Saaya (Shadow) RoshAn Horror SS Part 4

Saaya(Shadow) Part 4

Roshni saw a framed photograph of Maya in the room.Roshni stared at the photograph.
Fire came out of Roshni’s eyes and it starting burning Maya’s photograph.

Aman who came there was shocked to see it.
Aman:Roshni…did you do this?
Aman was shocked:Why?
Roshni:Because I hate her.I cannot share you with anyone.You are only mine Aman.
Aman was shocked:Roshni…what are you saying?When you told me that you want to stay with me you had assured me that you won’t cause any problems.You knew that there is another woman in my life.Suddenly when she is about to come here why are you behaving like this?Why have you changed your nature?
Roshni:It’s like that Aman.You won’t understand.You won’t understand how a woman feels when she has to share the person she loves unconditionally with another woman.The other woman will always be the biggest enemy.So I cannot stand your fiancee.

Roshni:Aman…let us not discuss about it.
Roshni walked out angrily while Aman was tensed.

Maya and Veer’s car reached the compound.When Veer and Maya stepped out of the car
huge thunder sounds were heard.

Veer and Maya hugged Aman.Suddenly heavy wind started blowing. Due to heavy storm

Veer-Maya started shaking which detached them from Aman.Aman got tensed.
Maya:How did the weather change suddenly?
Nirmala:The weather is unpredictable.Come inside before it rains.

They entered the house.
Aman thought:Is this thunder and storm caused by Roshni?No…Roshni can’t do that.This is just the effects of the weather.
Suddenly Maya held Aman closer:I am so happy Aman.I really missed you.
He gave a pale smile to her as he was worried about Maya’s safety because of Roshni’s anger towards Maya.
Maya:Why you look gloomy Aman?Are you not happy to see me?
Aman smiled:If I am not happy to see you then by seeing whom can I be happy?

She smiled:I know.


All were sleeping.
Veer heard a female voice:Veer…
Veer woke up from his sleep:Who is that?
“I am standing outside.Come outside”.
Veer went out.
Veer:Who is there?

Suddenly Veer saw the dog with twinkling eyes(Rocky) and got scared.
The dog Rocky talked in a female voice:Hi you remember me?

Veer started sweating due to fear:How come you are talking?
Rocky:Why can’t I talk if you can talk?
Rocky started laughing in a female voice which scared Veer.
Suddenly the dog turned into a scary female ghost.

Due to shock and fear Veer was not able to talk.
The ghost laughed:You can’t even scream for help.
Veer got scared and his eyes were filled up with tears.
Suddenly her teeth got bulged out.Blood drops started falling down.

Veer moaned in fear.Fire balls came out of her eyes

aiming at Veer.
As the fire balls followed Veer,

he ran to his room saving his life.
Suddenly he landed up in his bed with eyes closed.He opened his eyes.
Veer:Was I dreaming about that ghost?
He felt relieved.
The ghost in the compound turned into Roshni.
Roshni chuckled:Fool!

Veer was at the pub drinking and dancing with girls.Suddenly his eyes fell on a girl.He went near her in a seductive manner.
Veer:Hey hottie…
She looked at him:Hi handsome…
Veer smiled:Guess you are impressed by my charm like any other girl.
She smiled:Ya..a kind of.
Veer extended his hand towards her:Hi..Veer here.
She held his hand:Mukti here.
Veer looked at her deeply:Would you like to spend some time with me?
Mukti smiled in a mischievous manner:Sure.
He smiled.

Veer-Mukti landed up in a hotel room.He tried to get cozy with her.Shockingly Mukti pushed him.
Mukti:How dare you?
Veer was shocked:How dare you push me?I brought you here with your permission.Then why are you behaving like this?
Mukti:You asked me if I want to spend time with you.I said yes.But I never thought that you want me to warm up your bed.
Suddenly Veer caught her by her neck and started squeezing her neck.
Veer:Don’t behave as if you don’t know anything.

Suddenly Mukti turned into a woman with a burnt face.

