Pavitra Rishta -SS By AngelAshu (Part-1)

Pavitra Rishta SS Part-1

Hello My Dear Friends..

Am really very happy with ur all response..

So, I decided to start My SS #Pavitra Rishta…

Present days mein bhi family stories ko maximum people like kar rahe hai..

Hmm.. that’s really great..

Thnx for all supporting me..

So no bak bak..

I Gave Introduction..

As I said this SS 3-4 Parts..

Now am Starting Part-1

***Stay Turned***

It was a pleasant morning..

At GM (Gadodia Mansion) :

The sun rays reachs swara’s room.. through window..

Swara was sleeping..

Some ray falls on swara’s Angelic face..

A curve visable on swara’s lips..

Suddenly swara’s phone rings..

She opens her eyes slowly.. with a little smile…

Takes her phone..

Swara: hello

Person: good morning swara..

Swara: (with a sleepy voice): good morning RAGINI..

(yes that person was ragini)

Ragini: oh my god swara.. its too late.. common swara.. getup..

Swara: aree ragini.. u always disturbing my sleep.. when iam in newyork.. u usef to wake up me daily.. shaadi ke baad bhi tum sudhri nahi..(yes ragini married now)

Now am at my home..(at Mumbai).. yaha to sone do..

Ragini: (little laughs).. no no no way.. common.. jaldi se fresh up ho jao..

Swara: okk baba.. am going to fresh.. happy..

Ragini: hmm bye..

Swara: bye..(smilies)

Swara to herself: pagal.. jab tak teri voice na sune.. how can I getup.. smiles..

Swara goes wash room and gets ready..

Swara always wears traditional dress..(I mean except short dresses)

She wears chudidaar now..

She wears her jewellery..

At that time.. shomi came..

Shomi: good morning beta..

Swara: good morning maa..

Both hugs each other..

Shomi: waoo.. very good beta.. u woke up early here also..

Swara: no mom.. I want to sleep.. but ragini.. with pout face..

Shomi smiles..

Swara: smiles..

Shomi: okk am going come fast.. nashta is ready..

Swara: okk maa.. I will

Shomi leaves swara’s room..

At MM :

At Sanky’s room..

Sanky in front of mirror..

Wearing his watch..

Adjusting hairs…

At that time uttara came there..

Uttara: bhaie.. badi maa calling u for nashta..

Sanky: with smile.. hmm chalo chalo..

They both goes downstairs..

All are present at dining table…

Sanky and uttara also seated now..

Sujju serves..

Sanky eating..

DP: sanskar beta..

Sanky: ji papa..

DP: after six months u came Mumbai..

Sanky little smiles..

DP: me and all family members are decided ki iss baar tumhre shaadi(marriage) karade..

Sanky: (he always comfortable with family members) as u all wish.. (little blush inside)

DP: So, tell which type of girl we can search for u..

Sanky: papa, I don’t know about these all.. as u all want.. u can do..

I know my family’s choice is world’s best choice..

Turned him face towards parineetha..

Pari also smilies..

Uttara: so bhaie, I ll select a bhabhi for u..

Sanky: u can do anything.. aaplog jinko kahoge.. My ankhe band karke MANGALSUTRA pehnadunga..

All gets very happy by listing sanky’s words…

Sujju: but sanskaar.. hamara choice galat nikla toh..?

Sanky: chachi.. never..

All gets really very happy again for sanskar’s trust..

At GM:

Same topic was going on here also..

Shekhar: swara beta.. okk I ll select a boy for u.. but tell some qualities which u expert from him..

Swara: papa.. I told u na.. ur choice is my choice..

If u happy with him.. am also happy..

I can trust my family..

Dadima: le.. aaj ki jamane me aisi chori milna.. hum sab ki kush kismat hai…

All smiles..

Dadaji: so, shekhar.. we can check that rishta..

Shekhar: yes papa.. sure..

Shomi: which rishta (match)..?

Shekhar: that Maheshwaries..

Shomi: ohh.. I think that’s perfect match..

Shekhar: haa.. but swara ko bhi once photo dekhne do..

Shekhar opens his mobile..

Swara: papa.. I told u na.. before marriage.. I don’t want to see him

Shekhar: but ye pic hi to hai..

Swara: no papa.. before marriage I don’t wanna see his pic..

Swara stood..

Dadima.. also stood and hugs swara tightly..

Dadima: haay maare khatu shyam ji.. mari pooti kitna traditional hai..

Swara similes..

Swara: aakhir parivarish kiski..

All laughs..

Some time passed..

At MM:

Sanky goes to meets his friends..

After some time..

Some person came to MM

AP: aayiye andar aayiye..

Sujju gives water to him.. All seted (DP,AP,RP, sujju, Adarsh, Pari)

Panditji: Durga Prasad ji.. u told me to see some matches(rishta) for ur son..

DP: ji..

Panditji: I brought one perfect match for ur son.. hope u all like..

All gets happy..

DP: achaa panditji..

Panditji gives Swara’s photo and Biodata(about swara I mean studies, job some details etc..) paper to DP..

DP saw that photo and biodata gets happy..

DP passes swaras’s photo to all family members..

