Sadda Haq 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu and randhir are fighting over tools. He says I cant focus because of you. She says you will blame me when you lose competition. He says i wont lose. she says what if you lose? He says only in your dreams. She says if you lose you wont say a girl can’t drive. He says what if you lose? You will say to everyone I am sanyu and I cant drive.

Tania comes to rishab and says everyone is working for the competition and you are sitting here in your room. He says bring in the car. He takes out his ready made toy car. She says you could go out and buy it. He says this cool right? I have a perfect plan.

Parth says to vid this car is so expensive. Where did you get the money from? she says don’t interrogate we dont have time. He says i will return your money. she says you dont need to. He says you knew i couldn’t buy it. Vid says just support me. I will think like you have returned it. Parth says what if i become the driver? She says both of us will get effort We will see who becomes it.

They are all ready with their cars. Ranawat says I am so excited today. He sees rishab’s car. He says vid your car is so nice. Sanyu says vid will win. Radhir says we haven’t spent well. he says i shouldn’t even show. Randhir shows his car.
Ranawat says to rishab you opened your daddy’s vault. So are we ready? He says your cars will face three hurdles. Fire, oil and spikes. Lets start it. The race starts.
The race starts.
sanyu’s car stop on the fire. Rishab’s crosses it. Sanyu’s crosses as well. Randhir crosses too.
Rishab’s car hits sanyu’s There are spikes then. Ranawat says if none of you wins all of you will disqualify. Randhir’s car wins. Sanyu’s car crosses it. Sanyu wins the race. Rishab hits vid’s and reaches. Sanyu and randhir hug each other. Ranawat says 1st randhir and second sanyu. Now lets decide who is third. Rishab says its me. Ranawat says it was for the driver you hit the other car. You are disqualified. Vid is third and Parth is fourth. They all hugs each other. Ranawat says congratulations.

Scene 2
PKC is in the class. He asks sanyu what is value of k? She is busy ion her book. PKC says i am asking you. you are reading some other book. Sanyu says i was studying it to understand better. PKC says you all studying applied mechanics. Dream team doesn’t focus on anything else. entire team out. sanyu says we are sorry.
They come out. Randhir says PKC manipluted from your plan. sanyu says my plan was smart.

Rishab is out of his mind. Tania says calm down. He says dad expects so much from me. Why doesn’t he understand. She says why don’t you talk to ranawat. He says i am pressurizing dean to make me driver. ranawat is stubborn. Randhir wont drive, i wont let that happen. She says what will you do?

Rishab comes to lab. He sees randhir going out. Rishab says to parth and vid you people work so hard but randhir and sanyu will take all the credit. Even if we win sanyu and randhir will get all praise. Vid says is not completely wrong. Parth says we don’t need your suggestions. He leaves. Rishab says to sanyu i and you can replace sanyu and randhir. You will drive the car. Vid says why you want to help me? He says you think about your benefit. Will you do this? she nods.

Precap-PKC places a notice for dream team. Assignment of 50 chapters otherwise all will be disqualified. PKC says two people didn’t submit it. randhir and sanyyu. Sanyu says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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