Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 3)

Chapter- 3 (Radhika’s POV)

Radhika smiled widely zipping up the small luggage. She was giddy with excitement. Having tricked her father into signing the memo form to the art programme was an easy task than she thought. She sneaked right into the library when he seemed too busy signing documents. Putting down his evening tea she passively yet determinedly lied through her teeth about cooking classes. Her annoyed father seemed impressed and signed the form readily without even looking at it. She dreaded all the time but he never looked down. She fleed from there immediately taking the papers into her shaky hand clutching it to the rapid beating of her heart.

She bolted the door of her bedroom and stared at the signature of approval.

She dialled Sam’s, her best friend’s number happily. The call was lifted just two rings later. Loud music blasted as Radhika grimaced and pulled away the cell phone from her bruised ear drum.

“Hey, babe. What’s up?” Sam’s voice sounded drunk and too loud.

“Where the hell are you?” Radhika asked, annoyed.

“It’s Saturday night, Ms. Goody two shoes. Where do you think will I be?” She snorted, sarcasm dripping heavily from her tone.

Radhika shook her head and smiled.

“Alright, fine. I just called you to tell you that we….Are going to New York.” She shouted the last four words gleefully.

There was a second of silence, and Radhika wondered if the call got cut.

“Whoa! Hold on, either I’m too drunk or you’re stoned, because you just said we’re going to New York? Does that mean you got the form signed by your dad?” Sam’s voice sounded sobered now.

“Yep. Guess, how I managed it?” Radhika asked grining.

“You just kicked my high four levels down, babe. I don’t think I can react or answer to that question right away. Give me some time to recover from the shock..jeez.” Sam muttered over the phone.

Radhika slid down on the bed.

“Hey, it wasn’t so difficult. I actually told him that I wanted to take a course in some cooking classes. God, I’m never going to take such risks again.” She gulped hard and shivered in fear.

“You better not, but hey you got what you wanted. In just about three weeks we’re flying towards freedom. Woohoo!” Sam shouted excitedly over the phone.

Radhika laughed and cheered along.

“And, hey this calls for a party. You’re coming to the ‘Serenity Club’ right away.” Sam’s voice carried a decision.

Radhika snorted.

“You must be crazy. Do you think I will be able to get out of the house even with my father in the vicinity.” Radhika replied in a ‘you’re kidding me’ kind of tone.

“I don’t know about that, you should know by how to handle it as you’ve broken rules many times with me, Rads. I want to celebrate with you.” Sam said in a irritated tone.

Radhika looked at the wall clock, it was 9PM already, how was she going to manage to escape without getting noticed by anyone.

It was a huge risk.

“But, Sam, I can’t…” Radhika tried to explain.

” I’m coming to your place, if you don’t cone here.” Sam warned her.

Radhika sat upright on the bed, holding the phone to her ear.

“Whoa! alright, I will what I can do.” Radhika relented a little, but the call was already cut.

She rolled her eyes, got up and paced the floor. Now, what to do? Sam’s threats were not to be taken lightly, and her father did not like her best friend very much.

Frustrated with the thought, she pulled out a sky blue tshirt and ripped jeans.

She got ready in no time as she had already straightened her hair early that morning.

She put on a hoodie over her head and escaped to the kitchen, sighing a pent up breath that nobody was there, Radhika scuttled out through the back door.

She went into the garrage and purred open her Nissan Ultima, it was red and shiny. With little but no sound, she pulled out the car from the driveway of her house and paced up on the road.

She was going to kill Samaira Khanna, it was a huge huge second risk she took of the day.

Twenty minutes later, she reached the parking lot of the club. God, this was not her scene. It was only two times she was at such place, both the times being dragged by Samaira.

She picked up her iPhone and dialled her number.

“Sam, where are you?” She hissed over the phone.

“Where are you?” Came the counter question.

Radhika’s anger peaked. This Sam was going to give her an earlier heart arrest, more times than her father.

“I’m outside.” She said, walking along the door.

“What are doing outside, standing staring like an owl, come inside, missy.” She got a reply.

Radhika sighed heavily, she walked inside, immediately a thick black fog spread, loud blaring music and people buzzed around, completely in a party mood.

This was the last time, she will be listening to Sam.

Radhika walked to the centre of the club, moving out people with her hands.

There was another buzz of music and Radhika tried to reach the counter looking around for Sam.

Where was she?

Abruptly the dancing frantic moved away, giving space in the centre.

A music vibrated with rapid voilin string movements with the cords, trumpet sound, and claps resounded.

Radhika stared, a man stood about 5’5 at the centre of the dance, with a hat on and a charlie chaplin black long stick in hand.

He twisted clapping and dancing, he had black glares on, a moustache attached to his face.

He acted like charlie chaplin with the trumpet sound, tripping and dancing on his two agile feet.

