Sadda Haq 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
REnuka says to rehan and roshan I don’t know how will I handle him till the end of internship. Roshan says we should kick him out. My intention is just to get him on line. Rehan says no he just broke furniture, I will take care of him. We should give him time. Renuka says thanks I hope your patience works. Rehan says he is family after all. Randhir comes in and says family? And no one invited for lunch. Mom you were eating without me? Renuka says we all know you don’t wanna spend time with me. Randhir says no no I will make you eat food and I want to eat with you. He takes a piece of bread and says eat it please. Randhir says eat it. renuka eats it. Randhir says why are your eyes wet? is it spicy? he gives her water and takes key from her bag. Randhir says I guess I wasn’t

invited here. I shouldn’t have come. sorry I disturbed you, enjoy your lunch. He leaves. Randhir sone day I got so much. I saw that file first in which that world was mentioned and now I got key of that world. you love me right, now I will show you love.

Sanyu says to the man you are same I saw at floor? You know machines so well. Mishra says where are interns? Sanyu says I am the intern. He says Raghu work hard here you are an intern. sanyu says he is really good with machine. Mishra says yes I know my brother. He takes Raghu and sanyu with him. Agarwal sees sanyukta Agarwal written on glass wall. He says to peon clean it right now.

Yoyo is tensed and recalls the way he said to jiggy I would killed myself if I were at your place. He shaves off his head. Rana comes in and says you killed your friend? you thought you would be safe? I wont leave you. Parth comes in and says rana leave him. Rana says don’t you interfere. Parth says before your touch him see this blood report you have not taken any drugs. don’t you come near him again. Now get lost. Parth hugs yoyo and says don’t worry. and what is all this? Yoyo says this is my way to repent. Parth says its not your mistake if you blame yourself I will slap you. yoyo hugs him. parth says just pray to God for all of us. He swipes his tears. yoyo says what about your internship? Parth says they left me in 1 hour. get well soon and you will join your internship as well.

SAnyu sees Agarwal and ankit coming in, she says good morning. Agarwal says good morning everyone. This is first day of your internship. in this company I need two people only the best and the one who want to be best. So work as hard as you want. no one will get a second chance, so all the best to all of you. come let me show you factory. He leads all the interns. They give interns around the campus. Sanyu tries to notice everything. In the conference hall, Raghu answers all the questions before sanyu. SAnyu couldn’t answer anyone of them. Agarwal says this is it for induction, all the best and I hope none of your would disappoint me.

Mishra says to Raghu and sanyu, listen to basic rules, first punctuality, the immunity is for the one who performs best, he can skip any of the task. THe best intern will go to Singapore for training. The third intern didn’t come so you are two only. The third intern comes and says three. He says I am Kunal Sharma. Msihra says you are the third intern? There is no room for late comers? Kunal says I was taking this information for you floor. All the factors that are making loss of 30% to your company. Mishra says how you know all this? Kunal says I used to come here as workers, I wanted to learn machines beforehand. I do everything with perfection. Mishra says come on time from tomorrow. sanyu says hi I am sanukta agawal, I am so excited to work with an intern like you. He says asks her a technical question, sanyu cant answer it. He says its really sad to know that I will work with someone like you. Girls cant work here. He asks Raghu did you check these machines? Raghu says yes they are easy to deal with, they start talking. SAnyu says they know everything from beginning. Raghu says you are competitive it will be fun with you. Mishra comes and says I have sent your file to the right place. He says sanyu pick this tool box and place it here. sanyu drops it, Mishra says you cant even pick tool box, and you will withdraw you still have time, give up.

Ankit comes to sanyu and says there is info for the work in this file. Read it, so you don’t make fun of papa anymore. He leaves. SAnyu says in heart sorry papa, but there is nothing I cant learn and I will do it all by my own. I should start working they both know a lot more than me.

Scene 2
Next morning, vidushi comes to sanyu in cafeteria. Sanyu says how was your first day? vidushi is so glad she says it was so good. look I got a new laptop. Sanyu says there are a lot of machines there. Vidushi says there is gym, AC and so much. I am so lucky. Sanyu says I am lucky as well. She says my office is so good, sanyu says so is my factory. Vidushi goes to buy something. Randhir comes in, ishika comes and hugs him. SHe says you must be tired? should I get you something, randhir says stop irritating me like kids. She says I was just asking how was your day. Randhir says I will talk to you later. she leaves. sanyu comes to randhir and says till when will you ignore? He says until you leave by yourself. Sanyu says why are you hurting ishika in your revenge. He says I care more about her, she is not nagging like you. sanyu says you drank on first day of college? He says you are not gf anymore so get lost. sanyu says this hatred is ruining your life so much, why don’t you understand. He leaves. Randhir recalls going to washroom and throws some drink on his suit so he could stink. He says you believed what you saw like everyone.

