Pavitra Rishta 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with doctor checking Naren that it is strange that this patient woke up and went out even after heavy sedatives. Another doctor says it is his will power that woke him up. Ankita goes into flashback where Naren reacts after seeing Pari and Pari informing that she likes pizza. She remembers Pari informing about her love failure, etc. She sees Naren unsconscious with oxygen mask over his nose. She remembers her marriage with Naren and time spent with him and Naren getting happy after hearing Ankita’s pregnancy news. She says Naren did not love Ankita at all, but that does not make any difference.

Mansi says Ovi that she cannot see Ankita like that, don’t know what is going in her mind. OVi says Ankita is worried over Naren’s illness, some issues a person would not like to discuss it with any one.

Ovi says Mansi that Ankita is a very strong girl, god takes exam sometimes and asks her not to cry.

Sirish says Rushali that Sunanda is getting well after knee replacement surgery. Rushali says even his son is in hospital. Sirish says he is in touch with Shekhar and he is informing about Naren’s progress. Rushali asks why did Naren save Pari. Sirish says Naren saved her as a humanity and got an attack seeing fire. Rushali says if it was only fire, I would have understood, but why did Naren call Pari as Ahana.

Shekhar sees Ankita sad crying outside waiting room. Shekhar asks her to come inside the waiting room. Ankita says she was with Pari from such a long time, but did not identify her that she was Pari. She was blind in Naren’s love. Shekhar asks her not to blame herself as it is not her mistake. Ankita says she loves Naren and they both promised that they will live their rest of lives together, she does not want to lose Naren. Shekhar says nobody will come between her and Naren. Ankita that we both think, but destiny has something awaiting for us. She says Naren did not even identify her and what will she do without Naren. Shekhar says Ankita that Pari is Naren’s past and Naren cannot go back to Pari. She asks if he thinks like that. Shekhar says he has seen love in Naren’s eyes for Ankita and Naren saved you during the fire experiment, the loved only you always. Ankita says Naren cannot live without her and she takes care of his needs. She says Naren got very excited when he heard of her pregnancy. She then says that she wants to meet Pari and wants to know why did Naren kept Pari’s name as Ahana. Shekhar says if she feels relaxed after Pari, then she should meet Pari, but in the morning.

Soham comes to the chawl disguised as marwari man. He sees 2 people talking about elections. Soham rings door bell and gets happy seeing shashank’s mom. He gives her fruit and says he brought it for his kids and even she can have them. Shashank’s mom says she will keep them for kids as they may not get it. Mansi sees Soham and informs him about Pari and Naren’s accident. Soham asks her to go to hospital and take care of Ankita. Mansi asks him also to take care and goes.

Ankita sits next to Naren and asks him to wake up. Archana and Manav get happy seeing Pari waking up. Ovi and Shekhar also get happy seeing her waking up. Pari asks how did she come here. Manav says her dupatta caught fire and Naren saved her, but you both got unconscious. Pari says before Naren sees her, she has to take discharge. Pari asks sorry for troubling her family. Ovi asks her not to say sorry as she is her daughter. Pari insists Manav to take her home. Manav says he will talk to doctor. Shekhar says he will talk to doctor. Pari thinks it is good her family does not know Naren is Aman, else they would have questioned her about it. Ovi sees Shekhar tensed and asks him sorry on Pari’s behalf as she knows he is hurt.

Shekhar says she met Pari via Ankita, they became friends and then thought of marrying, but destiny had something else in store. He just wants Pari and Naren get well as whoever gets hurt, he will feel bad. He says he hopes after this accident, Naren’s madness for Ahana goes away. Ovi says in these kind of relationship, only people get pain and she does not want Pari and Ankita to feel that pain.

Ankita is eagerly waiting for Naren to wake up. Pari sees that and starts crying.

Prashanth says Mansi that he is going for college. Mansi gives him fruit and says Soham brought it and he must be feeling alone and needs us. She then sees Shashank’s mother packing her clothes and asks why is she going. Shashank’s mom says she cannot stay in house wehre a drunkard like Soham stays. Mansi says Soham came to meet us and he stays in his old chawl. Shashank’s mom says she loves her dignity and does not want to lose it because of Soham. Mansi says Soham will not come here again and requestgs her not to go. Prashanth asks why did she do that. Mansi says she did for everyone happiness.

Precap: Ankita gives Pari’s hand in Naren’s hand. Pari calls him Aman and asks him to wake up as his Ahana has come.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. can we have todays epi pls now

  2. WHat happened to arjun and purvi? And their child? please someone tell me?

  3. Yes but I think that the twist to come will be Naren and Pari’s shaadi but before he will realise that Ankita is pregnant and they have more to share.
    Pari was with him when everything was ok in his life.
    But Ankita was with him when he faced problems

  4. That’s the real reason why Ekta does not have a man….she hates to see happy relationships….she need a man then her plot for her story will change lol…..

  5. salma ji…. ap meri gf banogi?

    1. !!!!! LMFAO ? this is not there

  6. lmao….foolish serial

  7. Y do dey Keep breaking up gud relationships. And keep playing with peoples life. Poor ankita will be left alone. Its not fair 🙁


  9. i love this serial its great i think ankita is a good actor …but her role is too sorrowful …

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