Ek Mutthi Aasman 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pakhi is in her room. She says we will remmeber this special night forever. So Mrs Pakhi Raghav Singhania you have all rights to look beautiful tonight. She calls Raghav again but his phone is switched off. She wonders where he is.

Scene 2
Vitthal is in balcony. Kamla comes to him and asks to sleep. he says will you be able to sleep ? He says please forgive me kamla. This bruise must be hurting you. Kamla says you didn’t do it by your will. I did all by my will. You would have made such a big mistake in anger. I would not be able to see you in jail. Whom would kalpi call baba. He says what else could I do. I was unable to see kalpi like that. Kalpi’s hope has been broken. Kamla says God is taking her exam. Vitthal says we have been tired of these tests. kamla says you know all I did was for kalpi. kalpi always thought that i shared her love. I agree that Pakhi is like a daughter for me but i gave birth to kalpi. Whenever I worked it was for kalpi. I earned so she can study. I feel like I never gave her a fair share of happiness. I would have given her time instead of money. Vitthal hugs her. He says don’t cry. Forget all that happened. It happened before the wedding. At least we came to know that Kalpi has no worth in his life. We will let her live again. We will give her a fistful sky again and new dreams. There will be no Pakhi or Raghav in her dreams now.

Scene 3
Pakhi is so nervous. Raghav comes in. She asks what happened to you Raghav ? Why there is so much blood ? Why are you starring at me, i am your wife. He says no you are just a daughter of sahil kapoor for me. Daughter of my enemy. I married you because you are daughter of the man that I am gonna destroy. He tears all the flowers. He says these decorations remind me of my defeat. I hate these flowers. From now you will sleep on the bed of pricks. Pakhi is bewildered at his words. Raghav says this wedding is not my love its the vengeance, Your destruction has been started. It will hurt Sahil Kapoor. This wedding locket is the black thread of my revenge. Whether you wera it or not, it will destroy you. Pakhi says stops joking Raghav please. He says I am not joking. Your dad killed my dad. He got my mom an accident and made me orphan. Pakhi says he can’t do that. Raghav says when you see the reality you will realize whose daughter you are. You will be ashamed of your life. Your dad killed my dad and tried to kill my mom too.He destroyed my mom’s life and our family. Look time has got me here. This is my turn now. Today he will be on the roads not me. Lets see, when he will see you in pain. Pakhi says maybe my dad made a mistake. Whats my mistake ? Rgahv says exactly, what was my fault ? What was my dad’s mistake ? That he was a good man ? Because he trusted Sahil ? What was the fault of innocent Raghav why my dad was taken away from me ? Pakhi says there must be some misunderstanding. My dad can’t do that. Pakhi says you loved me Raghav. Raghav says it was all a drama I never loved you. I love someone else. Pakhi says you love someone else and married me ? She says can I ask whom you love ? Raghav says Kalpana. Pakhi is shocked as hell. Pakhi says you have punished Kalpi as well ? You destroyed three lives together. She sits on the floor and is crying so hard. She throws away all the jewelery. She screams Kamla maa my biggest dream has been broken. She is screaming so loud.

Scene 4
There Kamla sees Pakhi in her dream. she wakes up. She says in her heart that I am not angry at you. It was all Raghav’s mistake. Just be good with n ettu so you can’t need Kamla. Whenever you will come in front of me you will remind me the pain of my daughter. she holds the hand of Kalpi. she says my daughter’s dreams have been shattered. I will love kalpi so much that she will forget Raghav. I will rejoin her broken dreams. Your Ai is with you Kalpi. We will decorate our world again and there will be no Raghav. I will never leave you alone. I won’t let your dreams shatter.

