Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Soumya talking to Lata. Lata says she will call Krishna for the work. Soumya says Krishna will come tomorrow. Suhani teases Soumya taking Krishna’s name. Krishna brings the sarees for them. Suhani argues with him. Krishna is irritated with her. He says I have work, getting late and leaves. Soumya comes and asks where did Krishna go. Suhani says he went. Soumya asks why. Suhani says he was sowing attitude and left. Suhani asks why are you glowing so much today and checks her face, asking did you do makeup. Soumya says no, select the saree.

Soumya goes out. Suhani sees the sarees to choose for the marriage. Soumya comes back and asks did you like any. Suhani says no. The lady says I m tired, you tell me what you want, I showed you many sarees and different colors, you are trying on you, you are so dark and plain looks, no saree will suit you, then how will you like it. Suhani says I like this one for me. The lad says no, it won’t suit you. Pankaj hears this. Suhani smiles. Soumya comes and wants to scold the lady. Suhani says fine, try these sarees on you and give it to me, you are so beautiful and you have experience. Pankaj smiles seeing how Suhani managed the situation. The lady feels ashamed of taunting Suhani.

Suhani asks Soumya to help her. Soumya comes in the room. Suhani gives her scooty keys and asks what happened. Soumya is annoyed as Suhani got insulted by that lady, why did she not answer her. Suhani says I can’t look beautiful to everyone, my family and loved ones matter to me, and I m best for you, you give me compliment, I don’t need anything else, don’t be angry, lets go to temple for Janmashtami preparations. Soumya says that lady does not know guys will come in line for you. They laugh and leave for the temple.

Yuvraaj and Sharad come to meet Soumya and Suhani. Lata is glad seeing them and welcomes them. She says I will call Suhani’s dad to come home early. Yuvraaj says we came to help you in marriage preparations. Lata says its enough that you asked, thanks. Sharad tries to impress her. Lata says we don’t have any work, but I will ask Suhani and Soumya. Yuvraaj asks where are they. She says they went to the temple. They leave.

Suhani says we will do this area janmashtami better. The people praise them. Soumya tells them their plan. Yuvraaj comes there and sees Soumya. He smiles. Music plays…….. Sharad says what are they doing. He says you came to say sorry. They see Suhani. Sharad says go and help her. Yuvraaj goes to help her, but slips, he falls on her and Suhani gets hurt. Soumya gets annoyed seeing him. Suhani asks Yuvrak to get off her but he is lost seeing Suhani. He says yes sorry. He says sorry.

Suhani says what. He says I m sorry, for that fight, goons, it was a misunderstanding. I don’t know who were they, but I know you, so I should have not spoke to you like this. Soumya smiles. She says you are lucky as Suhani has forgiven you. Yuvraaj asks and you. Soumya says let me think. Yuvraaj says fine, I will help you. Soumya says you are good and a gentleman type. Soumya says I have also forgiven you. He says thanks, can I help more. Suhani and Soumya look at each other and smile.

Soumya says will you really manage the finance, its great, I did not know you are so sorry that you will help us so much, thanks a lot. She gives her hand. He smiles and says most welcome shaking hands. Soumya says we will keep dance competition as we got sponsorship too. Yuvraaj says I will hire a choreographer. Suhani says no, we both are enough. Soumya says who will make Radha Krishna. She asks Suhani to become Radha and Yuvraaj to be Krishna. Suhani and Yuvraaj refuse. A lady asks Soumya to do Radha’s role as she was fair.

Suhani says lets make Soumya Radha. Sharad says I m not Yuvraaj’s PA but his cousin, I think Yuvraaj will be best Krishna, convince him. Suhani says why to force him. He is already doing a lot. Yuvraaj agrees. Suhani says we got Radha Krishna, when will you practice. They come home. Suhani tells Lata that he is bearing the expenses. Lata says he came here to ask if he can help us. Suhani says he said sorry. Pankaj brings a saree for Suhani.

Suhani says it’s the same one, that lady said it won’t suit me. He says you like this, so wear this in the function. Suhani thanks him. Its morning, Sharad tells everyone that Yuvraaj is bearing the expenses of Janmashtami function and doing Krishna’s role. Menka tells this to Rags. Saurabh asks what is all this. Rags says Suhani is a loser. Anuj says how does Yuvraaj get interest in this. Saurabh says explain him not to get into this. Pratima comes to know no one went to office this week. Rags says its fine.

Suhani says we can’t rehearse in temple. He says we can do it in our house. Suhani says no, as she is afraid of dogs. Soumya says fine, we will come there. Yuvraaj says come till 12. Soumya says ok done, this is my number. Pratima hears him and asks who is coming. He says I think Sharad told you, everyone is coming here to rehearse. Pratima says if Rags and Menka get after them, then……..

Rags and Menka are about to come face to face with Suhani and Soumya. Pratima gets tensed.

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