Sadda Haq 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardhan tells Randhir his prototype is just like his mind, distracted. He points out faults in it. Next is Sanyukta’s turn. She shows her cycle machine to him, and how water gets hot with it. Vardhan points out faults in her plan too that amount of water it heats is not enough for entire college.

Vardhan tells Parth his team is a joke. Neither team nor its captain has any potential. He gives them 1 day to deliver the project or give up. He doesn’t care whether they work alone or in groups, he just wants this task to be done. Otherwise he won’t be able to defend them when other students boycott against this Dream Team. He also mentions that they can’t do this simple task, how they will answer 7 questions. When Vidushi asks more info about it, he gets mad.

Later, Vardhan asks doctor whether Rao said anything or no. It’s important for him to know every single thing. Doctor tells him that Rao didn’t say anything and things will get more complicated if he provokes him. Parth hears it and wonders why Vardhan is so curious and stressed out taking Prof. Rao. He goes in Vardhan’s cabin and finds some application letter. He remembers Vardhan telling the Dream Team about finding answers of 7 questions. He hears Vardhan coming there and leaves.

Next morning, Sanyukta is going with some parts. Parth comes and carries it for her. She says one cycle didn’t give enough power, so she brought in more parts. They come in lab where others are already thinking of solution. Sanyukta says this is the time to work together. She shares her plan. Vidushi finds faults in it. Parth shuts her up asking if she has any better plan. Randhir is busy in his own thing. Sanyukta asks him to tell the team as well if he found any funny thing. He says she is herself is funny. He shares his plan of solar generator, but Sanyukta and Parth quite don’t agree with him. Randhir asks everyone to choose with whom they want to work. Jiggy chooses Randhir, Parth supports Sanyukta’s idea as it’s more practical. Randhir says he can do this on his own. He leaves telling Parth to get ready to lose. Jiggy follows him. Parth asks others if they want to work on their own as well or no. All stay quiet.

Outside, Randhir complains about Parth’s captainship. Jiggy tells him that he is no less and why is he getting jealous thinking about them. Randhir says he’s no jealous.

He starts working. Both him and Parth put their hands on a part together. They argue and in end Randhir gives him the part saying he will also see what he does with it.

Kastuki is trying to take out a heavy object from junk. YoYo asks her to let him do it. He also can’t take it out. Kastuki and him then take it out together. YoYo asks his friend to take photo. Kastuki thanks him and leaves. YoYo sees photo and says he got lifetime achievement. He uploads those photos. Jiggy sees and gets mad. He throws a part away. Randhir comes and tells him that they are already short of parts.

Sanyukta receives a call from Sameer (new face). She tells him that she has an important class, but he continues talking that he can’t wait for their engagement, etc, etc. In end, Sanyukta pretends as if she can’t hear anything and disconnects.

All are working on the task. Randhir complains to Jiggy that they didn’t get a single right part. Jiggy says others took them before us. Parth and Sanyukta are having a good time working together. Randhir sees it and he doesn’t like it. There is cotton or something on Sanyukta’s face. Parth sees it and remembers his and Arpita’s pillow fight. Arpita asks him if she ever leaves him, then will he find another girl for him? He says, of course as there are many girls behind him already. And then he asks her not to find anyone else for her. Both laugh. In present, Sanyukta asks him, if all okay. He says yes. He takes cotton off her face. Sanyukta smiles.

Vardhan remembers him meeting Rao and talking about going into a room. Rao throws some object at his face and asks not to think about it. In present, Vardhan says he won’t enter that room, but won’t give up that easily.

Precap: Randhir offers Sanyukta to go on a date with him, forgetting their enmity. She’s shocked. Later, Sanyukta is shown crying.

Update Credit to: Tina

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  1. waiting for tomorrow’s episode..!!! πŸ˜€ date..??…;) <3

    1. Same here ashna!!
      Hope its romantic n not a tragic one!!
      Oh god please parth ko iss date seh dooor rakhna varna a mess of the serial will be created

      1. exactly…now they shud chuck parth guy out..!!

    2. BTW, u wer the 1 to hv earlier cmmnted tht randhir shld ask her out soon. right???? ye lo, meri tharaf se muh meetha kar lo!! [sanyu says yes n goes out wth him or not that is secondary]

  2. Ya waiting fr 2mmorws episodeβ™₯β™₯β™₯

  3. date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….OMG…

  4. guyz do u think it will be a romantic date?i dnt think so bcoz Randheer and Romance!!! no way…

    1. Zil ji!!! Hvng my fingers crossed!! But y ws sanyu crying? Parth beech mae naa aa jaye bas!! Jab sanyu ko kuch ho jaatha hai, wahi tho hai jo kahin se bee aa jaatha, makki maarne!! Iss baar aisa kuch na ho. I am not fully confident looking at the precap.

