Let me tell you my identity- Riansh ff (Part 2)

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Vansh and angre come inside her house and shocked to see so many pictures of Riddhima with some people and trophies 🏆. They both widen their eyes in shock. They didn’t expected this. Then suddenly Riddhima came there. She started sweating after seeing them , but masked her expression.

Riddhima- What are you both doing here ? And you all I gave you holiday then why didn’t you leave till now.

All servants left the house.

Riddhima- I asked you both something.

Vansh- Angre you go from here. I will handle her.

Angre left the house .

Vansh- What are you doing here ? Or you get someone else for money

Riddhima- It’s none of your concern.  Do tell me why are you here?

Vansh- I want you to get back to Vr Mansion for sia’s sake.

Riddhima- Wow! Some time ago you were saying that sia us in this state because of me. Now you want me go there for sia’s sake.

Vansh- Just do as I am saying. Otherwise you don’t know what will I do ?

Riddhima- Do whatever you wants to do , but I don’t give a Damn.  I will go there just for sia’s sake. One more thing I don’t want anyone from your family to Interfere in my matter.

Vansh- They  will not .

Vansh and Riddhima left for vr mansion in vansh’s car.

In car

Suddenly,  Riddhima’s phone started ringing . She accept the call and started taking.

Riddhima- Hi. How are you

Person –  I am good. What about you ?

Riddhima- I am also good TULSI. 

Tulsi- finally you made a comeback.  When your song is going to release.

Riddhima- I have written the song . Just need to do recording and I have made comeback more I will sing it alone for my fans.

Tulsi- That’s good yaar! I will talk to you later.  I am going for shooting with J bhai. 

Riddhima- Going alone . I also want to meet him

Tulsi- Listen do one thing arrange a party for your comeback.  Everyone can meet there.

Riddhima- Yes I will . Ok bye

Tulsi- OK bye 👋.

Vansh listened everything because phone was on speaker.

Vansh- Riddhima who are you actually?

Riddhima told him everything that how he planned to meet him and fake love for kabutar . Vansh wasn’t able to believe that she is her childhood friend. He doesn’t want to believe her because he thaught riddhima is again plotting against him.

They both reached Vr mansion. 

All were in shock seeing riddhima in these type of clothes .

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