saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura’s revenge part 3

Gaura had to leave the prison in a few weeks but she couldn’t wait until then, for her wish for revenge was stronger. She was waiting for the night to arrive because she had some plans for Bhavani.

And so, the night arrived. Bhavani fell asleep and Gaura thought the time is now.

She got closer to her and touched her. Bhavani immediately went unconscious. Gaura smiled.

“Now you are mine, Bhavani. And no one will safe you from me.”

She then gave a wave at Radhika who was waiting outside the window, then went and washed her hands in order to wash away the poison. Radhika entered into the dark cell.

“Did you see that it’s working?” Radhika said.

“Yes.” Gaura replied. “Thank you so much for helping. Now take Bhavani away from here and take her to the place where I told you. I am leaving soon and until then, you will take care for her.”

“Yes, of course I will. Don’t worry about anything now. When you leave, you will continue torturing her.”

And then, Radhika left and went away.

The morning arrived and Bhavani finally opened her eyes. She immediately sensed that she wasn’t in prison anymore. She looked around and saw a dark room. She tried moving but then found out she is tight.

“What has happened overnight?” She said. “Am I kidnapped?”

And then, Radhika came in.

“Jai Ambe, Bhavani, did you finally wake up?”

“Radhika!” Bhavani said. “What are you doing? Why did you kidnap me?”

“Because you have troubled a very beloved friend of mine.”

“Did Gaura behen ordered you to do that?”

“Of course she did. She can’t see you now but soon she will leave jail and she will come to you. Until that happens, I will take care for you.”

“Leave me alone now or…”

“Or what? You can’t do anything now, so better stop threatening. If you are not careful with  your words I will tell Gaura and who knows what will she order me to do with you. And I can’t deny her orders. So you better watch out.”

“So, you are doing what Gaura behen tells you to do. You say you can’t deny her orders. Are you such good friends?”

“Yes, we are. Why do you ask me that?”

“Because, Radhika, you should know Gaura behen even better than I do. She uses people only to do her work and then, when she decides she doesn’t need them anymore she gets rid of them. One day she will decide she has had  enough of you and she will kill you, only because you know her secrets. So better safe yourself while you still can.”

“Listen, we are true friends and she will never do such thing to me. Don’t try to lure me to your side. You said she only uses people to do her work but look at yourself. What are you doing now? You want to instigate me against her so you can use me and get away from here. Am I not right?”

“Look, Radhika, if you don’t let me go I will report you to your workplace and you will get fired. You won’t be a prison guard anymore. Instead of a guard you will turn into a prisoner, because you will also get arrested for kidnapping. I am sure you would not like that.”

“Really? I will get fired? Because of you? Bhavani, do you have any evidence that I have really kidnapped you? I can always say that you have came here on your own. When you complain against me and if police really comes to investigate here, I will untie you and everything will seem like you are here only to talk to me. And also, how will you file that report while you are locked up in here? You can’t call anyone, you have absolutely no contact with the outside world. And you know what? No one at the prison will suspect that you are missing. I changed the reports and it will seem like you have been released earlier do to good behaviour. So you better stop trying to think of a way to trick me, that just won’t happen. See, I broad you some breakfast. Gaura ordered me to look after you and, she wants me to keep you healthy. So I must obey her.”

And then, Radhika left and Bhavani was alone again. Her hands were untied slightly and she could at least eat.

And then, Radhika phoned Gaura.

“Gaura, everything is fine here. Bhavani tried using some tricks to lure me to her side but of course she didn’t succeed. I gave her breakfast as you asked me to. I will take care for her until you get released, you can be sure about that. How are things there?”

“Everything is fine, Radhika. No one is  looking for Bhavani. That trick you did last night with faking the reports must have worked. You are really  awesome.”

“Thank you Gaura. And what about that Modi family? What do you think of doing with them now?”

“Don’t worry, things there are also going fine for now. They don’t know that the danger is so close to them. And when they realize that it will be too late. Now excuse me, I have to hang up for someone may hear me. You be careful, if Bhavani tries to escape catch her.”

“She will not escape, don’t worry. We will talk later then.”

And in the Modi family, things were still calm. But Sindoora had already received her first order by Gaura. She had to ruin the relationship between Gopi and Kokila. And she had a plan.

She went to Kokila in a time when she had no work to do and started a conversation with her.

