Sadda Haq 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mishra explains the floor to Raghu and Kunal. Sanyu comes running she says sorry I am later I had to change and there was no changing room. Mishra says are you in some 5 star hotel? and what is these stitching? sanyu says my work suit was torn. He says you can go. give excuses in college not here. sanyu says he tear my work suit. He says I can’t explain again for you. sanyu says I will understand from here please include me. Mishra says just because you are Agarwal doesn’t mean that you will get extra chances. Go and learn the first machine by yourself don’t waste my time. Sanyu goes to the first machine.

Randhir comes on the office. He says what renuka’s key couldn’t do will be done by your laptop bro. He starts working on REhan’s laptop and tries to break the security. He says this laptop is the license to destruction of your company. rehan gets hacking alert on his phone. He says I said you bro play fair. its military level encryption, you can’t crack it. Randhir stands up and leaves the cabin.

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sanyu says to worker Mishra has asked me to work on this machine with you. you operate this daily? it looks fun. Worker says I don’t know anything. sanyu says I don’t wanna disturb you. She takes the machine. A worker says to other keep the pressure right. sanyu notices it. Sanyu asks what did you say? how much the pressure should be? you know everything. He says please let us work and go from here. sanyu says I just want to learn. You keep working and teach me as well. I will do anything you want. He says okay. He says turn on this machine then we will teach you. sanyu says you are mad at me that is why you are making fun of me? sanyu tries to run the machine, Mishra, Raghu and kunal come as well. machine starts, sanyu says will you teach me now? The machine suddenly stops. Sanyu tries again and gets a cut on her hand, a worker says she might get her hand cut or ruin the machine. Mishra says leave the machine sanyukta. Agarwal comes there as well. Mishra says to kunal and Raghu lets see who runs the machine first. He asks kunal to run and says Raghu sit in assembly and wait. I will let you know when you have to come. Kunal operates it and it starts running. Its Raghu’s turn. Raghu starts the machine as well. Mishra says you both ran it on time, so you both are winners on this task. you both will have an advantage in tomorrow’s task. He takes them to other machines.

A man comes to nikil and gives him drugs. Nikil says is it real? He says return if you don’t think its real. The man says its worth 3k. nikil gives him 3k. The man leaves. Yoyo is looking at his pictures with jiggy. Nikil comes to him. yoyo says how was your internship? Did they kick you out. Nikil says I want to leave the job. yoyo says are you mad? He says yeah I feel so bad without you. yoyo says I am fine. Nikil says no you are not. I have brought medicine for you. He takes out drugs and says this is ticket to moon. yoyo smells in and throws away. He says you know what it is? Nikil says don’t get mad. take it and you will forget everything. Yoyo says because of this I was going to jail. nikil says try it once please. Nikil says I spent 3k on these. Yoyo says tell me whom you bought it from. nikil says I didn’t see his face. what do I have to do with his face? yoyo says shut up and throw it in gutter.

Mishra comes to Agarwal. Agarwal says I don’t want to see her hurt. I just want her engineering passion to be down. Mishra says its just a cut. Her hopes are high and I have to be strict to her to get her out of all this. Agawal says okay be strict but make sure she is fine.

ishika is trying to call randhir. He friends say randhir has not moved on from sanyukta and she left rehan for him. ishika comes and says what are you talking about? randhir and I are still in a relationship and we will be very strong all together. Stop gossiping about us now. Ishika goes to hall and says you are here I looked for you everywhere. your phone is switched off as well. and you are sitting here doing nothing. you don’t love me right and because of you I broke up with rehan. randhir says this is what I am, if you want to stay with me do otherwise get lost. ishika says get lost? He says yes. ishika says you still love her? you couldn’t forget her and you used to for your emotional trauma. He says she is not that important for me and so aren’t you. I hate her and you, now go to hell. randhir leaves. ishika throws away chairs in anger. SHe says sanyu is doormat but not me. You have to pay for this randhir. I wont leave you and your sanyukta.

