Million Dollar Girl 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells Vicky and Tj that If she get angry then she will sell Virat..But who will buy him..Avanti tells that she dont understand where is his parents..AVanti tells that she will salute the person who born Virat..Avanti tells that Virat should be kept in museum..Virat is in near by shop of Avanti’s shop..Virat listen’s gets angry and shouts..Virat tells enough..Virat throughs the chair..
Avanti calls “Virat” hero..Tells him to go home..Avanti tells that no parents will be waiting for him..Avanti tells that his parents didnt accepted him..What Banaras will accept..Virat gets Mad and breaks the Wall in between of Avanti and Virat’s shop..Avanti tells that she kissed him and he is breaking her wall..Avanti tells Vicky that Virat it is not good..Virat tells Avanti If she do not stop then he will break Avanti also..Avanti smiles..
Next day Avanti’s mother sees the shop and asks what happened to the wall!!Avanti tells that Virat breaked the wall.Virat tells Avanti’s mother that he didnt breaked the wall…Virat tells that its Avanti’s mistake..Virat tells that yestarday what happened..Avanti stops Virat and tells not to deny..Avanti tells Virat to keep quiet..avanti tells Virat will Construct the wall..Avanti and Virat fight..Avanti’s mother tells to keep quiet and stop she says that she dont known Virat..Avanti should construct,,Avanti gets upset Virat smiles..
Avanti eats in dhabba along with Vicky and Tj..Avanti goes..Tj tells that yestarday Virat thakur saved him..Vicky tells that he has many dreams about kavya.Vicky tells he had decided about Honeymoon also..Avanti listens all this and slaps Vicky..Avanti tells that Kavya is elder to him and always put rakhi..Avanti shouts and tells how should he do like this..Vicky shouts and tells that Aunti force about Rakhi thats why he put..Avanti tells she thought him friend and Vicky betrayed and put bad sight at her sister.Tj tells Avanti that what she is thinking its not like that..AVanti tells that Tj also betrayed her..TJ tells Avanti to listen once..Vcky tells Avanti that she dont what feelings he have for kavy..Avanti tells she known that Vicky was having affair with many girls..Vicky tells not to compare kavya with the other girls…All the customers see at Vicky and Avanti.. ,.Avanti tells what is Vicky’s reputation Even his father dont respect him..And he get little bit of respect at her house and now that too will not get from now onwards..Vicky gets angry and tells that Avanti to doesnt have..Vicky shouts and tells Avanti is eating free food..Vicky tells to say Avanti’s bill..Avanti tells she wait he bill..Avanti goes to customers and says that it is 3days old food..Avanti tells Vicky and TJ from today onwards their Friendship breaked..Avanti goes…
Virat is standing with his Secretery..Virat’s secretery tells Verma(shoopkeeper) that he is too lucky that his shop inaugration is happening with Trade union of president..Avanti comes..Virat brings sweets and tells Avanti to it first powerloom Saree..Avanti is angry tells that god will punish him as he is seeing..Virat is shocked..
Avanti along with all family Tayaaji and taijii are doing dinner..scarlett tells Taijii that it is very beautiful saree..Taijii tells that this Saree is Banaras original Everyone cannot afford it..Taijii tells that Avanti tried to sell but failed..Avanti’s mother tells that she have also the same Saree of her marriage..Avanti’s mother tells that Avanti is still learning and will be successful in Some time..Avanti’s mother asks why Avanti is sad..she know that Avanti dont like kerala but Sometimes have to digest..Taijii feels Awkward..Taijii tells Scarlett that His husband has gifted him on Anniversery..Scarlett says Anniversery..??Tayajii smiles and tells yes..Avanti tells from where Tayaaji picked the Saree??Tayaaji tells that he have buyed this Saree from Shop which is located back of Mandir and only few people knew that..Avanti goes to her mother and asks why Taii was telling about her banarsi Saree??Avanti tells what goood in that???Avanti’s mother bring Red banarsi and tells that this is 25 years old Saree..Avanti’s mother tells that this Banarsi Saree is jewel of Banaras..Avanti tells that it may be many much profit..Avanti’s mother tells that only few people will buy in Marriage as it is expensive.. tells that powerloom Saree’s will be not expensive thts why people buy Powerloom Saree’s..Avanti tells that it means that People who want good quality Sarees will buy handmade Banarsi Saree and who want cheap and expensive will buy powerloom..Avanti’s mother tells that she is wise..Avanti tells that always..Avanti tells her mother to go and sleep…Avanti tells that her mother has given a new direction…

precap:Avanti shows money to Virat and tells that she have earned RS 1lakh Virat gets tensed and tells that still 50 thousand is left

Update Credit to: Ansari

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