweet…This idiot don’t have heart

  3. Hello I watch this show from day 1 parie is nothing lie her mom or dad they are the most beautful people on the show after her grandparents [email protected] I just love them I can see parie is just like ovi , cannot fine a man of her own, Neren mom rushie pushie I hope she goes to jail soon, for the false divorce papers only if Neren best the lawer just see those divorce papers Ankita you do the best keep your baby and Smile with Love from your heart. Afier parie got the message she saw the picture album what prove more those she wants parie step aside, and let Neren be a Daddy to his Baby and buy lots of Teddy Bear,Neren still love Ankita when will his aunty be back she will put everybody in order, parie when you to Canada get a nose Job done.

  4. She annoys me alot

  5. this b*t*h is really sick
    i taught that she would surely back off and leave the two of them alone!!!

  6. Luv u pari,pia and ankita and naren hate u b*t*h mansi..jst hate u!

    1. y do u hate mansi its pari u should hate shez a b*t*h

  7. I always be so happy after watching naren and ankita together……..!

  8. I always be so happy after watching ankita and naren together………!

  9. By the way she is not pia she is pari purvi’s daughter

  10. f**k u pari ur such a b*t*h give ankita her husband back!!!!

  11. blo*dy pari…..nonsense….step back & let Nata be together…

  12. they does confuse the life out of me

  13. drama drama drama……. Ankita the super woman…high in sacrifices!!! The superwomen…Archana, Purvi and the latest Ankita 😀 😀 😀

  14. I agree Arjun & Purvi r the best,really miss them from the show. I taught Pari would be much nice like her parents but not so. I’m disappointed. Her character acts immature, she is older than Ankita’s character but Ankita act more mature than her. She needs to grow up.

  15. Pair you are such a birch! You are behaving just like ovi and you will never be happy

  16. She was brought up by ovi for some while when she was a baby.
    Crazy show!

  17. mrs meera u fool u is the b*t*h like u dont watch the show properly how can call mansi a b*t*h when she’s trying to save her sister marriage where all yuh people come out from

  18. When will this f**king serial end? I can’t tolerate coquette Pari.

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