He stood straighter, ripping out the glares and Radhika mouth hung wide open.

Clapping and letting his hands fall to the sides again clapping in a pattern he danced walked towards Radhika., lipsynching the song.

The suit guy put his right hand small finger under his lower lid and pelt out words.

Sam! Radhika’s eyes wide.

Sam smiled wide and grinned.

Hey Surma lagaake
lataein uljha ke
Haath jiya pe mal mal

Radhika hair was pulled and her hand caressed over his hand with Sam’s fingers on hers pelting words of the last line in pout.

She then slid down wearing that odd suit pointing at floor. Her feet dancing and her hands clapping.

Tere chhajje ke
niche khade hain
phas gaye jaise dal dal..

Sam jumped up and gliding her shoulders on Radhika’s.

She pelted word more fiercely, her face srunching pointing at the floor again, her moustache moving comically on her upper lips.

Tere chhajje ke niche khade hain
phas gaye jaise dal dal…

She slid up the floor, her chin pointing up, Sam removed her coat suavely, all the while he feet dancing. Her eyes dancing and face smiling as pulled Radhika’s hand.

Gulaabo…Zara itr girado
Gulaabo…zara itr girado

Sam put her hands on Radhika hips moving her to the rhythm of the trumpet music.

Radhija grinned and shook her head still trying to walk away, but Sam followed her pouting and dancing and clapping.

Radhika glared at Sam. She in return sung.

Hey, naino ka nishana
mujhepe lagake
goli chalayi dhain dhain

Sam pointed the two finger gun at her head and shot her head, acting as if falling, she then grinned and danced rolling her eyes at Radhika and sung along.

Jhoota phasana mujhko sunake
jaal bichaya why why

her feet danced round and round, pulling an imaginary rope at Radhika she pulled the still imaginary strings while singing again with drumbeats.

Jhoota phasana
mujhko sunake
jaal bichaya why why..
Gulaabo zara itr girado – she beat up on the floor high on the drumbeats..

Gulaabo zara itr girado – Sam moved around Radhika in circles.

The male voice changed into a female one, Sam pulled off the mustache and cap from over her head letting her hair free clapping and dancing.

her eyes turned round, pelting out the song. Her two hands moved over her cheeks.

Tauba tauba tu to mitha sa murabba
tauba tauba tu to shehad ka dabba

other dancers pulled along with her energy..beating feet over the trumpet.

Sam slid to her.

her hand caressed Radhika’s cheek.

bhain ki taki- Oye chorushed the background dancers in her face
wow so lucky- oye

sabki dein hai aur tu bole dhaba.

Sam moved near the bar table

Radhika rolled her eyes.

Sam slid in top of the counter with the dancers beating down on the floor.

Cocktail menu me bas tera naam- in the bar

She slid a hand on a poster.

poster chap gaye nikle- ishte haar sung the dancers

Abki baar- oye
teri sarkar-oye

great now the dancers are drunk too.

Sam pounced on Radhika next, pulling her body to hers. Her expression turned sultry.

Chipak Chipak lets kiss you pooh in the car

Then she kissed her cheek all wet, Radhika slid her hand on her cheek disgusted.

Sam laughed hard dancing and clapping.

The trumpets sounds went high and Sam beat her feat and arms full on and jumped high.

Then she walked along to her, looking at Radhik’sa hips, she pulled her to the drinks counter.

sam grabbed her mouth and put the vodka shot glass to her mouth still singing the song, she made her gulp the fiery liquid down her throat.Chal nawabi hal sharabi
dhuth nasheme chur chur yuhin
hoth lagja katse peelun haan..

Radhika coughed and her eyes watered and her head buzzed with the trumpet music, drum beats..

Sam clapped her hands with the drum beats

Sam was looking while singing

Oye pathakha kar dhamaka
bekhabar kyun ghoom ghoom yuhi..

She pointed her fingers and the dancers did so point at Radhika while singing.
Mere sang tu chal zarasi


Radhika shook her head, her eyes pointed three Sam’s and she grinned and flew her hand up and Sang out loud..

Zara gandh phaila do

gulaabo- Zara gandh phaila do…
Sam jumped up and flew across the hall and hugged Radhika danced to the beats.

Radhika giggled and danced along, the alcohol getting to her freeing her mind.

surma lagake
latein uljha ke
haath jiya pe mal mal
tere chhajje ke nichhie kadhe hain
phas gaye jaise dal dal

gulaabooo zara gandh phaila do

gulaaabooo zara gandh phaila do

Radhika and Sam put their in front, slid their in a smooth glide and clapped the drum beats going wild with their feet and hands…they danced until dead in the night..

enjoying freedom and friendship

oye oye oye oye- the background music played with the trumpet music.

Gulabooo- zara gandh phaisalado..


Arjun in Radhika’s house…read more to know more..

Credit to: kfar

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