Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem asks Gopi how will they identify Pari in this crowd. Kokila says there are a lot of kites flying and it is difficult for them to identify their kite. Gopi suggests they should gather crowd by some program and identify Pari and Vivan among crowd. Urmila announces Pari and Ahem’s puppet dance over mike. People gather around them to watch their dance. Pari hears Urmila’s voice, realizes that Modi family has arrived and tells Vivan that she wants to see that dance. She sees Ahem and Gopi’s puppet dance. Just then, a thief runs from there and crowds panics. She writes a note on 10 rs note and drops it in Gopi and Ahem’s dance money collection box. Vivan asks where is she running. She says she lost her earrings and is searching them. Vivan asks her not to worry about 10 rs earrings and takes her from there.

Folk dancer whom Gopi and Ahem helped says they can share the money they got. Ahem and Gopi say they don’t need it. Folk dancer thanks and prays for them. He sees earring in box and tells about it to his wife. Gopi hears that, checks earring and identies it is Pari’s. Dancer shows them a note on 10 rs note. Kokila reads Pari’s note that she is in the same park flying kite with Vivan. Modis then start searching them. Radha hears their conversation hiding and thinks she will not let them find Vivan and Pari.

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Gopi identifies kite which she sent to Pari. Kokila asks how will they identify where Vivan is flying it. Ahem suggests that they should disperse and search individually. Radha takes a kid’s kite and cuts Vivan’s kite. Gopi is about to reach them, but gets sad seeing kite being cut and asks Ahem how will they search them.

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Pari gets sad seeing kite being cut, Vivan gets busy watching his kite, Pari senses that and runs from there. Gopi sees Pari and tells Ahem about her. They both start following her. Just before Pari could meet them, Radha makes unconscious with chloroform and takes her from there. Vivan thinks it is good Radha took Pari from there. Gopi tells Kokila and others about seeing Pari and her dress color. Kokila says she must be somewhere around and asks everyone to search her. Radha on the other side takes Pari on a ride and with the help of her goons takes her to another ride to drop her from top.

Vivan sees Gopi, says she is the main trouble for him and triees to slap. Kokila stops him and slaps him instead. Ahem and Jigar also come there and start beating him. They ask him to tell where he has hid Pari. Mehta comes there with police. Vivan starts acting and says Modi’s have kidnapped Pari instead and asks him to get them arrested. Gopi asks him to stop lying and makes a call on Pari’s number. Phone rings in Vivan’s pocket. Vivan says Mehta it is Modi’s plan against him. Mehta slaps him and gets him arrested. He asks Gopi where is his daughter. Gopi says she is somewhere here in this park as she got escaped from Vivan and they all should find her.

Precap: Kolkila sees Urmila watching sky rides with her binocular and scolds that Pari is not a bird that she is searching her in sky. Urmila sees Pari and they both walk towards unconscious Pari.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Does not make sense still to drag this…

  2. What can i say about this serial, its just getting better

  3. yaar 26 january se 6:30 se.7:30 tak master chef 4 hoga tab sathiya kaun slot pe ayega?
    master chef to 1 hours ka hai tab?

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