Art love Riansh fan friction. Chapter 17 – What happened in past?

Hii…….tommorow……is……monday……..and…….my……… birthday πŸ₯³. Self obsessed 😁. Well i was of for 2 weeks coz board exams were going on. So was studying hardd!! Ok point matlab ep pe atte hai.

The episode starts with….

Riddhima: jay i am tired.

Jay: riddhima we are near the top.

Riddhima: still i am tired. (making faces)

Jay: what can i do in that. (Folding hands)

Riddhima: anything I don’t want to walk more. (Sitting down)

Jay(picking her up on shoulders): is it fine. Or madam want car.

Riddhima: this is ok now lets go. (Relaxing)

They reached top of hill.

Suddenly jay fell down.

Jay: how much you eat.

Riddhima: haww Don’t lie you did it intentionally.

Jay: so i got caught. (laughing)

Both spends some time and then left from there.

Riddhima reached her house and hugged rocky.

Riddhima: missed me rocky.

After some times…

Riddhima slept thinking about vansh….

Flashback starts….

She saw a man standing there looking at goons

Riddhima: umm thanks.

Man: oh no problem miss…

Riddhima: riddhima.

Man: ok miss riddhima btw you fight very well.

Riddhima: thanks. By the way your name?

Man: jay malhotra.

Riddhima: that’s great i need a little help will you?

Jay: of course what is it. (walking)

Riddhima: i am finding a house for rent. (walking along)

Jay: hm i think…..i can help in this.

Riddhima: thanks a lot! (Smiles)

Jay: so you are new here?

Riddhima: yeah actually i am here to find my friend.

Jay: friend?

Riddhima: yeah….but i really don’t know his address. How will i find him.

Jay: don’t worry i will help i am also not from here just come here frequently for meeting and all.

Riddhima: oh…

They reached near a house.

Jay: you can stay here i will talk to the owner.

Riddhima: thanks a lot jay. How i could have managed without you. (shaking hands with him)

Jay: it’s alright miss riddhima.

Riddhima: miss looks formal. I think we can be friends.

Jay: that would be my honor riddhima. (smiling)

They bid bye and jay left from there.

Riddhima: hmm riddhima now back to work. Vansh i am coming.

A random house.

Vansh was working out and was looking at his mobile after every 5 minutes.

Vansh: should i unblock riddhima?……if i will do it now then it will be bad for both of us. She will start firing questions on me. And…i will not be able to control myself from loving her. Leave vansh concentrate on your so called new life. (Pouring water on himself)

He got ready and left from there…

Riddhima’s place…

Riddhima: too boring. (playing with fingers) i should roam around here what if i found vansh here only.

Vansh: but dad….(on call)

Ajay: no ifs and buts. Go meet mr.roy he will help you.

Vansh: is it necessary to go today only?

Ajay: yes it is now go!

Vansh: fine. (Irritated)

While talking riddhima also camed to that place and was standing watching around suddenly she saw….

Precap: heartbreak in past?

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