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Sadda Haq 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyukta is cutting onions and tears come in her eyes. Randhir goes near her. He picks up a tissue and wipes out her tears. Both look in each others eyes. He does her aid properly and says, it’s only his right to make her cry. The teacher comes out and says time is up. She asks Randhir to judge now. Randhir looks at salads and makes the other girl winner. Sanyukta says in her mind, I am not surprised. Even if it was me alone in the competition, then I would still lose. Randhir tells Sanyukta, she can cry now.

Vidushi is walking in the college. Some boys say she’s looking so hot. She’s drinking water. A boy bumps into her and she gets wet. The boys start teasing her about the nappies. She decides to take revenge with Sanyukta as she has to face all this humiliation because of her.

Sanyukta returns to the college and telling herself, if he only wants to do all this, then why doesn’t he leave FITE and join the teacher? He woke up in the morning, just to come there and do this? She asks herself why she’s thinking about him. She calls Parth to ask about parts, but he’s not picking up. She wonders where he’s gone now.

Parth is playing basketball with a blindfold. He recalls Arpita tying a blindfold and telling him to make the basket with blindfold. He says that he already can’t see anything when she’s in front of him, he doesn’t need blindfold. She asks him to make the basket. Parth tries 3-4 times, but he fails. Arpita does it in once. She removes the blindfold and asks what happened to him now. He says, she was around, so he got distracted. He flirts with her. In present, he does make the basket with blindfold. Sanyukta comes there and is surprised. He tells her that him and Arpita used to challenge with each other. She asks, and who used to win? He doesn’t say anything. She asks him if she can try it too. Parth removes his blindfold and says, sure. He teaches Sanyukta how to hold ball properly. She says in her mind, not me, make yourself understand. How will you live like this in Arpita’s memories? She decides not to talk to him about the task as he is rarely smiling. She makes the basket and is then leaving. Parth remembers about her parts. She says she will manage. He tells her to go to the lab and he will get her parts.

Vardhan calls doctor and says, I am coming to meet Prof. Rao. Keep him ready. Doctor says, okay, but carefully. Vardhan gets mad and says, no one knows Rao better than me. Parth hears him screaming and says to himself, there is some connection between Vardhan and Prof. Rao for sure. It’s not as simple as I thought, it’s serious. I will have to find out what it is otherwise it will surely affect him, and the Dream Team.

Parth brings cycle parts to Sanyukta. They start working. Parth forgot one of the parts, so he goes back to get that. Sanyukta sees Randhir’s script and says to herself, what other work that idiot got beside distracting me. She asks herself to concentrate on the ask, but she can’t. She says it must be something negative and keeps wondering what he could have wrote. While she’s using her calculator, she realizes that Randhir has used all those scientific symbols. She tries to figure it out. Randhir comes there and is shocked. He snatches away her book and tears the paper. She asks him to return it to her. He eats the paper. She asks him what he thinks of himself, she almost cracked down the code. He says that he’s not as foolish as she thinks that he will believe she cracked down his language. She says yes, because that is all I see everywhere since past few days. And when I cracked it down, you can’t take it. You just can’t take your defeat. Randhir thinks that if she really figured it out, then I will have to get rid off it from everywhere before she finds out what was it. He runs. Sanyukta runs after him asking him for her book. Randhir locks her in a room. He then comes out with pain. They show what he had wrote “I don’t know why I keep thinking of you Sanyukta. I hate you.. I will never fall in love with you, Sanyukta. Leave me alone”. He starts re-painting the walls. Meanwhile, Sanyukta tries to get out of the room. She uses a magnet and manages to open the door. Randhir is done re-painting all the wall. He says in his mind, I have finished removing my script from everywhere. Too bad, you will never be able to find out what I had wrote about you.

He suddenly remembers he forgot classroom bench. His paint is over and he goes to get more. Sanyukta comes out and sees he re-painted the wall. She says, great, when he thought he’s losing, he removed all the script. She too remembers of classroom bench and runs to the classroom with her calculator. While she’s trying to figure it out, Randhir comes there and looks shocked. He runs and throws paint on her and bench. She looks at him angrily. He says, be thankful that I got paint’s container, had I found oil or greece, then? He’s smiling at her. She pushes him and he falls down. She sits on him and puts paint on him too. He asks her to stop, but she doesn’t. He pulls her and both have eyelock. He then pushes her back and gets up. She leaves in anger. He looks on and says, I said that I won’t let you do it.

Randhir comes to his room. Jiggy gets scared. He asks him what happened. Other hand, Kastuki asks Sanyukta if everything is okay. She says, that jungli, Randhir, did all this. Jiggy leaves the room before Randhir gets mad at him. Kastuki takes Sanyukta with her to remove paint before it gets too late. Both are remembering them running behind each other and paint scene. Sanyukta is mad, while Randhir is smiling. She says in her mind, don’t even think by mistake that you won or you got saved, I won’t spare you. Other hand, Randhir says, don’t think by mistake that you will be able to win from me.

Precap: Sanyukta is working on the task. She goes in water tank and suddenly door gets closed. Someone turns on the water knob and water level starts increasing. Sanyukta screams for the help.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. sum1 pls tell me wats happened to telly updates today!? no update till now for kumkum bhagya, veera, yhm! m imho crazy ;->

  2. sum1 pls tell me wats happened to telly updates today!? no update till now for kumkum bhagya, veera, yhm! m goin crazy ;->

  3. Randhir u luk ossam jst luv u♥♥♥♥

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