Sadda Haq 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyukta puts alarm of 3 30. Kastuki asks why so early. Sanyukta says tomorrow is final of her grooming class and she can’t be late. Kastuki says she was not interested in that class, then why work hard for the exam. She says, yes, but once she passes the exam, she will be done with it and then she can fully concentrate on her FITE tasks. Vidushi taunts Sanyukta and says she should be concentrating on her grooming class as she is going to get engaged soon.

In morning, the teacher says that today it will be last day for most of the girls. If anyone doesn’t pass, then they will have to come for an extra week. Sanyukta hopes not to make any mistake today, and there comes Randhir. The teacher says all girls will get 3 tasks, cooking daal, ironing, and buttoning shirt, and for all, they will have 10 minutes. Whoever wins will get her recommendation. Randhir says, along with girls, it’s his, his company’s test too, so he would like to be the judge. The teacher says sure. Sanyukta says in her mind, if he judges, then I won’t be able to get out of this place even after a year.

Kastuki is worried for Sanyukta. Parth tells her not to worry as once she decides something, she makes sure she wins it.

The competition starts at the grooming class. Randhir watches Sanyukta working. He tries to distract her. Sanyukta is falling behind. Her iron doesn’t starts. She takes a screw driver and opens it to fix it. She manages to fix it. Randhir says, if she works this slow, then..

10 minutes are done. The teacher asks everyone to stop and asks Randhir to give the results. He finds faults in some girls’ work. With Sanyukta, another girl’s button work is perfect. The teacher asks him to taste the daal. He likes first girl’s. He then tastes Sanyukta’s and goes back in the village days, where Sanyukta had cooked. Sanyukta says he’s surely going to pick other girl.

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Randhir says, he judged on quality, speed, and ability to handle the situation. Surprisingly Randhir announces Sanyukta as a winner. The teacher says, she knew since start that Sanyukta will win. Randhir says in his mind, he made her win, so she gets married soon and he won’t have to face her.

Doctor tells Vardhan to treat Rao wisely and not to be aggressive. Vardhan says, he knows him better than anyone. Last time when he came here, Rao gave a clue, and this time he has no other option. Doctor says, then he can’t let him meet Rao. Vardhan calms down and then goes in the room.

Vardhan returns to the college. Randhir asks him what wound is on his face. Vardhan asks him to mind his own business and leaves.

Sanyukta is working on the task. Vidushi watches her. She goes in a water tank to confirm something. Vidushi plans something evil as she had to face humiliation because of Sanyukta. Now she decides to make people laugh at Sanyukta. She closes the door of water tank and locks it.

Sanyukta wonders how door got closed. She tries to open it, but it’s locked. She asks if anyone is there, she’s inside. Vidushi says, what’s so hurry, enjoy for a bit, I will open after some time. A peon comes and tells her that she is called at admin office. She leaves. The peon turns on the water knob and water level starts increasing. Sanyukta cries and asks someone to open the tank. The peon doesn’t hear her. She cries and screams for the help.

Vidushi comes out from the office and says, so many questions. She will have to drink water. She remembers of Sanyukta and hurries. Sanyukta’s condition is worsening. Water level reaches to her neck. She is still asking people to open the door. She gets unconscious and she is fully in water now.

Precap: Parth takes Sanyukta out. He asks her to open her eyes. Randhir is getting worried about Sanyukta. He asks YoYo where Sanyukta is. Parth asks Vidushi how she got inside and since how long she’s inside that she got unconscious. Vidushi gets worried.

Update Credit to: Tina

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    It would have been better if randheer saved sanyu than parth!
    Now the real luv story begins!
    Keep ur fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. wat the hell yar!!!! ye Parth ka kuch karo na…..are Arpita ko wapis lao yaar……kitna achcha hota agar Randheer hi sanyu ko bachata….bt ye Parth hamesha kabab me haddi bana hua rehta hai…..

  3. Cn sm1 do smthng abt dis parth!!
    Idiot stupid annoying parth…I hate him…

  4. Hi,
    I just wanted to share a few things about our PARAM SINGH & HARSHITA GAUR. ( TO THOSE WHO ARE UNWARE OF THESE FACTS) While browsing I happened to know that both are well educated in REAL LIFE TOO. WOW !!!

    Harshita Gaur (Sanyukta) : She is an Engineer
    She comes from a family of doctors in Delhi.
    She has training in Kathak dance.
    Her favourite shopping destination is DELHI,
    Her recent most expensive buy : SHE SAYS –
    Amongst the luxury products I bought myself a car. Apart from that I bought a watch which cost me Rs. 55,000. Favourite perfume: I currently wear Salvatore Ferragamo. It is amazing.

    PARAM SINGH (RANDHIR) : HE SAYS – I went to boarding school in Panchgani,
    studied at MMK college in Mumbai and then went off to London to complete my masters. I am
    not much of an office desk person, so obviously didn’t choose to work, as I am not too patient with all that! HIS FAV COLOR IS BLUE.


  5. aaj ka precap dekne ke baadh, i dont know what to say …. where is the story heading to?

  6. seriously from know i will not watch this serial as i don’t want to see the love story of parth and sayunkta as i want to see lovestory of sayunkta and randhir

  7. i think parth could not save her..but when randhir comes and worries for her she will be alright…..i wish this should be tomrw’s episode

  8. Guys, the CVs know what they are doing. Dont let one precap or episode ruin the entire Sadda Haq viewing experience. Be calm and patient and I’m sure we will get what we want 🙂

  9. For god sake!!!! Iss Parth ko bhagao yr…

    Just wanna Sandhir nt Hee uhuhuh nt gud yr really its bd….

