Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 4)

Epi 4

starts with radhika reaching hostel,there she meet tittu,misha,pia and charu who also got admission in same clg….They chitchat for some time and goes to get ready.

Arjun meet his friends neil,rocky,cabir and bubloo they share lighter moments and they group hug(they r all staying with arjun in his farmhouse)…Arjun notice the time its almost 8…..he tells them to get ready soon as they have to leave for clg,
Neil: WHATS WRONG WITH U DUDE? U HAVE BECOME VERY GOOD AFT RETURNING FRM AMERICA…Arjun hit him with book and says OH….MY BUDDY,TODY FRESHERS ARE JOINING OUR CLG…so as seniors v hav to welcome them na and signals him with eye,,,Now atleast u understand it idiot….

Neil smiles and hug him and all gets ready to leave….They reach clg…..At,entrance, some girls welcome our arjun by his style…..he gives them flying kiss and walk in…..while he s walking all the student start to jump and shout,,,some of girls runs to hug him….


At the same time rads reach clg with her friends,,,,they r searching for their classes….rads ask one of the girl as to where is b.e 1st yr room….she tells evem am also a fresher and they start to walk they become tired and stand under the tree shade…

Arjun comes to a place where rads s standing…..he din notice her….and start to walk towards them…..tittu by mistake push rads,she trips and fell into his arm….arjun holds her waist tightly inorder to prevent her from falling…rads has her eyes closed….she feels tight clutch on her waist and slowly opens her eyes….she sees arjun holding her….Arjun take away his glass and looks at her being mesmerised…..they share eyelock


Rads tries to move away from his grip,,,bt her chain got stuck into his chain…..she tries in removing it….Arjun cant take his eyes off from her…..he s busy admiring her…atlast rads remove her chain,and notice arjun still holding her….arjun also realise it and loosen his grip,,,radhika straighten up thanks him and start to leave….Arjun stares at her while she s leaving


precap senior vs junior,arjun rags rads and gets closer to her….rads get nervous

Credit to: Deepa

  1. I love the whole clg environment of the epis deepa. Keep going 😀

  2. Outstanding my dear. ..dat chain part is too good…waiting for ragging section

  3. woooooow nice deepa

  4. Love you deepa. Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happppppppppppppppppppppppy.

    That your story got published here.

    Start continuing now. Loved it.

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