sanyu is studying about the book in the manual. sanyu goes to look for a book, ishika comes and starts tearing her manual. Sanyu says what are you doing leave my book. are you out of your mind? ishika says yes because of you. sanyu says whats your problem? Ishika says you are, I asked you to stay away from him. Sanyu says you don’t know randhir he is like that moody and rude. ishika says oh shut up and don’t be seen around him. sanyu says first I have to handle that idiot and now his gf. He tapes the book and starts studying again. she leaves. Randhir comes to the library and sits on the same table. sanyu has left her phone there. she gos back and sees randhir there. Sanyu recalls their good times. Randhir stands up and breaks the mug she gave him. He leaves.
Sanyu is in canteen and says can I order something? he says no interns can only order till 3. Sanyu says but those interns ordered as well. He says sorry I can’t tell you now. Sanyu unintentionally calls randhir. She cuts it and says why did I call him? randhir calls her back. Randhir says did you want help? you lost from your dad? Sanyu says I have s happy here. I am enjoying here and learning a lot. I wish you were here. She suddenly stops talking, randhir has hung up the phone. She says I cant be distracted. The lunch break is over. Sanyu is studying. Raghy comes to her and says if you want peace leave this internship and live your life. sanyu says I came here to complete this internship. He says my brother wont let you and leaves. Sanyu hears workers saying new machine is here.

Agarwal comes and says now finally we will analyze the defects of our own manufactured cars. All three interns will be trained on it. he says Mishra you should handle them carefully you know how expensive they are. Mishra says yes who operates it the best will be foreman’s panel. sanyu comes near machine. A worker says no one think she will win. Raghu or knual might win. Sanyu caresses the machine. Mishra says all you want to know about this machine is in this manual. Read it by tomorrow. He gives manual to all three of them. He says I know sanyu you wont get anything but competition should be fair. kunal comes to sanyu and asks another question? he laughs and says don’t know right? its on page 1298. All the best.

Scene 2
yoyo says thank you parth for keeping me with you. They are both carrying yoyo’s stuff to parth’s room. Parth says we would help you obviously. Rana make parth trip. He says you are running from college? Yoyo says I am just shifting to parth’s room. rana says you need good company to get better not people like this. Where is the permission letter to shift? Parth says it will on your table by tomorrow. Rana says he can only shift once he has permission. yoyo leaves. parth says stop ruining yoyo’s life leave him alone. Rana says he is the suspect. Parth says he isn’t criminal. Parth gets a call from ishika.

yoyo is angry in his room. nikil says whats wrong with you? yoyo says go and bring me the packet. Nikil says I threw it. yoyo says don’t lie to me. I have tried everything. My mental meter doesn’t stop. nikil takes it out. yoyo says what is it and how to use it?

Randhir is trying to breach the firewall. Parth comes and says why is ishika calling me again and again? randhir says I am busy. Parth says you broke up with sanyu for ishika, you asked her to break up with rehan and now you are treating her this way. Randhir says I don’t care about any of them, if your are so concerned go and console them.

Rana comes in kabir’ cabin. kabir says what is It rana? there have been a lot of stealing complains from boys hostel. rana says what? kabir says you don’t even know? what kind security in charge you are? rana says I will handle it and culprits are in front of you. rana says it must be some student. Kabir says I don’t care, I don’t wanna leave my seat. rana says don’t worry I will handle it. Parth is feeling cold. vidushi comes with a copy for him. he says thanks, she says you have three options to kick cold away, coffee quilt and me. She sits with him. He hugs her. Vidushi pukes after drinking the coffee. parth says you okay? he says no.

kabir says to a parent your son has stolen 50k from his roommates bag. We have to rusticate him, man says why you did this jon? He is about to slap him. rana says no don’t slap him listen to him first. he wanted a smart phone. his dad says I got you one 6 months ago, rana says pardon him sir. he says jon ruined my name and I should pardo him. Rana says he wont do it again. he says jon apologize to your dad and promise you wont do it again, rana says to kabir sir he is good in studies please pardon him. kabir says all right but shouldn’t happen again. jon syas promise sir it wont.

Rana says to jon what if they inquired? why didn’t you tell me why you had to steal? use your mind in studies, I will give you the packets. he leaves, rana says I want to make you addict of it.

Randhir says this is the end. my life’s best and your worst day is one. sanyu is looking for a cab. Randhir comes on his bike and stops there. sanyu ignores him, she shoves her a little and leaves, sanyu sees pen drive.

PRecap-sanyu says you pen drive can kill people. randhir says I am really ashamed of myself. how can i be so selfish. suddenly sanyu faints. randhir says only renuka will have pain in this revenge when you wake up tomorrow you will have the good news of renuka’s destruction.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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