Veer got scared and moved backward falling down.
Veer:You…are you a ghost?
She replied in a scary voice:Yes..I am a ghost.
Veer got scared with a shock.
Veer:Why are you after me?What did I do?
Suddenly she turned into Roshni shocking Veer.Veer started sweating.
Roshni:Now did you understand what you did?
Veer was breathing heavily.Roshni smirked.
Veer rushed out of the room while Roshni laughed.

Veer reached Aman’s home.Rocky was barking at Veer staring at him with his glowing eyes.

Near Rocky Roshni was standing and giggling.

Suddenly Rocky bit his leg and blood oozed out.
Veer moaned in pain:Ahhh

Veer ran inside bearing all the pain by screaming:Aman….
Aman:What happened Veer?
Veer:Where is Maya?
Aman:She went to the gym.
Veer thought:I hope that Maya is safe.
Aman:What happened?
Veer:Aman…that was not my hallucination,Really there is a ghost here.I saw her with her ghost dog.That dog bit me.
Aman was shocked.
Aman saw his wound.
Aman thought:That means it’s Roshni.But Roshni said that ghosts do not trouble innocent people.Then why did she scare Veer?Why did Roshni lie to me that she had’nt troubled Veer that day?She is so mysterious.Before taking any step I have to talk to Roshni about it.

Veer:Aman..I am scared whether that ghost and her dog will harm Maya.She tried to harm me.I just had a narrow escape.If she can try to harm me she can harm you and Maya also.
Aman was confused.
He thought:Roshni won’t harm me as she loves me a lot.But she may harm Maya.
Aman:Veer…I will take you to hospital first.
Veer:Ok.It’s paining a lot.

Aman took Veer to the hospital and got him treated there.Then Aman dropped him back home.
Veer:Aman…Maya has not reached home yet.I am scared.

Aman was also getting worried for Maya.
Aman:She must be spending more time in the gym.I will go and pick her up.Don’t worry.


Aman started his car to go to Maya’s gym.

Aman could not find Maya in the gym.So he walked out of the gym to check if Maya was in the same location or not.
Maya was standing on the road to catch the taxi.Strangely no one was there.
Roshni appeared behind her.
She smirked thinking:I erased everyone from this area.So that no one will come to save you.Your end is near and you will be out of Aman’s life.After that Aman will be only mine.

Roshni’s eye balls turned yellow.

She moved her hands towards Maya’s neck to choke her to death with an evil smile.

  1. @Jasminerahul
    Whoa,mindblowing episode.
    This episode is amazingly awesome??,when Roshni saw Maya’s photograph and out of anger she burnt her photograph was really very cool( it was really way cooler than I can imagine). Just like Aman I also wanted to know why Roshni did this????.
    Roshni’s sudden odd behaviour shocked aman as Roshni told him that she can’t harm innocent people,really wanna know why roshni doing this .

    And the way Roshni and Rocky scared Veer was really worth watching,I really enjoyed that part,lots of mysteries, lot of suspense I really like it.
    And the last part where Maya was standing in the road to find a taxi and to her surprise no one is there, it was quite strange ,but then,when roshni appear behind her and says no one will come to save you and you will be out of Aman’s life and aman will be mine was really amazing at the same time it was full of suspense.
    Again this update is really awesome, Jasmine I must say the way you created suspense and adding lots of twist and turn was extremely awesome(Hats of to you).
    I really wanted to know what’s gonna happen next and what roshni gonna do in the next update ,and will aman save maya ?? And what’s the mystery behind Roshni’s death and how maya and veer related in this matter .
    Once again really enjoyed this one and waiting for the next update????.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much for your detailed comment.I enjoyed it a lot

    2. @Jasminerahul
      It’s my pleasure that you like my comment??.,and again thnx for this ff. Really looking forward to see what will happen in the next update

  2. Adhu

    It’s getting interesting. Is Veer behind Roshni’s death? Nice episode dear.

  3. Another chapter Please !!! It gets more and more interesting, you are very good !!!

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