Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
pakiya says Pakhi you married Raghav ? Plate falls off Kamla’s hand. Manda says wow Raghav and Pakhi are such a perfect couple. She says look Raghav has become your son in law finally. Pakhi says I am sorry Kamla maa I had to maary like this. Won’t pray for me. She touches Kamla’s feet. Kamla says my paryers are with you. Kalpi is so shocked to say something.Vitthal throws away his turban. Pakhi says Rahav i think Kamla maa is so angry let me go upstaitrs to talk to her. Its Kalpi and Raghav alone there. Kalpi moves to him. Kalpi sats why you did yjis to me? She shouts.
Pakhi says upstairs I know that you are mad at me. I call you mom and sisn’t tell you. Pakhi says I couldn’t tell anyone. I am sorry please forgive me. You know how much i love Raghav. This all has happened because of you. Now please be happy.

Kalpi says why you broke me. If you didn; wanna marry me you should have told me. Why you hurt my parents. You didn’t come to meet ai baba but I said its okay. What will say to them Raghav. Please say this all is a lie. She shouts please Raghav. He says I can’t lie to you even when I want. Truth is I have married Pakhi.
Pakhi says Raghav loves me a lot. When I came back from paris he called me and asked me to come to his place. When I went there, its was filled with flowers. Pakhi remembers that Raghav came and hug her from back. Pakhi said please tell me this is not a dream. Raghav says this is reality. I wanna say it candidly. He bowed down and said will you marry me ? Pakhi said yes and he makes her wear the ring. He says this was our ring ceremony. We will now go to court for wedding. I wanna marry you right now. I can’t waste more time. Pakhi hugged him.
Pakhi says to kamla tell me what could I do. It was the biggest dream of my life. He had made all the preparations. I right, no?Raghav says I had to do this. I agree but listen to me. He holds kalpi. Kalpi slaps him and says leave me. These things don’t matter to me now. I was mad to trust you. I thought I will have a fistful sky but I forgot that its nit for people like us. She throws away her ring and all the bangles. She goes running in. Raghav throws away his turban and is so angry.

Scene 2
Kalpi is running and comes to a pillar. She is crying hard. He sits on the floor. Raghav comes there following her. He says I know I am your culprit. Punish me however you want, Just listen to me why I did this. Kalpi says there is snothing left to listen. You rich people enjoy hurting us, Its your trait and you did the same. You just took me as a challenge. Don’t ask for pardon. Its my mistake that I forgot that I live in a chowl and people like you care about class more. Raghav says I know you have been deceived but In have been deceived too. I can feel your pain. Kamla maa always that go to mandir before every good thind. I went to mandir before coming her.
He quotes ” Gauri was there and she started running when she saw sahil there. She was running madly on the road. SHe saw a kid and started chasing her. She got hid by Raghav’s car. He came out and looked at her. She was screaming chintu. Raghav was dazed. He tried to recognize the lady. Its was his mom. When he actually turned her face to him. He recalls his childhood days. ”
Kalpi is shocked to listen this.

Precap-Vitthal is hitting Raghav. He says how dare you to break the of my daughter. She will face humiliation for rest of her life. God won’t even save you today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ok………my bst wishz r alwayz with u……

  2. Hi litt sis choco and angel anshu
    I left this page since yesterday but read your comment & can’t stop my self

    Just hate cvs pd,raghna already separate ho Gaye 4that I dot know what to say raghna separation is hurting me 2much no word for that
    But I have 1 qus since last Friday
    Raghav revange lene ke lie aligetor ko kese use Karega means ,raghav ne koi epi me Sammy ko bola tha ki
    Me kapoor se revang luga par uske lie paaji ko hurt nahi karuga

