Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi and Ahem take unconscious Gauri to hospital. Gopi sees a scar mark on Gopi’s leg and remembers Meera having the same mark. Kids and Kinjal also reach the hospital. Parag and his brother bring Kokila hospital. Doctor informs them that Kokila has fallen unconscious and nothing to worry. Vidya cries and asks to save Gauri.

Radha calls Tripti that Gauri and Ahem’s blood group is same and they will easily know that Gauri is Meera. Tripti says with just blood group, they cannot identify the truth and asks Radha to kill Gauri before they know anything.

Kokila gets conscious. Hetal asks how is she. Kokila says she is fine. Kokila’s mother comes crying and worried about Kokila and asks how is she. She says she met with such a big accident. Kokila says Gauri met with an accident. Her mother says she is wrong. Hetal takes mother out from there. Kokila thinks why is mother telling lie.

Kokila’s mother scolds Hetal for not informing about Kokila’s illness to her. Jigar comes there and says doctor is transfusing blood to Gauri. Mother says she wants to see who is Gauri and goes to check her. She goes to Gauri’s room and sees Gopi there. She hugs her and cries. She then sees Gauri and thinks her as Vidya. Gopi says she is Gauri, not Vidya. Grandma says Gauri looks exactly like Gopi. Rashi says it is just a coincidence. Grandma says it cannot be.

Gopi asks kids to go home and she will bring Gauri and Kokila once they get well. Hetal asks Radha to go home with kids. Radha says she will be here. Hetal then asks Jigar to take kids home. Jigar agrees and takes kids home. Tripti comes to the hospital and this it is the right time to kill Gauri and allege Radha for her murder. She sees Jigar getting into the car and hides. She then goes inside and asks receptionist about Gauri’s room who informs room number. She goes near Gauri’s room but sees Hetal and others sitting outside the room.

Vidya asks Jigar to stop the car near temple as she wants to pray god to get Gauri well soon.

Tripti disguises as house keeping staff and asks Hetal and her family to go and sit in waiting area as she has to clean the area. They agree and go from there.

Vidya and her siblings with jigar and grandmas pray god with bhajan/religious song to save Gauri. Radha gets into Gauri’s room and removes oxygen mask form Gauri’s face. She turns back and gets worried seeing Tripti disguised as a housekeeping staff with face masked. Tripti removes her mask, Radha gets relaxed. They both try to strangle Gauri.

Precap: Kokila comes to Gauri’s room and sees her struggling to breathe without oxygen mask. She sees Tripti and Radha standing behind the door and goes to check them.

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  1. Now it seems Gopi will take months and months before she knew abt her daughter. this serial take one issue so that that sometime it becomes boring

  2. greencornrebel

    This show has succeeded in teaching people that you can keep getting away with vile behavior for almost a decade non-stop. Even if the gruesome twosome, Radha and Tripti, are finally caught, the show’s writers have shown that these masters of mayhem have enjoyed a tremendous run terrorizing children and inflicting skull-busting injuries on Koko and Meera. The hapless Indian police have been useless during their Umang-inspired crime wave. Radha went from being a naive village girl to a tinpot Napoleon in salwar kameez. When Radha’s face comes on TV, sane viewers simply want to upchuck.

    1. good one… u said it !!

  3. were are there common sense, when they know gauris life is in danger how come they left her alone in the room, some one should have stayed inside the room, ahem gopi or atleast rashi. but no all of them were roaming around the hospital. did they not think her life could be in danger again. tripthi is making a fool of radha, radha the fool she is staying at her sisters place for years,hw come? why does not her mother take her to her home, and get her married to someone else. what work did radha have in hospital that she did not want to go home with the children and grannys

  4. yup… WOMEN C.I.D …..

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