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This os from Vihaan did drama that he got injured.

Let’s start

Riddhima was massaging Vihaan’s arm & Vihaan start laughing .

Riddhima:what ? Why are you laughing ?

Vihaan:you are fool I am doing drama to prove that I am Vansh

Riddhima gets angry

Riddhima was about to go but held her wrist .

Riddhima: what ?

Vihaan:we didn’t spent theses moments before sweetheart

Riddhima: Vansh (shocked & tears are rolling from her cheeks)

Vansh:yes sweetheart

Riddhima gave bone crushing hug to Vansh .

Vansh: why you betrayed me ?

Riddhima : I didn’t betrayed you even …( Before Riddhima could complete Vansh interrupted)

Vansh: don’t lie. I know everything

Saying he goes

Days passed like this Vansh was totally ignoring Riddhima .

Riddhima was sitting on poolside dropping her legs in pool .

Riddhima:( thinking) I have to tell truth to Vansh Idea ……………… ( It will reveal later)

Vansh goes to room . Sitting on couch he opened his laptop. He found sd card connect to laptop he opened folder of sd card . He found video he played . It is showing CCTV photage of VR Mansoin in his absence what happened with Riddhima & about Anupriya & Kabir. He was shocked now . He was finding Riddhima . He roamed whole Mansoin but didn’t found Riddhima . He again came to room . Finally he found letter by Riddhima .

In letter

I think now you trust me Vansh . This is truth of your so called mother & brother.

I am leaving this house.


Letter ends ( don’t worry there is a twist in story)

Vansh goes to hall

Vansh: ( shouting ) Angre

Angre:yes boss

Vansh: tell everyone for come to hall

Soon everyone came to hall .

Vansh shows CCTV photages .

Everyone was fearing now expect Dadi & Angre as they didn’t did anything .

Vansh: how dare you all to do this with Riddhima .

They all were punished .

Vansh: Dadi you to go room . Take medicines at time .

Dadi: yes beta . Punish them all ( tears in eyes)

After some Minute

Vansh: Angre track Riddhima’s location .

Angre: boss location is showing Chang’s Cottage.

Vansh: what? They will regret now .

Soon they reached chang’s cottage

They entered in cottage found nothing expect Riddhima’s phone.

Vansh: Angre search nearby places & call me if you find Riddhima.

Angre: ok boss . Boss Siya is out of coma .

Listening this Vansh is happy

They searched all of places but didn’t find Riddhima.

AT VR Mansoin.

Vansh: where Riddhima has gone Riddhima come back I need to you pls come back. ( Crying)

Vansh’s phone start Ringing.

In call

Angre: boss bhabi is in xyz hospital .

Vansh: what?

Angre:pls come to hospital.

Call ended.

In hospital

Vansh reached hospital

Vansh: Angre what happened to Riddhima ? How she reach hospital.

Angre: Boss, bhabi met an accident. Some people take her to hospital.

Vansh: how she is now ?

Angre: boss Doctor is treating her.

After some hours doctor came .

Vansh: how is Riddhima now ?

Doctor: she is out danger but

Vansh: but what doctor ?

Doctor: she is slip into coma .

Vansh: what ?

Floor slip beneath his foots . He is crying bitterly . He is in guilt for listening hef . For not trusting her. For not talking her . For giving her so much pain. Which she never deserved . Angre was trying console him & also crying.

At that time dadi & Siya came to hospital.

Dadi : what happened to Riddhima ?

Doctor: she is slip into coma?

Angre: doctor when she will woke up

Doctor : we can’t say may be in 1 week , may be in 1 month , may be in 1 year or may be many years or never

Saying doctor goes

Dadi collapsed on floor she crying . Siya is also crying & trying to console dadi .

After 7 months

Lady was lying on bed many pipes attached to her . A man sitting beside her.

Man: Riddhima woke up pls i am dieing to listen your voice. I am dieing to feel your touch . I am dieing to bear your scoldings , your antics .

Saying burst out . His was rollind on her , as he take her hand to his eyes . Vansh: Riddhima please woke up

Hearing dadi,Angre & Siya came . They all are trying to console him but only Riddhima can console him .

Suddenly felt movement in Riddhima’s hand she is start showing movement in her body. They all are happy now . Angre called to doctor. After some time doctor came.

Doctor was checking Riddhima .

They all are outside the room . Vansh is roaming here & there . After some time doctor came.

Vansh: what happened doctor how is she now ?

Doctor: congratulations Mr Raisinghania. She is out of coma now . She will woke up in few hours .

After few hours


All in sitting in room waiting when will Riddhima

Riddhima slowly opened her eyes.

Vansh: Riddhima

Vansh hugged her . She aso back hugged him .

Angre/Siya/Dadi: how are you now beta/ bhabi.

Riddhima: i am fine now

Vansh: Riddhima why left VR Mansoin

Riddhima:( confused) no I didn’t left VR Mansoin

Vansh: I found letter by you

Riddhima: no after going from room


After put sd card in Vansh’s laptop Riddhima goes to corridor roaming there someone came & put handkerchief on her mouth that is chloroform. She get unconscious.

Flashback end

Riddhima: after I don’t who did this

Vansh: it means that Chang’s men they wrote that letter. & What about your phone how it reach in cottage.


After Riddhima gained consciousness . She hurriedly opened her rpoes & left from cottage. In this hurry her phone left there only.

Flashback end

Angre: bhabi how you met an accident?


After running from cottage . She was running on road because some men is Riddhima. In this all she didn’t truck & truck hit’s Riddhima

Flashback end .

Vansh: Riddhima i am sorry . Pls don’t leave me . Pls. ( In tears)

Riddhima hugged Vansh . Rubbing his back for calm him .

Riddhima: relax Vansh I will not leave you . How can I you your my everything.

All family members goes to their respective rooms.

RIANSH slept cuddling each other.

The End

Hope you like it

Take care

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