“Kokila behen, may I talk to you about something?” Sindoora said.

“Of course  you can. What is it?” Kokila replied.

“Well, I am new to your family and I know nothing about you. I am very thankful that you accepted me here, since if it wasn’t you I would be in a really bad situation. Please tell me more about yourself and the family. Do you have any enemies? Is there something or someone  that  troubles you? Or has ever troubled you?”

“We had a lot of enemies, Sindoora. First was Gopi’s sister Radha. She did some unforgivable things and the situation got worst  to such an extend that Gopi had to kill her sister in order to keep the wellbeing of our family. She then went to jail and was released after 10 years. When she came back, we had some family crises but being the awesome bahu she is, she resolved everything. Gopi always keeps the family together and she never lets us fall apart.”

“Gopiji is really an awesome person. I don’t know many people who will sacrifice their sister for someone else.”

“That’s true. But my story isn’t over   yet. Exactly when we thought that our problems are over, my best friend from childhood Gaura Suryavanshi came back. At first I was very happy to meet her after so many years of us being separated that I even arranged my granddaughter Vidya to marry her grandson. But we didn’t know that Gaura had secret intentions. She has had plans to take revenge from me. She blames me for the death of her brother. She tortured us so much that she finally went in prison. But that didn’t stop her. Later we found out that she has organized my son Ahem’s murder.”

“Really? This Gaura must be very bad. But let me tell you something. People may do very terrible things when they are being  taken by their sadness. I know that what Gaura has did to you is unforgivable but just, only for a second thing about her feelings. She has lost her brother but you have a sister. I know because I saw her on a family photos of yours when Gopiji told me a few words about you yesterday. What I am trying to tell you is that, your sister is alive and you can see her anytime you like. But Gauraji’s brother is dead and she can never see him again. And also, if you have been best friends for so many years, why don’t you go to visit her in prison, just to see how she is doing? I am  not telling you to forgive her, no. But we are human beings after all. If one day something unexpectedly happens to her you will feel very bad  that you have not  been able to see her for the last time. We need to cherish people while they are still here with us, because when they are gone we always feel like some words have left  untold.”

These words made Kokila thing.

“Maybe you are right, Sindoora.” Kokila then said.

“Do you have any photos of that Gaura? I am curious as to what she looks like.”

“Look  that’s her.” Kokila said and took out a printed photo of Gaura.

“She is a nice woman.” Sindoora said after looking at the photo and then returning it to Kokila. And for some reason, she began staring at it like never before. She recalled all the memories she had with Gaura, even the darkest ones.

“Excuse me, I want to stay alone for a few moments.” Kokila said and went to her room, still looking at the photo. And she started crying.

“She  tortured me so much but she also was like a sister to me.” Kokila said. “My dear friend, my dear Gaura, she troubled us so much, I know. But why I still feel some affection for her? I must be happy that she is behind bars and isn’t torturing us anymore. But why do I get sad instead? Maybe Sindoora is really right. Life is short and… I will really go to see Gaura in jail. Who knows how they treat her there. But I should not tell anyone yet, for the family may dislike this idea. And mostly Gopi. She is so angry at Gaura for murdering Ahem. I am also angry, but I will go there to see her just because I am caring to everyone.”

And during that time, Sindoora was outside the door, listening.

“I am such a manipulator!” She said to herself and smiled brightly. My plan really worked. I will wait some time and will tell Gopiji that her beloved maaji is visiting the family’s greatest enemy behind their back. Now I will tell Gaura everything. She will praise  me, I am sure.”

But before calling Gaura, Sindoora made sure she is really alone.

“Jai Ambe Gaura, I have to tell you something very important!”

“What is it, Sindoora? Did something go wrong?”

“No, no. I have some very good news for you. Get ready, tomorrow someone will pay you a visit.”

“What? Who?”

“Your best friend from childhood, Kokila Modi!”


“Well listen.”

And Sindoora told her the whole story. And as she had suggested  earlier, Gaura really praised her.”

“You are such an actress, Sindoora!” Gaura said happily. “You have really done an amazing job! Your plan is brilliant and I am sure it will work. I will reward you for your excellent work, don’t worry.”

“Don’t think about rewarding me now. You know that we are like sisters and your enemies are my enemies. Now I should hang up. Talk to you later and get ready for tomorrow.”

“Of course I will. Jai Ambe.”

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