Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the kid saying he will support Poonam. Mata Singh is shocked. Akash and Poonam get happy. The kid’s dad is proud of him and says sorry for not hearing you before and not letting you speak, you took the right decision. The man says we all will support Poonam Garg and not Mata Singh, as he is a fraud politician. He says vote for Poonam. Everyone cheer for Poonam. Akash gives them lemon water and asks them to share their problems. Mata Singh looks at the angrily. Akash and Poonam come home and tell everything to the family happily.

Jai says its fine, did you think its result. Kanno says we will have to face something from Mata Singh now. Shashikant says we will see him, lets see tv now. They see the news about riots in main market of Sitapur. They see their supporters getting beaten up by Mata Singh’s goons. Dadi says whats this. Jai says this has to happen. The news tell about Mata Singh and Poonam’s clash and this led to the riots. Akash says this is a lie, Mata Singh is doing this. Poonam gets Mata Singh’s call. She is shocked. She puts the phone on speaker. She talks to him rudely and says you are doing this, I know. Mata Singh says hear me once, I want to have peace in the city so I called you. He says you are hurt, I m also hurt, I have an idea to end this.

He says don’t come in the area where I campaign, we should not cross ways, to maintain balance and peace, you come home, I will explain you well. Poonam says fine, I will come. Everyone are shocked. Poonam says I have a condition, this meeting will be in public area. Mata Singh says I called my media at home, so I want them to know and take the news to public. He says so come to my home for peaceful elections, its necessary for us to talk. Poonam says fine. Mata Singh thanks her and ends the call. Jai and Kanno ask Poonam to go else Mata Singh can turn into Bhavani. She says but how did he change. Akash says maybe he is worried, let go tomorrow and find out at his home. Akash and Poonam come to Mata Singh’s house to meet him. The media is present there.

Akash goes to park his car. He then comes to Poonam. They are sent inside to meet Mata Singh. Mata Singh acts sweet to them and welcomes them well. He says a woman should be only to take care of kids and kitchen, but you proved me wrong. He calls his family ladies. The women praise Poonam and says there are many women inside, come and talk to them. Poonam says but… They take her inside to have a talk. Poonam goes with them. Akash waits for Poonam. Mata Singh makes him busy on talk and asks where are you going to campaign, tell me and write it here, those days I will not do my campaign. Akash tells his plan to him.

Mata Singh says fine, its clear now, we won’t have any problems with each other. Akash says we should leave now. Mata Singh says fine, thanks for coming here. Akash says thanks to you, now call my wife, so that I can tell her and talk infront of media. Mata Singh says what do you mean. Akash says you said you will do press conference. Mata Singh says when did I say. Akash says call Poonam. Mata Singh who. Akash says my wife. Mata Singh says from where. Akash says your wife took her inside. Mata Singh says when did she come here. Akash says she came with me and your wife took her. Mata Singh says you look tired. Akash says I m in my senses. Everyone say Poonam did not come here. Mata Singh says you came here alone, no one was here. Mata Singh says no one can go inside to see, you can’t go inside, get lost from here.

Akash says what, and says if anything happens to her, I will burn you and this house. Mata Singh laughs. He asks his men to throw Akash out. Akash shouts Poonam ji. He says I will ruin you Mata Singh, I will find my Poonam, write my name. Mata Singh laughs. Akash is thrown out of the house and looks around. He says there is no one here, where did everyone go, where is the media. He understands Mata Singh’s plan to call fake media. Akash cries thinking what a big mistake he made and shouts Poonam ji.

Akash complains to inspector about Mata Singh kidnapping Poonam. Mata Singh makes Akash’s complaint fraud and inspector scolds Akash.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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