Scene 5
Sahil and Nettu are drinking and are celebrating their win. Nettu says our property is Raghav’s and his half wealth is Poki. ANd whom does Poki belongs to you ? Sahil says she is mine. Nettu says you always take the credit. This time Nettu Kapoor will take all the credits. Sahil says you get angry while drinking. You look like a witch with all this make up. You have your own account but you steal money from my pocket still I love you because you are my wife. My dear Nettu. Nettu says I have to make Raghav like that too. He should stay in control of Poki.
Pakhi is broken and is lying on the floor in tears.

Scene 6
Raghav is back to home with Gauri. He says please forgive me maa. I took you wrong never tried to find you. I should have known that there must be a reason. You were never an unsuccessful mom. I am the one who is unsuccessful. You must have suffered but I never thought that you’d need me. I will get you all the happiness and will take revenge from Sahil Kapoor and his family. I will forget all my dreama and my love. I will take vengeanvce of dad’s death.


PRECAP-Kalpi tells kamla that Raghav doesn’t love Pakhi and he doesn’t need her money. Kamla says how you know that ? Kalpi says he wants to take revenge from Pakhi for his dad’s death. He married her to destroy Sahil kapoor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. kalpi will sing for raghav: Khayalon mein lakhon batein
    Yun keh gaya
    Bol kuch na tere samne
    OO O
    huye na begane bhi tum

    ho ke Aur ke
    Dekho tum mere hi bane
    Afsoos hota
    Dil bhi yeh rota hai
    Sapne sanjota hai
    Pagla hua soche yeh
    hum the mil
    Tum se na jane kyun

    Milon ki hai fasle
    Tumse hai jaane kyun
    Anjane hain silsile
    Tum se na jaane kyun
    Sapne hai palkon tale
    Tum se na jaane kyun

  2. neetu will dead now becasue she wanted to tak all credit now when paakhi will ask saihil will say neetu has done all. 🙂

  3. guys i want to wach and excited to watch match i saw add yesterday and they said its love’s war and main lead are taking participant and we saw pic in pawandeep twitter.

  4. Hey i want to ask doew any1 hav account on indianforums here…

  5. it is often said that if u want to know what ur relationship would be like after u marry the guy just look at the way he treats his mother…..

    1. Ultimately u want to say raghav is not bad rht.
      he will have the same respect and love for kalpi which he is showing for his mother

  6. hey ashrana
    sumwhere i disagree with ur point 2wards raghav
    u hav said me 2 times keep urself at place of kalpana and then raghav
    now i want u to imagine a situation
    suppose a guy who is rude to u in office and he is ur boss
    unnecessarily shouts on u
    finds fault in ur evry thing
    helps u but with a taunt
    & suddenly 1 day he confess his feelings 4 u
    u wont accept it so easily but after seeing his consistency u felt that the guy is right 4 u and u no more can hide ur feelings & u confess
    but at the tym u want him to meet ur parents he vanishes then comes after 2 days saying he wanted to heal ur past wounds first
    u again trust that guy and this tym even more
    at the tym of marriage
    he has not come & says he has married ur frnd
    how wud u feel
    does any explanation of him will make u trust him again
    and even more when he has used a girl to take a revenge
    the person who spoiled ur dreams, ur family reputation
    wud u trust that guy
    who can hurt any1 feelings for a revenge.
    i thinking u hav the opinion that he has chosen revenge over marriage not revenge over love
    he will alys love kalpana
    ofcourse he will
    & kalpana will also not easily forget him but if he clears the mess soon
    he can hav respect in her eyes again
    but 4 that he had to put lot of efforts becoz
    he has not hurt only kalpana but her mother’s both daughters
    and we all knw how much kalpana loves her mother

  7. because kalpana already knows about his past and as he already told her.on the day of marraige he told he come to know =kapoor is the one who murdered his father n left his mother saying she left him for some other man. i hope kalpana understand his hurt n feelings

  8. when pakhi asked what is her fault for what her parents did? why he punished her? he replied saying what was his fault why her father murdered his father and left his mom roaming around streets?
    he hurt Kalpana and Pakhis feelings. what about Raghav childhood misseries he went through? iam not saying this – as per story it was there.

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