Shivika’s love story – episode 2


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Episode 2

Suddenly, Annika woke up hearing a noise from the kitchen. She then went downstairs and saw Shivaay preparing the breakfast.

Annika: Thank you!
Shivaay: For what ?
Annika : For preparing the breakfast. Usually, I wake up earlier than today, I don’t know how I slept this much !
Shivaay: You’re welcome but just a thing, no need to thank me for nothing. It was just my duty!
Annika: But …
Shivaay: It seems like you are very tired. Come and have breakfast !

They both started to eat when Shivaay received a message from his mother. She was inviting them to eat lunch at their home.

Shivaay : Hey, my mother is asking to come home for lunch. What do you think ?
Annika : Let’s go, if not I guess she will be really upset.
Shivaay; Thank you so much, means a lot to me.
Annika: You are the one who just said to not thank for nothing. Then why are you doing It ?
Shivaay : Sorry, I forgot ! I just got too exited to see my mom.
Annika : You love your mom that much ?
Shivaay : More than what you think !
Annika : Okay. Let’s eat we have to leave soon !


Because writing this relaxed me, I’ve decided that instead of writing every episodes only on Friday, I will write whenever I have time. Comment if you liked it !

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  1. It’s superb episode

    1. Mithira

      Thank you for having read this, it will motivate me to continue writing this story 😘

  2. Excited to read the episodes
    It is nice. Something different

  3. Your story sounds cool! I can’t wait to read the rest

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