Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani happy seeing Yuvraaj having kulfi. He says I said I will do what you said. She tells a long list of things, and makes plans asking him to get rain for her. He recalls Soumya’s words. She says I was just joking, don’t be rude. He says I can’t make it rain, but I can set such mood. He plays the song of Big B. She laughs. He asks her to get down the car. She says why, I was joking, promise me you will talk with love and not leave me. He says yes, and promises her. She gets down the car. He says stay there and starts the car glass cleaning shower. She smiles. He comes to her and they both stand under the water. He says its rain type, are you happy now. She says no, its very good. She pulls his nose. They come back home. She asks why did he do this. She asks him to come to the room after 10mins. He agrees. She smiles and leaves. He recalls Soumya’s words.

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Suhani decorates the room and smiles. She says its looking so beautiful, Yuvraaj should like it. She switches on the lights. Yuvraaj comes and is surprised seeing the decorations. She asks did he like it. He nods yes. She says now you have to tell the truth, what happened to you suddenly. He says nothing. She says no, there is something, smile on rude face, and appearing normal, this does not happen daily. He asks is she happy. She says a lot. He says I did this to make you happy. He goes to washroom. She smiles and says this all to make me happy.

Suhani keeps the pillows on the bed and asks Yuvraaj not to switch off the fairy lights. He rests by her side. She smiles and says many things are changing. He looks at her and removes the pillows between them. She gets tensed He asks do you have any objection with this change. She says no and turns being nervous. He recalls Soumya’s words. He forwards his hand to hold Suhani. She turns to him and her face cups in his hand. Saawre………………plays………… They have an eyelock. Her hair fall on his face and she moves them, as they get closer. He moves away and gets up getting teary eyes and feeling guilty to hide the truth from her. He leaves and Suhani looks on puzzled.

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Yuvraaj comes out, and recalls Suhani and Soumya’s words. He feels cold and Suhani comes and covers him it the shawl . She smiles seeing him. Music plays………………. She says its late Yuvraaj, come and sleep. She says I won’t eat you and smiles. She starts leaving. He says Suhani, and stops her. He asks won’t you ask me anything, I m sure you may have many questions. She says maybe not, sometimes its good if we don’t get answers, silence is more better than talking, I trust you, and where there is trust, there are no questions.

She says I know you trust me and won’t have any questions, and about waiting, I can wait for you all my life. She smiles and leaves. He says he has kept silent for much time, its time to take a decision now. Its morning, Suhani hugs Soumya and says she is very happy that Pratima is coming back after many days. Yuvraaj comes and sees them. Suhani asks him to get ready as they have to go to pick Pratima. He says I will get ready and gives water bottle to Soumya. Soumya takes it. Suhani tells Dadi that she is going to pick Pratima. Dadi says no, you have to do arrangements for Makar Sankranti. Suhani says she explained Ramesh.Dadi scolds her. Sharad comes and takes Suhani’s side. Dadi scolds him. Yuvraaj says Soumya will come with me. Soumya gets glad and goes to get ready. Dadi smiles and asks Suhani to make things well. Suhani gets upset.

Pratima is shocked seeing Soumya and Yuvraaj together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hate yue soumya!!!!

  2. Jst lovd yuvraj nd suhani

  3. Is it the decision of yuvraj to accept soumya..!!!????

    1. No way.. May be there will be some reason behind it..

  4. I hate u soumya:-(

  5. What an beautiful update I cnt wait to see it bt that precap hate it bet he wanted her out so that he can leave her somewhere he doesn’t get it that the b*t*h will follow him back to the house. That whore aint going anyway anytime soon.

  6. I think Yuvraj will tell the truth to Suhani bcs he came to know she trusting him a lot & i wish God suhani will understand Yuvraj & wont leave him………..

  7. I think Yuvraaj is planing something….I hate u somya……hate u…….hate u

  8. somya is very clever and jealous…….dadi is also very wicked

  9. stupid soumya chi

  10. I think yuvraj will clear everything to somya once and for all…But I m sure that shameless girl won’t pay heed to him..!!

    1. Soumya is so sly she should go to hell

  11. Indrajeet Sarkar

    yuvraaj is an idiot, why is he letting soumya go she is the beauty and his first love.

    1. Coz beauty aint everything she is a disgusting woman only have his money. More so his wife is gorgeous. That thing is only fair and just coz some1 is fair doesn’t make them beautiful

      1. Indrajeet Sarkar

        All i care about is the vagina, ass and also they nice b00bs. in my opinion, u have urs

      2. Disgusting guy have some respect for women

  12. Ya she is his first lv, bt she dont love him..suhani loves him

    1. Yuvraaj was infatuated with her, he wasnt in love with her, you cant fall in and out of love like that, but you can desire a woman and realise that he he was just drooling/lusting over her beauty, love goes deeper than that, it is the union of soul . If you watched it closely from the begining Yuvraaj was destined to marry Suhani, i.e Suhani Scarf, the Chinese lamp which was lighted by Suhani and even the dancing competition danced with Yuvraaji instead of Soumya. You can change everything but not destiny.

  13. nice epi


  15. Now the track will come like yuvraj neglecting suhani for Sowmya, and make suhani cry. After that yuvraj wil prove that Sowmya loves only money. And expose her infront of everyone. Then he will express his love for suhani. In the mean while suhani should be strong to see her love and her best friend cheated her.

  16. Coming to dadi, if Sowmya face get spoil in any case she will find another Sowmya for yuvraj.

  17. Suhani is so Dunn she can’t even see there is going on between them and yesterday in the cinema soumya got happy when suhani says yurrajj is coming did suhani not see that

  18. Very nice episode… 🙂
    yuvraj ne wahi kiya jo expected tha.. keep it up… <3 u yuvani… 🙂

  19. i bet he will leave her at the station

  20. In my opinion Yuvraj took Soumya with him teach her a lesson. ..Soumya and Dadi will keep on doing evil things next few weeks …to bring down Suhani……they will create problems between Yuvraj and Suhani…..Suhani we ill leave Birl a house.only then Yuvraj will realize is love for Suhani….

  21. soumya is a b*t*h full stop

  22. Hate u soumya nd yoo zoo much luv 2 suhani

  23. luv u both…………yuvraj and soumiya

  24. i accepts wid indrajeet comment… comon be a man n f**k any gal… suhani or somya…differenc itna ki ek ka boob gora doosre ka kaala

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