  5. randhir bhai u rock.beat up that ankitda sa aur le ja sanyu ko before it gets to l8.yaar koi iss serial wali behenji aunty parth ko bhagao, ye mujhe pagal kr dega, Yay!!!!”!””dgdhkhkkh im speechless, finally i pray to god that the date should go well

  6. zil well u r right but who knows romance will bloom soom then
    . i hope date will go well widout that aunty faced behenji parth.

  7. God i dnt knw watz goin wd ths show. Nw date that also sudnly.. ? Nd nthng luks a hapy endng

  8. Date!!!???!!!……… Another plan of Randhir to humiliate, insult and hurt Sanyukta for sure.

  9. why is she crying…i think randhir has revealed the truth about sanyuktha to sameer and he might get mad and insult their parents…and scolding ….i think this is the evil plan of randhir….

  10. i also think that it is some naughty plan of randhir to hurt sayu but plz start the lovestory of sayu and randhir fast.

  11. I hope Randhir phir se koi problem na create karde Sanyukta ke liye………nd we get 2 see some sandhir moments:-)

  12. Aaj yoyo kaa- la la laa lalaa – tht ws hilarious!!! Tdy Randhir ws again jealous seeing parh n sanyu laughing n talking.

  13. As vardhan sir rightly said, randhir is ttly distracted – by sanyu. All he has is tht no.1 rank position, agar woh bhi gaya, i wl b the 1st one to breakdown. Durjoy datta, plsdo not dilute his character any further pls…. I still rememberm the way he won n then gave away the captainship MAJESTICALLY to parth previously… so pls pretty pls… dont let him down!!!!

    Achanak mujhe ek doubt aa gaya – how is it tht the scenes tht sanyu once shared wth randhir also happens with Parth n sanyu & ab sanyu ke saath jo kuch bhi hotha hai, woh sab bee pehle se hi arpita ke saath, Parth share kiya hai. So much of importance to Parth – aargh!!

  15. Plz is Parth ka kuch to karo yr…!!!
    pakau uncle…

  16. Good update

    1. He is not so bad ,
      I think Sarth look best than Sandhir

    Randhir to sanyukta: Sameer ko chodo, randhir singh shekhawat ke saath date pe jaane kaa mauka roz roz nahi milta.

    Sanyukta to Randhir: Tum!! koi bhi sensible ladaki tumhare saath 5 mins bhi nahi bita sakati. Tum date pe jaoge?????

    Randhir to sanyukta: Chalo teek hai main yeh bhool jata hoon ki tum meri dushman ho, tum bhi yeh
    bhool jao. Lets go on a date!!

    Sanyu is surprised & later she is shown crying!!!

    I am still not able to figure out!!!!!

  18. hey DS thankz yaar u shares each n everything rltd to sadda haq…thank u very much

    1. u r welcome!

  19. ughhhhhhhhhhhh god get this parth uot plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. Mujhe bhi ek doubt ho rahi hai ,I think serial me arpita ki entry hone bali hai, kyoun ki serial me arpita ki photo or scenes dikhai ja rahi hai.Past me vi ek scene me sanyu ko dhekhne jab sameer ke dadi ai thi tab bo phone par kisi larki se bat kar rahi thi jo ki bidesh me raheti hai aur 20 days me india bapas ane ki bat kar rahi thi !!!May be bo arpita ho !!

  21. According to me Sanyuktha and parth look more cute together

    1. Ramesh ji!!! fyi, arpita matches parth’s height so let it be PAPITA

  22. n yeah Ds i was thinking the same….k writers sanyu k exactly kis k opposite lana chahta hai Randheer ya Parth qk Randheer se zyada importance us duffer parth ko diya ja raha hai N it is also shown that Sanyu is same like Arpita…

  23. Its said that randhir will unintentionally break up sanyu’s marriage

  24. Dekhlena meri baat hi sahi hogi.

  25. Can’t wait 4 2morrow

  26. I think ts some plan of his bcoz i cnt believe a guy like randhir gathering the courage to firstly accept his emotions …let alone profess it !! πŸ™‚

  27. i think the serial peeps are planning for some love triangle between randir-sanyu-parth…and thats y dey are showing all this bullshit parth seeing similarities…
    and i m sure ders some kind of “let me trouble sanyu” thingy goin on in his head….he is anyways addicted to troubling her…and making her life difficult… and yet he is jealous of parth being so close to her…. literally confused soul!!

    1. i love you…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
      muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :* :* :* πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  28. mahek.. u r so intelligent…
    can i ask u out on a date??? plzz….i m looking for perfect gf~ :*

  29. dude… are u crazy? tis is not any matchmaker site…… off from here…!!!!

  30. Guys actually rand sends some pics of sanyu while working in the lab to Samir. Shayad issei Karajan se sanyu ro rahi ho but not quite sure any how waiting for today’s episode quite eagerly

  31. All is well in the serial.

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