  3. Choco anshu ap sab ko twitt par mess Kia tha
    Miss u sis’s so much

  4. hello mon, ek, chocopai, nat ansh, ap and all other raghav kalpana friends. really its disgusting i am still want that someone come and say its dream not reail or pakhi and raghav are doing acting to make fool everyone for his revenge so that neetu and sahil get easily trap on it. but i know its only mythoughts raghav get married to paakhi this is what from stating i knew when in holi paakhi ne color lagya and raghav ne bhi. ab kiya hoga raghav payar to kalpi se h karega but paakhi uske behave ko dekhakar paresaan hogi and kalpi khud ko kitna hi mazboot kar le but whatever relation shipbetween them no body accept it in true way ager end main kalpi or raghav ko milna bhi hai to kaise yaar kamla ke aise sanskar nahi ke kalpi paakhi ka ghar ujjad kar apna basaaye or paakhi ke kiya galti raghave ne kapoors ko maat nahi de ye decision lekar baki khud ko hai hara diya sammy ne kaha tha raghav ko paakhi is innocent so its not good to use her but raghav did same thing so disgusting raghav singhania very pourful and future oriented strong person paakhi ke aad le raha hai apna badala lene ko are kapoors so jo kiya bura uske saath paakhi ko use karke wo konsa acha kar raha hai kapoor or raghav maien kiya diffrence rah gaya jab raghav ko iska ahsash hoga he started to love paakhi then what about kalpi kiya hoga us payar ka jo raghav kalpi ke beech tha ek din pahle sab kalpi ka or ek din baad paakhi ka. poor kalpi uski kismat hi kharab hai jo uska hai asal maien wo paakhi ko mil jaata hai or aansu usko ab kuch nahi hou sakt true love ende here kuch bhi hou jaave ragha kalpi baad main mil hi kiyu naa jaaye but thre will be no turthness and admiration. i think this show is in hell now. raghav i love to watch u with kalpi but what character writer gives u now its shit and no one going to support u apne maa ka badla lena its not the way to get marrie with paakhi . neetu will be happy raghav get married with paakhi and 1000 caror will be her raghav get to know neetu is doing all with his mom then i hate u raghav u have paid very big thing after ur this decision ager tu kapoor ko hara bhi de naa phir bhi tu hi haara hai no other. and kalpi and uske family ke kiyagalti the ismaine ragave ne apne liye un logo ko dukhi kiya poor people always suffered by rich people even though rich are good hearted. kamla and vitthal and kalpi ne hamesha raghav, uske dad and uke maa ke safety ke andwhat raghave did everythng distroyed and gave one big pain under to show his mazboori….paakhi nahi dekha kapl shaadi ke jode amien raghav ke saath khadi ahi or rou rahe hai she just ignored her how stupid she is…..i ad done with this show and very sad i reall very sad

  5. Raghav i hate you kuch bhi mazboori the paakhi se shaadi nai karne the nahi karne the i hate you kalpi ko itna dukh diya payar kahan kiya tune payar ka manzil shaadi hoti haior to kisi or se shaadi kar aaya its not love i hat u i hate u writer ko humaree feeling ke saath khelene ka koi hake nahi koi nahi

  6. mei ne kitne saare tweets send kiye mon bt koi reply nahi mila…..jb paji ko pata chale ga raghav luvz kalpi & he married only fr revenge with her wo toh aiyse hi hurt ho gi….agla turn kya hoga wo cvs k alava aur koi nahi jaan skta…..

  7. dd cvs toh pahlye hamare emotions k saath khel chuki hai ab naya kya hai……….hume itna shocking surprise diya….ab hum se zayada toh wo surprise ho rahi hai hamara reaction dekh k & she told us that v r over reacting ……lol…….agla surprise toh usse nxt week milega jb woh iski trp dekhegi…….

    1. you are right chocopie

  8. correct chocopie

  9. i m sorry to say but all everyone of ZEE soaps is the same disappointment over and over no happiness in relationships / marriages always revenge and killing….. the key persons always never get to b happy…and i guess the true stars.. is all em crooks….. they always get happiness zee and everyone shud jus shut down there company

  10. hi chocopie dd a nshu mon girjaji gud morning now it does not mean what ema team show us in future bcs truth is raghav married to pakhi she is his first wife forever

    1. Raghav told Pakhi that they will get register marriage.who knows whether it is true register marriage or fake one?he may have done not following proper rules for register marriage – to take revenge. and ha has not married Pakhi in temple or anywhere else.just he says he married pakhi.no witness was there when they got married?

