Saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Bhavani is alive – Part 3 final

The next morning, the Modis were not able to find Kokila in the house and immediately got worried. They found the letter that Gaura had left in her room and were devastated. They wanted Kokila back, for their family wasn’t complete without them. At first, they all believed that Kokila had really decided to leave on her own. But then, Gopi remembered about the events of the past day. She remembered about what Kokila had told her about Gaura.

“I am sure Gaura maasi is responsible for all of this.” Gopi thought. “I will go and ask her about maaji, she must tell me the truth!”

And in few minutes, Gopi was in front of the Suryavanshi mansion. Gaura opened the door and was surprised to see Gopi in the doorway. Not that she didn’t expect her appearance.

“Jai Ambe, Gopi.” Gaura said. “What takes you here?”

“Maasiji, you must immediately tell me what did you do with my maaji. I know everything about your crimes. I know that you have wanted to kill Bhavani, but she turned out to be alive. I know how you have forced maaji to be silent. Today morning we found a letter in which she is saying that she will leave us because this way you will stop torturing us. But considering yesterday’s events, I am not going to believe that this letter has been written by her.”

“Listen, Gopi! I have no idea where is Kokila. I know nothing about her disappearance. What if she has really decided to leave you and go back to her village?”

“I know you have something to do with maaji’s sudden absence. If you don’t tell me where is she, I will kill you. You know, I killed my sister Radha because she threatened the safety and wellbeing of the family. If I feel that you are a threat to my family, the same is going to happen with you.”

“Really? Gopi, I am not scared of you. The confession that you made of murdering your sister only proves how evil and cruel are all members of your family, including you. And if you hurt me, you will go in jail again. When you return, your family will disown you again. Is that what you really want?”

“Listen, tell me where is maaji? Where do you keep her? What did you do to her?”

“I said, I don’t know anything about Kokila’s whereabouts. So you better don’t occupy with me and go looking for her. If you find her, please notify me. I am now also worried for her.”

“Yes. I will find her. And if you have hurt her in any way, you can’t imagine what will I do to you.”

And then, Gopi left.

“Oh, poor Gopi.” Gaura thought. “She doesn’t know that her maaji is probably already dead. Or if she is still alive, she will die until Gopi finds her.”

And then, Gopi and the other members of the family began looking for Kokila. They searched absolutely everywhere until suddenly, they found a freshly made grave.

Gopi froze upon seeing this. She knew with her heart that Kokila was in that grave.

“If my maaji is in here, Gaura Suryavanshi will pay dearly!” Gopi said and began opening the grave.

After one hour of hard work, she finally opened the grave and the terrifying scene that got revealed in front of her almost made her heart stop. She saw Kokila lying down unconscious.”

“Maajiiii!” Gopi screamed. “Maaji, please wake up! See, your Gopi is here, I am coming to safe you! You can’t leave me, you can’t! You can’t leave our family!”

Butt Kokila didn’t wake up. Gopi took her out of the grave and took her to the hospital.

The doctors said that her condition is critical. Kokila had a very low chance of survival, do to the long time that she had spend without being able to breathe properly.

Gopi and her whole family were terrified by the thought of losing Kokila. They couldn’t live without her and if she died, then they would not be a family.

Gaura quickly  found out about how Gopi had rescued Kokila and had  taken her to the hospital. She decided to go there as well.

“Gopi, where is Kokila?” Gaura said, pretending to be sad. “Tell me, where is my friend? What has happened to her?”

“Stop it, Gaura!” Hetal said. “My sister in law is in critical condition because of you! If she does not survive we will never forgive you!”

“Kakiji, please calm down.” Gopi said. “Do not waist your time with talking to this woman, she does not deserve our attention.”

“Gopi, how can you say that?” Gaura said. “I am worried for her and you! You behave in such a terrible way with me! Shame on you!”

“Gaura maasi, please do not pretend that you are worried for maaji.” Gopi said. “We know you are not. What’s more, we know that you are probably responsible for her condition. When she wakes up, we will know the full truth.”

“Kokila will never wake up.” Gaura thought.

Two days passed and Kokila’s condition began to improve. After one more week she reopened her eyes. When asked about what has happened, she didn’t dare to accuse Gaura again, for she didn’t want more trouble. The Modis kept on asking but Kokila never said a word about her experiences. Finally, they stopped asking because they saw she was traumatized. Kokila had nightmares for months afterwards.

But finally, the modis learned their lesson never to mess with Gaura. And since this day, they never said another word against her. For they already knew that the consequences  could be live threatening.

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  1. Gaura Suryavanshi I actually like your fan fictions and agree with you that injustice was done with Gaura. However you need to know that Gaura has done wrong too and various crimes. Since this is a fan fiction, I hope you transform Gaura into a good person who repents her sins and puts the modi family behind the bars for killing her brother.

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