  10. Pooja, narutard

    yar ye sala aunty se thobde ka parth sala apni arpita ke pas na mar sakta.leave sanyu for randhir yar. aur kya ye sanyu ji ngage ment ja drama laga rakha hai. oh god plzzz someone tell the f*******shit director that we all want to see SanDhir only!!!!!!!not san aunty faced parth randwa

  11. me too kavi, mujhe PAPITA ka love story bee chalega – hamaare sandhir ke saath saath….

  12. guyz everyone has freedome to express there feeling here bt guyz dont u think?everyone should know the limitations…in todays comment someone has used vulgur worda itz my request plz dnt use vulgure wrds in ur comments plz…

  13. guyz everyone has freedome to express there feeling here bt guyz dont u think?everyone should know the limitations…in todays comment someone has used vulgur words itz my request plz dnt use vulgure wrds in ur comments plz…

  14. Yeh Kya yar . . Nt fair at al . i wanu c sandir . . . Nt parth vth sanyu . . . N 2mo’s epi i wnt sandir scenes . . . Parth plz let sanyu alone . . . She s nly 4 randir . . . <3 sandhir

  15. Parth ne ek bar to sanyu ki jaan bachayi thi…iss bar randhir ko chance dena chahiye tha…hope that randhir will do all the pre-treatment 4 sanyu…not parth anymore…

  16. guys, zil sry man,just got a tongue slip from too much frustration,. i appologize

    1. its ok pooja, aaj ka precap dekhne ke baadh, sab sandhir fans upset hai, hope s/thing diff happens tom – like randhir performing CPR on sanyu!!!!!

  17. Its right yaar dont judge the popular serial sadda haq on one episode plz be calm i m sure v r gng to get wht we all want

    I hope v will surely see sandhir love story

  18. itz ok pooja….hota hai kabhi kabhi…

  19. hell yeah!!! itz gonna be sandhir foreva!!!!!”btw thanx guyz

  20. chill guy intazar ka fal mitha hota hai sandhir ki luv story to banegi par abhi time hai

  21. i hate this parth yaar throw him out of the show so irritating jst hate him randhir is so cute please……………. pray for sandhir

  22. by the way the one who isangad in jhalli anjali is sanyu’s fiancee right

  23. zil where u belong yaar don’t be saati savitri type

  24. dnt want parth n sanyukta’s story…nt even parth n arpita…bringing arpita ll be sheer waste of time…they will share d screen space n we wont get much of sandhir. eversince parth has come we see less of randhir, cmon yr i thought parth wud ave a temporary role bt now here d scenario is totally different…dn’t like it at all

  25. Radhika shergill

    Chill yaar! Jitne SARTH sciens honge utna hi Randhir jealous hoga aur baad me randhir ki jealousy out of control hogi aur wo sanyu ko propose karega

  26. Himadri p Barman

    Really guyz…The serial is advancing at the speed of a ‘tortoise’…It’s high time 2 hav some romantic shots of sandhir…Now I just really hope that parth will not cover up too many scenes n screw up the luv story of Sandhir…FINGERS CROSSED!!

  27. areyyy…durjoy dutta ka story hai yar..kuch to twist hoga hin.


    Troubles are knocking at the doors for Sanyunkta in
    Beyond Dreams’ popular show Sadda Haq on
    Channel V . Unknowingly; Randhir will make Sanyunkta
    fall into trouble. As Sanyunkta has lied to Sameer
    about her studies, she will try to defend herself in a
    funny way to get out of this trouble.
    Our source says, “Randhir (Param Singh ) will click
    pictures of Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur ) while she is
    working in the lab and he will decide to send those
    pictures to her fiance Sameer. Later, he thinks of
    dropping the idea but eventually, by mistake the
    pictures are sent to Sameer. Later, Sanyunkta will act smartly when she will be questioned
    about it from Sameer. She will edit few pictures of Sameer sitting in a ladies’ beauty parlor
    and she will convince him that anything can happen with the use of editing.”
    Will Sanyunkta forgive Randhir for the mistake happened by him unintentionally?


  30. Are yar ek baat batao randhir confess kaise karega ki woh sanyu se pyarr karta hai jab tak uske andar jalan nahi hogi parth aur sanyu ko ek saath dekhkar

  31. Himadri p Barman

    I think,this is too much yaar…fightings r okay to some xtent, but in dono ki fightings kuch jyada hi hoti he…upar se ye sanyu,pata nehi kab uske dil me parth k liye feelings aa jaye!!God forbid agar kabhi aisa hua toh I m just gonna avoid watching the show guys!

  32. selena…i dnt care wat u say satisawitri and watever….. mujhe jo galat laga mai ne kaha and jis ne galat kaha use bhi realize hua k usne galat wrdz use kiye….aur agar aap ko achcha laga to wo wrdz aap apne commentz me use krlo….so simple

  33. aur agar mai ne kuch aisa kaha hota jis se kisi ki feelings hurt hoti to is k liye mai sorry zaroor bolti….

  34. are yaar ye kya ho raha he… parth to hadh kar diya….line hi cross kar li…. 😡 bt one thong is gud…agr randhir ne dekha ki fir se parth and sanyu….to woh acchi bat hogi !!!

  35. Arre guys kyu parth ke itne khilaaf ho sab..itna cute toh hai….lead toh randhir hi hai na thoda wait karo phir dekhenge na SANDHIR ka romance

  36. WAT D HELL..!!!!…..IS PARTH KA KUCH KARO YAAR…..sach me…kitna acha hota agar randhir sanyu ko bachata….hamesha yeh parth bich me kyun tang arata hai yaar……ughhh….!!!!…>_<

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