Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laali acting sweet to Simran and asking her to have the milk soon. Laali takes care of Simran. She thinks I will ruin your happiness. She says I should have got a sister like you. Simran says yes, I m like your sister. Laali says I m very happy that Tau ji have forgiven you and Rajveer. Simran says yes, its like a new birth for me, if this house broke, I would have died, this family is my life. Laali thinks she has to ruin this family to ruin her. Simran says you and Wazeero are special to me, I m worried about her, she was very sharp in studies, I was sure she will become a great girl but that Kuldeep is a monster. Laali gets angry as Simrna speaks against him.

Laali gets up and says I have some work, I will leave. She comes in the kitchen and is angry on Simran for insulting Kuldeep. She takes a knife and cuts her hand in anger. Laali calls the police station to talk to Kuldeep. Kuldeep is having great time in jail having all comforts. Kuldeep talks to her. She says I m very angry, I was cut my hand. He says what, are you mad. He says I don’t like your anger, why did you do this. She says for you, I got angry as Simran told against you.

Kuldeep asks her to keep her mind cool. She ends the call. Himmat comes in his room and sees Laali sleeping. Himmat holds her and she starts acting as if she is very ill. He gets worried. She says I m having lots of pain and shows her hand. Himmat says be careful in doing kitchen work. She says its paining a lot. He says come lets go to doctor. She says no need. He says come with me. She says are you hurt seeing me hurt. He says yes. She acts sweet. She asks why did you come to me. He says I want to love you. She says share my pain. He asks what. She says cut your hand. He gets tensed.

He runs out of the room, Laali says he came to me so late, he has to pay for keeping me at my parents’ house, first let me deal with Simran. Tai ji and Chanchal discuss what to make in lunch. Simran says decide well else we will not eat anything. Laali asks what to make today. They tell few names that Himmat likes. Chanchal says Laali and Simran can cook together. Chanchal says about Rajveer’s fav food. Simran says we will cook what Tau ji and Rajveer likes. Tai ji feels bad. Laali notices this.

Laali comes to Tai ji and fills her ears against Simran. Tai ji says its not a problem, we can cook Himmat’s fav food tomorrow. Tai ji scolds her for filling her ears. Laali cries and gets her sympathy. Tai ji says I m like your mum so I scolded you. Laali says you can beat me too as I think you are my mum. Tai ji says fine. Laali says I saw no one respects my husband and treat him as servant. Tai ji says what are you saying.

Laali says no one hears you and Himmat in this house. Tai ji feels bad. Laali speaks against Chanchal and Simran. Tai ji says we are united family and this will go on. Laali says if you ok, fine, let it happen. Tai ji says what to do. Laali says you start doing and you will get the way. Laali tells about another kitchen in house. Tai ji says yes, but you can’t go there. Laali says I know everything, if Rajjo can make a kitchen, why can’t we. She says lets separate. Tai ji is shocked and leaves. Laali smiles. Laali calls Kuldeep and is happy. She tells him what she did with using Tai ji. Simran comes to her. Laali is shocked to see her.

Tau ji tells Tai ji that he is very happy and will give her what she asks for. He asks what do you want. Tai ji says I want a separate kitchen from Simran and Chanchal. Tau ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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