RuSha: Main Teri Heer Tu Mera Raanjha (4~Love You Pagloo)

~Jab chahay jaisay chahay
Parh lo Meri zindagi,
Panna chahay koi bhi ho
Naam Sirf Tumhara Hi Hoga~ 

Preesha was having the chocolate given by Rudra and seeing Yuvraaj, she hid the flower under the bed but continued having the chocolate. He sat beside her and she ignored him. “Wow, so you finally got the chocolate for helping me? I kept it in the fridge for you only,” he said and she stopped eating and got thinking. 

He doesn’t knows that this is actually given by Pagloo, he says he will take me from here but if I tell Yuvraaj , Pagloo won’t take me, I should play along with YuvraajPreesha thought to herself.  

Even though she was mentally unstable, she came up with a good plan. “Yes I got it, thank you…,” She said. “Yuvraaj… My name is Yuvraaj… Yuvraaj Pillai… If you like, you can call me Y.P for short,” he said and she smiled and nodded. 

I didn’t keep any chocolate, so then why is she saying thanks? Something is definitely fishy over here. He thought to himself. 

He touched her arm and then pulled her close, she looked at him puzzled. “Hmm, so now Shonu will even lie to me, hmm?” He asked and she shook her head. “I didn’t lie,” she said childishly. 

Shonu, I never kept any chocolate for you, so then how did you got it? Who gave it to you? Tell me? Don’t lie,” he said and she pressed her tongue between her teeth. “Kya kehrahay ho Y.P? Tum bhool gaye tumne hospital mein kaha tha ke tum Mujhe chocolate aur ice creams do gey agar maine tumhara achha khayaal rakha toh? Yeh chocolate tumne hi toh rakhi thi na fridge mein, 2 2 thiek maine leli, tum chaho toh ja kar dekhlo,” she said childishly and he stared at her and went. Preesha showed thumbs up to Rudra who was standing at the window. He finally went.  


After Rudra gave the chocolate to Preesha, he kept one more in the fridge hiding from everyone and then returned to the window. 

Flashback end. 

Yuvraaj went to the kitchen and saw that there was one chocolate in the fridge. “But this is impossible, I don’t remember keeping them here, maybe because of the wound I forgot,” he said and went taking the chocolate to the room. He sat beside her. “Yes, look there was a chocolate kept there, one for you, one for me,” he said and she giggled. 

Jhoot bolne wala, tera munh kaalaullll,” she said teasingly. “Achha baba sorry, shaam ka bhoola agar subah ko laut aaye to use bhoola nahin kehtay,” he said and she giggled. “Y.P mental! Y.P mental!” She said laughingly. “Aray? Main kiun mental?” He asked. “Tum galat bol rahay ho nayoon hota hai ke subah ka bhoola agar sham ko laut aaye to use bhoola nahin kehtehahahaha, or tum Ghar pe hi toh thay na, mental,” she said teasingly and childishly. They had a laugh. He began to eat the chocolate and felt like vomiting and ran to washroom. 



Rudra was laughing on the other side thinking what had he done to Yuvraaj’s chocolate. He had melted his chocolate and mixed egg along with spice and salt and then frozen it back to its shape. He laughed till his stomach ached. “Vo mere peechhe or main uske peechhetoooo muchhhh fuuuuun,” he said and giggled. “First time it would look like a man got pregnant,” he said thoughtfully.  


Later, Preesha was caressing the flower given by Rudra and smelt it again and again laying on her tummy. Yuvraaj came and turned her on her back startling her. 

He took the flower and tore it, she began to cry. He came on top of her. On the other side, Rudra got a bad vibe and called Yuvraaj from an unknown number. As the phone started to ring, Yuvraaj slapped his forehead and buried his face in the crook of her neck. She tried pushing him but it was of no use. “Whenever I get closer to her, this stupid phone rings,” he said and sat up, she whimpered. He picked the phone. Hearing Preesha’s whimpering, Rudra knew something wrong was about to happen but he called just in time. 

“Hallo,” Yuvraaj said over the phone. “Are you Vikram from Dubai?” Asked the girl’s voice. “Just shut up!” He said and was about to disconnect the call but Rudra spoke again. “Agayi na aqal thikaane maar pari tohAainda agar inkaar kiya to jaan se maardungi,” Rudra said in girl’s voice. “Just shut up! Main tere cheethre cheethre na ura doon saaliRakh phone!” He said and disconnected the call. Rudra got tensed. “Uh oh, now how to save Preesha?” He asked himself and sighed. “I hope she can inject him just in time, oh God, please keep her safe,” he said. 

On the other side, as Yuvraaj got on top of her, Preesha remembered about the injection and injected him on his back with force, he jerked and fell unconscious on top of her. She tried her best to push him and then used her legs due to which he fell on the floor. She sat up breathing heavily and then knelt beside him. “Pagloo was right, you trouble me a lot, I hate you I hate you I hate you! I will tell Pagloo to take me away from here as soon as possible,” she said childishly. 

She began to cry biting her nails. Just then Rudra came in her room and hid seeing the door open. “Preesha,” he whispered from a distance but she didn’t hear him as she was crying a lot. “Shona,” he whispered a little loudly and she heard him and turned. He pointed at the door and she stood up and closed the door locking it. He stood up and she ran to him giving him a tight hug. “Pagloo it’s good you came else he would’ve done something to me, I gave him the shot in time else…,” She said cryingly. 

He hugged her back. “Shhhh, nothing will happen, now that I came, I m the one who keeps calling him to distract him,” he told her and she broke the hug. “Thanks Pagloo, I love you,” she said and he got shocked. “Preesha?” He said raising his eyebrows. She looked down getting confused on what to say. “Aray it’s okay it’s okay, relax, take this another injection for him, and… Just chill… Look I again bought…,” He was cut in between. “A chocolate,” she completed smilingly and he nodded and gave it to her. She took it and wiped her tears eating like a child. 

“I will miss you Pagloo,” she said. “Me too Paglihaha,” he said and chuckled and kept Yuvraaj on the bed so that he doesn’t suspects a thing when he wakes up. “Shona, if you ever need me and you think I m not there so please just call me okay?” He said giving her a smart phone. “Okay, wow Pagloo, is this for me?” She asked getting delighted. “Of course Shona, this is for you, I saved my number in it and even downloaded games, but use it by hiding, okay Shonu,” he said. 

“Okay,” she agreed. “Keep it somewhere safe,” he said. “Ummm, but where?” She asked. He got thinking and then saw a small pouch lying on the floor. He went and picked it and slipped the phone inside and gave it to her. “Here, take it,” he said and she took it and then got lost in her thoughts. “What happened Shonu?” He asked. “Still it can be seen,” she said sadly. “Pocket,” he said and she smiled and slid it in her pocket. “Thanks,” she said and to his shock, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “Love you Pagloo.” 

This is the second time she said this, I m waiting for the time you will say it when you will be completely fine. He thought to himself. 

“Love you too Pagli, bye,” he said and waved and then got out of there. She smiled. 



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