Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 5)

Epi 5

starts with arjun looking at radhika,neil comes to arjun and ask WHAT HAPPENED?…Arjun replies nothing…dude! Come on lets go……

Radhika and her friends are climbing t stairs,they were discussing abt seniors ragging….Radhika doesnt understand abt ragging ask her friends abt it…..Tittu explains her abt ragging and tells tat it is followed in every college….Rads gets tensed.

Arjun and his friend are busy chitchating at canteen…..Arjun is immensely lost with rads….
Neil: HEY DUDE,RU OK? Y WERE U SEEMED TO B LOST SOMEWHERE!…Arjun blushes and says nothing yaar……v havv something important to conduct….comeon guys lets move….

Seniors make annoncement and tells that all freshers should come to field immediately…Rads says that she s not coming,,,,Bt tittu drags her….


All of them gather at field….Arjun writes the names of student in chit and put it in bowl and says WHOMSOEVER WE CALL THEY HAVE TO DO WAT V SAY….

Neil gets mishas name and tells her to act as baby…..misha act funny all starts to laugh

Bubloo gets pias name and give her tiffin box,,,,and tells her to finish it within 5min… pia finishes fully within 2min…..bubloo gets nosecut….
Likewise all perform their task.

Atlast its our arjuns turn,he get radhikas name….neil ask him wat task are u going to give her…arjun smirks at him and looks at rads….Arjun comes to rads,she become tensed and step backward,he step forward and rads is pinned to the tree…..they were standing close


Arjun ask rads to look into his eyes without blinking for 10min….Rads refuses and tries to go bt arjun locks her aND tell DO WHAT I SAY…..THEN ONLY U CAN MOVE FROM HERE…Rads looks at his eyes….they were terribly lost into eachother while others are busy watching them…It start to rain,all began to run,arjunn and rads are left alone….arjun brings his lips closer to rads,his lips is almost touching hers….rads is clutching to her dress…..arjun gets more closer and is abt to kiss her,rads close her eyes….Arjun realised what he is doing,he backoff…..rads open her eyes slowly and get into flashes of arjun….


precap: rads comes to clg wearing saree….arjun s mesmerised to c her beauty

Credit to: Deepa

  1. gud jobbbb

  2. ♥♥♥ loved it…

  3. Nice but plz dont make Radhu so nervous ,we like her confident attitude as in orign ,arjun k

  4. deepa dearrrryyyyy….oh saree scene coming huh…woooow…keep it up buddy

  5. Imagining da whole situatn…its nostalgic,,thoughtful nd intense…awesum dear hatsoff deepa n thanks to let us live DYM AGAIN…

  6. @deepa : i was searching for ur story..wandering where is deepa’s story.. previous episodes u mentioned title as AR college love story. now u changed it to crazy love… later i found it.. hahaha seriously u r making us crazy around college environment… 😉 😛

  7. once again no words dr

  8. Loved it dear. :):):)

  9. OMG it is fantastic keep it up deepa i loved it

  10. awesome episode dear ….
    enjoying each and every moments of ardhika. ..
    hahah..pia full tiffin box finished within 2minutes. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    KEEP GOING ON … we r waiting for next more episodes.

  11. Seriously deepa u r feeling me the environment of college. So beautiful environment with friendship and love. But its a matter of sorrow that in reality no college is full with so much fun.ha..ha..ha

    1. Ofcourse its true natty…..;)

  12. No words deepa mind blowing dear……….gud job and wow nice precap waiting for nxt epd

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