  11. our kalpi once again is empty handed i donot know how raghav will take revenge by marriaging pakhi

  12. our writers did not get that people want to watch this bcs of its different story varna yahi bakwas dekhne ke liye we have pavitra rishta and all other serials also our writers does not have any respect for our culture they should keep raghna unmarried instead of showing marriage of rakhi

  13. yaar ye log raghna ki marriage rok dete par……………………………i am so hurt ema what have you done to all yours viewers very disgusting……

  14. no ya she iz nt empty handed i thnk she nw concentrate her & her aiee’s dreamz & move on n hr lyf & bcm a strng & sucessful …..bt ye nvr forgt her luv till her last breathe…….

    1. ok chocopie but she must not go for raghav in future than she will be strong women

  15. our writers every time show the main lead very strong an than suddenly it turns into worse very strong raghav turns out to a foolish,stupid,idiot character he can not stand for his love standing in front of kalpi asking for punishment

  16. bt cn’t c him in majboor helpless……..only lyk him as kalpi’s raghav & lyk his old attitude……..

  17. Its the end… EMA should go of air now… argh all the serials are the same now….

  18. many ques. R in my mind wil kalpi leave her job or nt & shows raghav she don’t mind his presence……….wht wil nw raghav do wht iz his nxt step………..wil kapoors use kalpi means they knwz or when they knows about kalpi….raghav’s weak point…….wil thay harm her…….hw wil nw raghav live his life with paji…….wil kalpi understnd raghav’s majboori when she knwz everything wht wil b her reaction after knowing whole truth……wil raghav back again kalpi in his lyf

  19. OMG!!!!I hate Paki and Ragav how can he do this to Kalpi……wonder where this serial is going…….just like other serials – same story…. dnt even feel like watching this anymore 🙁
    I hope Kamla lets go of Paki now…..

    1. As usual…coz she is pakhi baby …hain.kamala ki wish fulfilled now.pakhi baby ko Raghav baba mil gaye…

  20. after what raghav has done to kalpi ..I can not advice her to get back to him when he finishes his revenge Becoz she is too beautiful to be a second wife she should move on or just marry Sammy.(my opinion)

  21. i hope kalpi mum will feel the act of neglect towards the child she neglected all her life.she who claimed to have two daughters was forgotten on her big day without even telling her about her wedding , where as she has always been there 4 her, while forgetting her own blood child. I WISH I HAD NOT GIVEN MY VOTE TO THIS EK MUTTHI AASMAN .Kalpi you are strong girl continue with your work and move on,for nothing last for ever BEST OF LUCK KNOW THAT GOD DO EXIST AND ALWAYS THERE 4 THE LESS PRIVILEGE.

  22. raghave will take his revenge to leave paakhi after marrage so that kapoor get tensed and in pain as he has marry with their dauthger and now not accepting her. but kamla will force him and he has to accept her. after some time he realize his mistake after having lots of love for kalpi in guilt he need to takecareof paakhi. may be one day he goes to close paakhi to imagin its kalpi and that daypaakhi get to know the turth. i know neetu knew all story that raghav love kalpi as manda is there. dont know whaterv the reason but i read some where at last kapli and ragha together but after this marriage its meaning less better kalpi ko mar jaana chahiye and make remeberance of true love ad raghave sab chod de

  23. No.she should not leave her job. with Raghav.Pakhi should leave her job now.she should be always infront of him -and with her result is in her favour she will sit in higher position in same place.sammy also will be there.to help her out with her job.Kalpana character is like she dont like to revenge to Raghav and pakhi. she will move on her life – to acchive her goal in the same company.about neetu dream – 10000 crs. we have to see ?Raghav anyway dont like kapoors,may be Raghav will give all his bussiness to kalpana’s name once he come to know about kapoors. But i stopped watching this serial. NO MORE EMA/ only i read feed back and keep in touch with RAGHNA FANS who become my friends now.

  24. i don’t thnk kalpi wl marry with sammy bt if it happenz i wl nt b surpriz bcoz cvs cn do anythng which iz unacceptble……kaash ye such mei fake shaadi hoti……..i hv nt decide wht to do…….bt ye i wl always touch with u…….either on twitter or here…..

