Shastri Sisters 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani recalling Neil’s proposal and wishing its really a joke. Vrinda says Minty is lucky to get Anu. Minty thinks we are unlucky to get them. Astha and Minty taunt each other. Astha gets annoyed. Vrinda excuses herself. Minty says I know what you think about Shastri sisters, and you know what I think, then why do you taunt me to get an answer, I know how to control Anu. Shastri ji feels Minty is not happy, I should talk to her before bidaai once. Sareen comes and asks him to prepare for bidaai, and cry. He says we both will cry and wipe each other tears. They hug.

Minty asks Dolly to give any idea to stop Anu, she panics and says Anu will come to my house and stay with me, and Sareen will say my bahu and Neil will call Bhabhi ji, and Rajat will be mad about her, do something. Dolly says jokes apart, Anu is not so bad, fine she is bad, but Rajat loves her. Minty says don’t he love me, he is my son since birth. He can fight with Sareen too for me, and loves me a lot. She cries and says these Shastri Sisters came and he forgot everything. Dolly asks her to forget everything. Minty says I can do one thing, I can remind Rajat how much he loves me, and maybe he cancels the marriage, can’t he do this for his mum. She says she will not let Anu come, I will do this.

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Shastri ji asks Devyaani and Peeya to do all arrangements. Alka says I will help them. Astha acts weak and gets attention. Alka asks is she fine. Astha says such state makes person weak, you will also know it when your time comes. Alka and Rohan smile seeing each other. Alka asks peeya to take Astha to room, and asks Astha to rest. Alka asks Anu to come. Rajat holds her hand and stops her. Anu says let me go, I will come to you forever in sometime. He says there is some work to do, which is imp. He says you gave me something asking me to decide about it. He says I decided and shows the mangalsutra. Saajna……………plays………… Anu smiles He says I want to bound you with me by this forever.

Minty comes and sees them. Rajat says I m sorry Anu, I did not know what happened to me. Minty cries seeing them. Rajat holds her hand and asks will you leave me for my mistakes. Anu says no, even I did many mistakes. She asks will he leave her. He says I won’t do such big mistake ever, whatever happens. They smile having an eyelock. Minty leaves. Neil sees Devyaani. She smiles and he leaves being upset. She thinks if he was joking, why is he not acting normal now. Alka asks everyone to come. Minty looks at Sareen.

Rajat promises Anu that he will never leave her, and he will fight with every dark night of her life, and never let darkness come in her life. Minty asks Shastri ji about Sareen. He says yes, and talks to her. Rajat says I thought about our marriage, simple one of high profile, I did not know it will happen like this, our love and you won’t deserve this. He says about his dreams related to her. He cups her face in his hand and she smiles.

Shastri ji asks Minty is she not happy, maybe his daughters did mistake, let it go, they have done a lot for this house, if they feel they can stay happy, we should get happy in their happiness being elders, I know since we came here, you are facing problems, but our daughters were living a simple life, they have pain of just their mum’s death, if you accept Anu, maybe her pain will get less, Sareen told me that you wished to have a daughter, maybe Lord has sent Anu as your daughter, I request you to give her a chance and accept her as your bahu, I m sure you will be happy.

Minty says I will get happiness when your daughters go away from my life. He is shocked and asks what is she saying. She says your daughters feel world rotates around them, they feel everyone see their plan and workout, they seek attention. He says no. She asks him not to act innocent, as they can’t do this without father’s support, he did this planning, Alka got one with her and got second her, and Devyaani who feels guys die for her, and then Anushka, ethics and sacrificing idol, the guys who don’t die for Devyaani, die for Anu, like Rajat.

She says you did planning and explained your daughters. She insults him. She says you asked them to trap rich guys in love, that he forgets his parents like my son is doing. Rajat gives sindoor to Anu. Anu smiles. Minty asks did she teach this to them. She taunts him, and asks him to think about his wife, she is dead, its good she died else she would have died every moment seeing this. Shastri ji shouts enough. Everyone is shocked and come there. Anu drops the sindoor box and runs. Shastri ji says not a word more against my daughters now.

Shastri ji says I took a decision, I end this relation right away. They are shocked. Devyaani cries and says don’t say this, Rajat and Anu love each other. Shastri ji gets heart attack and falls. The girls rush to him and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. minty i jst want to killl u right now

  2. arey yaar we r fedup with this drama.when will we c rajat and anu together.i dont get that y everyone is target of rajat anu realation.first it was devyanni and then its karima then minty and now its shasriji.plz make the anu rajat together.waise bein they got married but now there r making it end.oh ho this not fair.

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  4. This is absolutely ridiculous. Which mother acts this way? Had Minty been mother of a daughter would she have allowed anyone to speak like that against her daughter?? How can she be so blind in her hatred for shastri sisters?

  5. Oh god sick of this drama. Think they won’t be together till next new year

  6. Minty u should go too helll

  7. I hate minty why was arguing with shastri ji and he have heart attack and rajat and anu separate again this happen because of minty happened.after I think minty will relize her mistake.

  8. Minty u should go too helll what kind off women you are Mr.director what is this

  9. I want to see rajat and anu together.

  10. Director sir what is this……plz don’t make anu and rajat separate……. and plz change minty…mother should be an example..

  11. Director sir what is this……plz don’t make anu and rajat separate……. and plz change minty…mother should be an example..don’t spoil the show

  12. Dragging the drama on now…as you have no story line the director is dragging this on…boring just get on with the serial…no wonder people lose interest

  13. Yeh that’s so true people are losing interest, can someone tell me why is minty behaving like evil karishma???

  14. what people comment about this is true

  15. director sir please don’t separate anu and rajat

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