All are agree..

DP: panditji.. am so happy with this rishta.. once check kundali..

Panditji checks kundali..

Pandithji: wao.. its really amazing.. they both are made for each other..

All gets very much happy with pandiji’s words..

Pari: maa.. papa.. once sanskar ko bhi dekne do..

At time sanky came home..

Sujju: aree what a time.. sanskar beta.. come here..

Sanky comes towards Sujju..

Sujju: ek baar ye photo dekna.. then tell me.. yes or no..

Sujju about to give swara’s picture..

Sanky: photo.. kiski photo hai ye..

Pari explains everything..

Sanky goes near AP& DP..

Sanky: maa.. papa.. I told u na.. no need to see her or her picture.. I can trust my family..

Adarsh: haa sanskar.. hum to select kar di na.. u just see once..

Sanky: bhayya.. I don’t want to see her before marriage..

Adarsh: but..

Sanky: no bhayya.. I know about my family’s choice..

Sujju: are waah sanskar.. to hum bhi nahi dikhayenge..

As ur wish.. tab to tu marriage time me bhi nahi dek sakta..

Direct first night room me hi dekhna padega..

All laughs..

Sanky runs towards him room.. (its blush yaar)

DP: panditji.. hamare taraf se rishta manjoor hai..

Aap ladki walo ko bhi once puchiye..

Panditji: ji unke taraf se bhi manjoor hai..

All gets happy again..

Panditji: so, DP ji day after tomorrow is very best day for engagement..

So, tomorrow u and ur family go them and fix this match..

DP: ji

Pandiji: ab hame ijajat dijiye..

DP: Annapurna..

AP: ji.. (nodes)

Ap gives something to Panditji..

The one day passed..

(friends Iam very exited for swasan marriage.. so.. I don’t wanna waste time)

This is the day of swasan Engagement..

All are present at GM..

( I donno about north indian parampara’s much.. hamare me to bridal ki ghar me hi Engagement hoti hai)

Swara and sanskar infront of eatchother..

They feels little nervous..

Swara wears a orange lehangha.. looking amazing.. her face covered with chunri (duppatta)

Sanskar wears a orange shervani.. looking dashing..

They both are infront of each other..

But they both don’t want to see each other..

They both controls themself..

Its a time for ring ceremony..


Sanskar beta.. dulhan ko ring pahna dijiye..

AP gives ring box to sanky..

Sanky took ring.. and.. waiting..

Shomi raises swara’s left hand slowly

Sanky takes swara’s palm.. with his palm..

Swara closes her eyes tightly.. (she feels him touch first time)

Sanskar swara ko ring pehndeta hai..

All claps.. with happy and smiley faces..

Panditji: swara beta.. dulha ko ring pehna dijiye..

Shomi gives ring box to swara..

Swara took ring..

Sanskar raises his hand little.. (any way ladka’s too fast na.. lol..)

Swara takes his palm with her palm..

Swara sankaar ko ring pehnadeti hai..

They both are blushing inside..

BG plays..

Saajan ji ghar aaye..

Saajan ji ghar aaye..

Dhulhan ko Sharmaaye..

Saajan ji Gahr aaye..

(from kuch kuch hota hai film)

All again claps..

They both(swasan) jerks..

Swasan touches all elder’s feet..

All gave ashirwad to swasan heartfully

Shekhar and DP changes some Plates (shagun)..

Hugs each other..

All Gadodia family And Maheshwari Family heartfully hugs each other with smile..

Panditji: after 2 weaks best muhrat for marriage..

All maheshwaries and gadodias agrees..

Swasan exited.. blushing inside..

DP: shekharji ab hame ijajat dijiye..

Shekhar nodes as yes..

They gave some return gifts to maheshwaries..

Maheshwaries left GM..

Some time passed..

Swara half lied on bed at her room..

She staring continuously ring.. which was wear by sanskar..

Swara remembers that touch feeling and smiles..

Suddenly phone rings..

She ignore that phone call.. with angry

Again rings..

Again she cuts call..

Again rings..

She accept phone..

Said angrily..

Swara: I told u na.. Ragini never call me..

She about to cut call.. but she melted listening ragini’s voice..

Ragini: swara.. amm sooooooo sorry.. plz.. my such me aane ki bahut try ki but emergency operation hai..

Swara: hamesha kuch na kuch bolti ho.. (with angry voice)..

Ragini: batao..shaadi ki date kab hai..

Swara: after two weaks..

Ragini: are.. waahh.. yeh to badia hai..

Swara: badia wadia baad me.. jaldi se paking kar ke nikal.. samji..

Ragini: acha baba..meri bina sagai to hogai.. ab shadi ki mouka nahi chodungi..

Swara smiles..

Ragini: are waahh.. blushinggg.. ahaan..

Swara again smiles staring her sagai’s ring..

At the another hand..

At MM:

Sanskar stand infront of window (at him room)..

Staring his engagement ring..

Wind came fastly..

A big curve visible on his lips..

The episode ends with swasan staring their rings..

Precap: Swasan marriage..

Swasan Romance..

Swasan goes Newyork..

So, friends.. how was the episode..

Plz don’t forget to comment..


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