Saath nibhana saathiya fanfiction: Gaura takes her revenge part 5

Another day came. Kokila was happy that she was with her family and all was fine for now. But on the other site, Gopi still wanted to find out the truth about what had happened to her mother in law. She knew that Kokila was hiding the truth from them. So she decided to go and talk to her.

Kokila was just resting in her room when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”Kokila said.

The door opened and Kokila saw Gopi standing in the doorway.

“What’s going on, Gopi?”Kokila asked. “Do you need anything?”

“Mum, can I come in?”Gopi replied. Ï want to talk to you.”

Ÿes. Come in.”

Gopi stepped in and closed the door.

“Sit down if you like.”Kokila said. She already knew what Gopi wanted to tell her. But she knew that she can’t get away with it.

“What is it that we should talk about?”Kokila asked.

“Mum, please listen to me. I know that you are hiding something from us. I know that you… You are hiding the truth because you are afraifd of something. Or rather someone. Do you really think we would believe you that easy? You thought that you would just tell us that you have accidentally fallen into the river and we would believe you? Mum, we know each other from so many years. I will not stop until you tell me everything. I want to know what happened that day. Your Gopi wants to know the truth. Things will not get better if you keep the truth away from us. You know that one day we will understand everything, doesn’t matter if you want it or not. So, I want you to tell me the truth, right now! No sooner, no later, right now!”

Kokila’s heart began beating with fear. She knew that the moment of truth has come. Gopi would not give up and she knew it.

“Fine.”Kokila then said. I will tell you what happened.”

Ï am listening.”

“So.When all of you went to dance and I was alone, Gaura came to me. She told me that she wants to tell me something, but not there because the environment is very noisy. I agreed and she started walking. I followed her. After some time we stopped in front of a river. Confused, I asked her what are we doing in front of this river. And she said that I must go to the deepest place of this river and drown. I refused but she said that if I don’t do that, she will kill all of you in front of me. I had no choice. I went into the deepest place of the river and… Then you found me.”

Gopi was shocked. She knew that Gaura was mad at their family but this? This went beyond all expectations of Gopi. She knew that Gaura was guilty. But she never knew that Gaura is capable of such things.

Ï will not let her get away with that!”Gopi then said. “Mum, you are coming with me! I want to talk to Gaura.”

And then, Kokila got terrified.

“No, Gopi, please, no!”She pleated. If Gaura finds out I have told you everything, you might get hurt!”

“No, mum, she will not do anything! Come on, come with me!”

Gopi was so furious and so mad that she didn’t even have time to tell the others of the family what has happened. She left outside the house and Kokila followed her.

After 20 minutes, both women stopped in front the house of Gaura. They rang on the doorbell. In less than a minute, Gaura Suryavanshi showed up. She was surprised to see Gopi and Kokila standing in the doorway.

“Namaste.”Gaura said. “May I ask why are you here?”

Ï know everything, Gaura Suryavanshi!”Gopi said, not able to contain her anger anymore. Ï know everything! Mum told me everything! She told me how you have made her go into the deepest place of that river! She told me how you have threatened her! How dare you, Gaura? How dare you?”

“What are you saying, Gopi?”Gaura replied. Ï don’t understand what are you talking about.”

These words made Gopi even angrier.

“Stop it right now, Gaura Suryavanshi! Don’t pretend that you don’t know anything! Why did you do it? What do you want from my mother in law?”

And then, Gaura decided that she would not hide her real feelings anymore.

Ï want to kill her!”Gaura then said. Ï want to see her dead! I want to make her pay for everything she did to me! You know, you know that she killed my brother and yet, you protect her? Shame on you, Gopi Modi! I will not let her get away with what she did! She ruined my childhood, my life! She took away my brother, my most precious thing! And she pretends like nothing has happened?”

“Gaura, please stop it.”Kokila said. You know that it’s not true. You know that I am really sorry for everything that happened. You know that I didn’t mean to kill your brother. You know that it happened accidentally. Why do you still blame me for this? So many years passed since then. Can’t you forget the past and move on, Gaura? Come on, let’s just be friends like before.”