Vardha comes to kabir’s office. Vardhan says what are you doing? kabir says I was looking for files you stole from here. vardhan say you couldn’t do anything in so many years what will you do now? He says I am dean now and you know what can I do.

Parth comes and meets vidushi in ground. He says you look beautiful. Vidushi says why you called me here? are we going on special date? He says every moment is special with you. He hugs her and they dance slowly. sanyu and randhir come there and look at each other. They recall dancing together. SAnyu dreams randhir came to her and takes her hand. He dances with her, suddenly she realizes it was just her imagination. Song mitra plays in background.

Scene 2
next day, sanyu and vidushi get ready for internship. Parth comes and hugs vidushi he says good morning. Randhir comes to sanyu and says its okay and hugs her, suddenly she realizes she was dreaming. Parth says where you lost? you will leave focus this way. all the best, sanyu says to you too. SAnyu sees randhir in corridor. He drinks in front of her. sanyu says why are you ruining your life? He says people like you have already ruined it. sanyu says please get up. He says I don’t need your orders, get lost. Vidushi says I will miss you, I will keep you in my bag and take you with me. He says yeah why not. Parth says sanyu why are you upset? Sanyu says randhir is ruinig his life. Vidushi says don’t mind bit you should focus on your internship, he cheated on you. You shouldn’t be concerned about you. Ishika comes and asks randhir why did she come here? randhir says don’t ask me everything. she says do you even consider me your gf? He says I am tensed just go. Ishika says I know you are, but don’t be angry at me. Okay I will go, just know I will always be on your back. randhir leaves. Ishika says in heart I shoud keep sanyu away from my relationship.

Sanyu gets a call from ishika. ishika says your jealousy and insecurity is ruining my relationship. stay away from me and randhir. sanyu says he is still my classmate and I am concerned about him. Ishika says I am here to be conferenced for her. Agarwal comes, sanyu says I will talk to you later. sanyu goes to Agarwal’s cabin and says good morning papa. He says Mr. Agarawal you wont get any special treatment here. Sanyu says I am so happy to work with you. he says yeah you made me happy by not picking a tool box. you made fun of me. sanyu says I will become the best intern. He says become the best intern or marry whoever I say. sanyu says okay. He says one more thing, never go on floor with work suit.

Sanyu comes in dressing kunal and Raghu are topless. sanyu hides her face. kunal says this will happen every day. sanyu says will you leave I have to change as well. he asks her another question. Sanyu cant answer it. He takes worksuit from her. Sanyu says give it back to me. He says you don’t need it. I am very bad in competition. He tears her work suit.

Sanyu sees her torn workshuit. She finds a needle and sews it. Randhir comes in a meeting. He says hello everyone is a meeting going on? He shoves a client. Client says whats going on here. randhir steps in the table.rehan says let bro have some fun. Randhir says to rehan you have xbox in cabin? I wanna play it. He takes the keys and leaves. Rehan says randhir play fair. no cheating.

Precap-randhir says to Agarwal I am happy to took good decision. I am ready to help you in breaking sanyu’s ego. Agarwal says how can I trust you? He says this is last phone call. you have to trust me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. *
    Spoilter of the week
    Mon- Sanyukta is competing on the final task , If she complete this task successfully, it will lead to her being able to intern at the factory.
    Tue- Under the influence of drug, Jiggi ends up making a dratic choice.
    Wed- Sanyukta finally manages to reach the place of her dream, her fatherโ€™s company.
    Thurs- Sanyukta fails to lift the tools at the factory & is mocked by the foreman.
    Fri- Randhir ignores Sanyukta & contiues being rude to herLikeDislike””2″”0Reply


  5. Spoilter of the week
    Mon- Sanyukta is competing on the final task , If she complete this task successfully, it will lead to her being able to intern at the factory.
    Tue- Under the influence of drug, Jiggi ends up making a dratic choice.
    Wed- Sanyukta finally manages to reach the place of her dream, her fatherโ€™s company.
    Thurs- Sanyukta fails to lift the tools at the factory & is mocked by the foreman.
    Fri- Randhir ignores Sanyukta & contiues being rude to her

  6. Hi @kasturi ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. plzz add sandhir scenes …. n randhir ko phir se villain mat banao plzzz