  25. I don’t think any girl deserves what raghav just did to kalpi I feel that the writer should give kalpi another partner and move on. Love failed her she should concentrate on becoming a very successful business women that will over power men. Poor Raghav WILL BECOME MISERABLE

  26. just came here in touch with you people . no feed back from here onwards but we will discuss it. we always love RAGHNA.they both become a part of our life even without knowing

  27. The writer should encourage women and men to never give up on love and to strive to do better. Improve your inner ability and move forward this disappointment is not the end but the beginning for a fresh start. Raghav will later realise that love conquer everything

  28. Episodes to come I would like Raghav to beg for Kalpi’s loves she should not give it in return men should learn by there mistakes

  29. Episodes to come I would like Raghav to beg for Kalpi’s loves

  30. i cnt judge raghav……whtevr he did with kalpi……..brokedown…….bt also cn’t c him lyk that…….

  31. Hey chocopie u still hav a soft corner 4 raghav character
    Frankly saying the thing he has done tontake revenge was not a man thing ie playing with girls emotions is just disgusting….
    What was kalpi fault?????
    He destroyed 3 lives
    Broke the trust of person becoz of whom he is free now(kamla) by hurting both her daughters…
    At the last the 1 who lost evrything was kalpana…
    I dont care whether he actually married paakhi or he is just faking it
    But track which has started in the programme is a bull shit…

  32. no comment fr that ya……evry commnt makes me confused……undrstnd wht he h done………bt already tld na i cn’t judge him……

  33. it feelz me happy girija that u r nt leaving ths page…..also request to mon & AP plz don’t leave ths page…….

  34. the sad part they are asking the viewers to have hope that there are better things to come….but how do they justify what they have done….i did not know paki character was a lead…what did she want other than raghav….but u see i will never understand why this was done to kalpi and the part of making her strong is a load of horse crap…..i agree if he did not love her he would not have told her what had happened and the beating he will take from vithal is a sign that what he is going through is worse than physical pain….in normal circumstances the independent woman in me would say walk away but love have a strange way of getting in the way…..for anyone who has been in love to that depth of kalpi and raghav then and only then u will realise that they will always love each other no matter how much they hurt eachother……always remember he said he cant live wihout her and she said she can love no other…it is bitter and humilating for kalpi but she has learnt how to move on…..i dont think making kalpi fall in love with someone else will be the solution and making her hurt him because he hurt her will be the proper story because her character will be butchered…notice how both paki and raghav said they followed kamla’s advice will that will show some significance i think in he upcoming tracks……i dont want paki to be part of raghav’s plan…and again rememeber kalpi was willing to give up raghav for her mother so raghav actually did the same…….i dont think kalpi would ever give up on raghav like wise i dont think raghav will give up on kalpi……..i think the major twist should be raghav signing all his property to kalpi so the kapoors get nothing…but heart ache especially neetu

  35. What bothers me the most was when Paakhi came out smiling and pakiya asked if she and Raghav are married,she just smiled.And Kalpi just looked so shocked and distraught and heartbroken:( having found out that Paakhi is now Raghavs wife.Raghav just didn’t have any emotion on his face at all,having hurt Kalpi so much with his actions,he just showed a straight face.I just can’t stand the sight of Paakhi,she has robbed Kalpi of everything from childhood,when is it going to be KALPI time???she deserves that much-and as for Kamla she is a sorry excuse for a mother,deep down inside she will be happy that Paakhi got what she wanted,which is to marry Raghav.I so wished for this serial to be different but I guess not,one minute the fans are so excited they favourite couple is on the right track and getting married and the next we are all heartbroken,same with qubool hai.Really!!!!

  36. is it true that raghav will be killed in EMA ??????????/

  37. raghav gauri patch up gauri rememberz everything & told raghav about kapoors…….they h killd his dad…..& evrythng……only fr revenge raghav married with paji

  38. raghav telz evrythng to kalpi bt is nt motivate…….he telz hr that his marriage is only a deal….bt kalpi gvz him long lecture that she & hr family trust him bt hv broke it

  39. raghav paji court marriage

  40. U should End this f**king serial!!!!!!!! it’s getting very very stupid such like Pavitra Rishta!!!!!! These Directors these days like to drag story and twist them around every time!!! with Nonsense!!! Especially Zee Tv!!! I think they should learn From ( Colours ) (life OK)Etc..!To hell with this Shit!!!!

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