“Really, Kokila? Really? You want me and you to be friends like before? Let me tell you a thing. You stopped being my friend the day you killed my brother. And let me ask you, if I kill your sister Jigna how would you feel? Would you be that good to me? Would you be ready to forget the past and move on? No, you would not. So don’t tell me what I should do and what not. Because you can’t feel my pain. You can’t feel my sadness and anger. And how can you? You forgot about it and moved on, pretending like nothing has happened. You live happily with your family as if nothing has happened and you haven’t committed a sin. And do you know how I feel? No, you don’t know. You don’t know that ever since you took away my brother, I had nightmares for years afterwards. You don’t know that I promised myself I will take my revenge. Years passed and I grew up. One day, I decided that I should find you. And fortunately, somehow I found you. I saw you living happily with your family and my wish for revenge got even bigger. The other day when we were celebrating Navratri, I decided that enough is enough. I decided that you must finally die. So I told you to go into that river. But your Gopi found you and rescued you. And why did you tell her the truth? I told you not to do it, didn’t I??”

Yes, you did. But she insisted and I had to tell her.”

“Fine. So it means that you have decided not to listen to what I tell you. You have decided not to obey my orders. And you know how much I dislike it when someone disobeys with me. So today, I will punish you for your actions.”

And then, Gaura pushed Kokila and she fell on the floor.

“What are you doing, Gaura Suryavanshi!”Gopi shouted.

“Don’t say a word!”Gaura replied. You wanted to know the truth and your mother in law broke her promise because of you! Now I will punish her for that! Now, your dearest creature will die because of you!”

And then, Gaura started dragging Kokila by the hair.

She dragged her through the stairs leading to the outside of the house. Kokila was now scared to death. She then realised that admitting Gopi the truth was a big, very big mistake.

“Gaura, what are you doing?”Kokila asked, shaking and crying.

You will understand.”

And while Gaura was dragging Kokila, Gopi was following them. She was determined to help her mother in law, even if that determination would cost her her life.

After 20 minutes, Gaura stopped. Kokila had injuries over her body. Some parts of her body were bleeding.

“Gaura, Gaura, please, forgive me, I will not do it again, Gaura, I beg you, in the name of our friendship, please, my friend, leave me alone, please, Gaura, please!”

“Don’t say anything, Kokila Modi! Do you see this lake? It’s even bigger than the river I made you go in. Today you will drown for sure!”

At that moment, even Gopi became terrified.

Aunt, what are you doing?”She said. “Please, stop it, aunt. Don’t hurt my mother in law, please, aunt. Please.”

“Don’t say anything, Gopi!”Gaura said angrily. Or you will follow her!”

And then, Gaura kept on dragging Kokila by the hair, until she pushed her hard and Kokila fell into the lake.

“Mum!!!”Gopi screamed. And without even thinking, she jumped into the water. She wanted to find her mother in law and began swimming. She kept on swimming, and swimming, and swimming. But Kokila was nowhere to be found.

After one hour, Gopi decided to come back on the surface. When she was finally out of the water, she noticed that Gaura was away. Also, Gopi herself wasn’t in a good condition. Her clothes were wed and she was feeling cold. The water was freezing cold and she was feeling cold as well.

But the feeling of coldness didn’t matter to her right now. She was in tears, crying uncontrollably. She couldn’t find her mother in law. How was that possible? Kokila had to be in the water. Gopi had seen it with her own eyes how Gaura pushes her. She knew that she had to ask someone for help.

20 minutes later. Gopi returned to the family and told everything to her family. They became also worried for Kokila and went back to the lake to try look for her. They searched the whole lake, they asked other people to help them. But nothing. Their search turned up nothing.But how was that possible? It was. Gaura was a clever woman after all. She waited for Gopi to go into a deep place of the lake. Then, she also began swimming, carefully looking around for Kokila and she found her before Gopi. She took her out of the water and hid her into a near by abandoned building.

And Modi family was devastated. As much as they didn’t want to accept the heartbreaking truth that their beloved Kokila is dead., they knew that there wasn’t other option. They couldn’t find her into the lake, so it meant that she has drowned. Or the water has took her somewhere far, far away from them.

And Gaura was having a lot of fun. She was waiting for Kokila to wake up and then, she would begin torturing her.

And would Modi family be able to find their Kokila again? Would Gaura finally succeed in killing Kokila?

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  1. Wow your fan fiction is awesome I never knew someone was still keeping saath nibhana saathiya alive. It use to be Raina who use to write but I don’t know where she Sid and others disappeared keep it up and kudos to you for doing an awesome job.

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