  8. yaar yeh raghu aur kunal dono ka MCP ness dekhana shuru ho gaya hai
    aur yeh humare cv’s atleast bechaari ko ek ques ka ans toh dene dete
    aur yeh kaise factory hai jahan girls changing room nahi hai
    aur plzz itna over the top drama nahi hota hai jitna humare shq wale dekha rahe hai
    aaj har field mein ladkiyaan hai aur ladko se aage hai
    par koi bhi boss aur ladke itne bade bade attitude nahi dekhate
    haan thoda male ego hota hai par itna jyada nahi ke sare kam chod kar ek bechaari ladki ke peeche pad jao
    yaha toh saas bahu wali conspiracy kar rahe agrawals aur unka manager apne bhai ke saath milkar

  9. Rd apne revenge mein itna andha kaise ho sakta hai
    yaar i really doubt woh rank 1 hi hai na
    agar itni buddhi hoti toh yeh drinking ,smoking conspiring against that sanyal nahi karta
    aur humare cv’s bhi lagata hai satak gaye hai
    I mean really aap itne bade youth show pe kya msg de raho ki agar aap tension mein ho toh smoke karo drink karo
    ssly guyzz insab chizo se koi faayada nahi hai aap ko apni problems ka solution calmly nikalna chahiye naki iss tarah aur haan revenge lene se kabhi kuch bhi nahi milta
    infact aapka peace of mind bhi chala jata hai
    so the best option is to forgive and forget
    jisse aap khud ki najaro mein tho bade banoge hi infact aapke enemies bhi aapke frend ban jaaege aur aapki respect karne lagenge
    aur apni mistake ka realisation hoga unko

  10. Dis show has bcum borin ๐Ÿ™ i miss d old sadda haq :'(

  11. nice episode

  12. Guys ab ????? Kya kya possibilities ho sakti hai ???? . Any thing coming to mind ??? Kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai .

  13. sanyu bechari paresaniyo ki maari,
    uspe hai apni sapnoko
    pura karneki jimmedari.
    apni papa ki factory me,
    aab karegi bo kaam,
    dikhayegi apna pura dum.
    par randhir baan gaya yera,
    aab kya hoga sanyu tera????????????

  14. sanyukta ka job factory me kaam karna hai to phir vidusi ka job bhi to baisahi hona chahiye.phir usse office me alag kebin,laptop kiu mila kaam karne ke liye.kay bo sirf laptop se kaam karegi aram se apni kebin me baith kar aur sirf order degi?to phi sanyu ki job bhi aisa hi hona chahiye,or bo rank 2 bhi hai.vidusi ka job itna achha aur sanyu ka aisa uniform me, itna struggle bhara kiu hai?agar hai to bidusi ka kaam bhi baisa hi hona chahiye.or rd ko bhi office me hi kaam mila.laptop me kaam karna, meetings attened karna ye sab.toh phir sanyu ka job hi aisa kiu?sabka job same hi hona chahiye!!!!!!!!!!

    1. q ki sanyu k father nhi chhahte.

  15. Gud mrng frnds…

  16. Itne kam comments?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    But jo be hai its good that now everyone talks about the show ๐Ÿ˜‰
    *badly missing you all* ๐Ÿ™

  17. I can’t believe ki agarwal apni hi beti ke sath aisa kar rha h. koi baap aisa kaise kar sqkta hai? he himself don’t respect her, how can he expect her husband to respect her? he will regret for sure. and yeh randhir ko kya ho gaya. why is he interfering in sanyu’s life? usse toh har jagah revenge dikhayi deta hai. renuka se revenge, sanyu se revenge….disgusting

  18. why is this ….ish goin on
    ifeel like hitting the writer…………….

    i think we should go on strike to get our sandhir back

    last request………………………………….
    please give us our sandhir pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Hii !!!!!!
    Long time no see!!!!!!
    Sorry for not giving 25th Nov results yesterday……
    RESULT FOR 25 th NOV 2014 golden commentator:@parsh
    Star commentator: daksh bhai, aishu
    Excellent Commentator:@Shraddha,@sanyu
    Rest of the results will b given by 10:0 pm
    TU DT vardhan

  20. hi guys …. bohth time ke baad cmnt kar rahi hon … ithne kam comments ?
    i want ur sandhir back yaar plz …. we knw randhir is acting of “hating” sanyu and that ishika is irritating verry much ….. ๐Ÿ™
    bye uys ๐Ÿ™‚ n hope u remember me !! kahi mujhe bhool toh nahi gaye ?

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