Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi says her family that she has proof against Pari now. She hands over her mobile to Kokila. Police comes nd arrests Pari as Gopi had already called them. She searches for proof on her mobile but does not find it. She calls up hotel manager, but manager says witness waiter is missing. Gopi asks police to give her some time to get the proof back.

Kokila asks police to go back as it is a misunderstand and there is no proof. Once police leave, Kokila confesses that she deleted the clip, says they should give a chance to Pari saying she is just trying to be with Jigar and doing mistakes without intention, says Pari can be Jigar’s bride if she mends her ways.

Hetal argues with Kokila and reminds her how Pari troubled them and sent them even to jail. Kokila is adamant about her decision. Gopi says Pari is not fit for their family. Kokila says even she was unfit when she married Ahem, but she chose her as her bahu. They all start arguing with each other. Jigar says he will not accept Pari as he cannot forget Rashi. He says he accepts Kokila’sa all decisions, but not this one. Arguments continue in Jigar’s room.

Baa and Hetal discuss that Kokila is taking wrong decision this time. Kokila asks Gopi her view, Gopi says she always stood by her decision, but not this time. Kokila says she felt same when she first met Pari, and when she met Gopi first, but slowly trusted her, same with Pari now.

Kokila prays god that she took decisions with god’s help and prays to find her a way to prove that she is right.

Kokila meets Pari and asks her to prove everyone that she is right choice for Jigar. Pari happily hugs Kokila.

During breakfast, Pari tries to talk to everyone, but nobody gives her a heed. Kokila thinks Pari has to win her battle alone.

Precap: Pari tries to lure Jigar and he gets irked with her behaviour. Kokila suggests her to think of a better way to lure him.

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  1. Earlier kokila supported radha now pari.always taking wrong decision but acts like she is very smart.

  2. I don’t like it because due to rashi death the total concepts has been changed.the writer don’t have an idea what do.that’s why the serial is like this.we cant blame. The lets wait what will happen.

  3. Yeh kokila toh plagal ban gaya….idiot why she deleted the clip n trying to save that “PUPPET” faced girl paridhi…..she doesn’t suits for jigar…..plz kick her out…..n why now kokila is taking paridhis side… In this serial only kokila takes all the decisions n even it if the matter is of hetal’s then also she is the ultimate decision maker don’t no why the characters in this is serial is becoming sodumb day by day ….this serial can also be shooted with only kokila..gopi n pari…where others are just like audience….n coming to men they don’t have dialogues n I don’t have words to say about them…..

  4. f**k this blody scene

  5. Check this TRP….. how come this show top the current TRP rating beating all other serials … can some one explain how this TRP exactly function please

  6. pari. i h8 her soo much buh she might be good.maybe she likes jigar.buh she cnt handle kids dow.

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